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The flu bug bit again. Fortunately the workload at office has died down to a dormant level, thus I was able to take the later part of the day off, paying a visit to my family doctor.

Guess what greeted me at the front door? A super huge poster with the words ‘SWINE FLU’ grabbing my attention! That seems to be the trend word these days isn’t it? Everybody’s fearful of it but how much will it hurt?

Anyway I’m extremely glad that I wasn’t diagnosed with it and wasn’t divinely picked to be the first for such a case in Singapore. *cross fingers still*

My flu and cough is that standard chronic ailment that gives me a visit, much like a caring auntie that brings along your favourite dish, once in a while — except this isn’t a caring auntie and whatever it brings is far from being your favourite dish.

Too bad I can’t have any of my favourite dishes at the moment, and even turned down Godma’s offer for Fried Crab! Currently fried crab sits on top of my cravings-to-die-for but¬†metaphorically aside, I’ve still loads of things to do before kicking the bucket, or any buckets for that matter too.¬†

Hesitantly I declined the offer in view of my current situation, and hopefully when things get better, I’ll try my luck at asking for that dish.

What? You’ve never tried fried crab? Ahhh, for me to know, for you to find out. ; /