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It’s a good thing that I’m not able to watch the game on tv (cos my TV’s connected to SCV’s football channel in the living room, while my MioTV is still awaiting to be connected to a TV in the bedroom. This meant that I was allowed to catch up on sleep instead of waking up in the middle of the night to catch Liverpool play, which I WOULD have done if I COULD.

Again, it’s a good thing that I missed the game because Liverpool lost! Had I watched it, my bro would probably be cursing throughout the match, which would be a double sore for me!

Dejected Torres

Why oh why are we so dependent on this guy, Torres, here?

With the rumoured percentage takeover of the Saudi prince of Liverpool’s Co-Owner’s stakes, at least there’s some hope that some sort of cash will be injected into the club to fund some proper game-winning acquisitions, like bringing in David Villa perhaps?

Anyway, not since 2 and half years ago did Liverpool fail to score in a Champions League game, but all good things come to and eh? Just like this post…