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I don’t know about the IEs, Operas, Firefoxes, Safaris and other browsers but Chrome’s bookmark sync feature has definitely been a huge welcome and tilting point in deciding which browser to use.

Opera wowed me back before Chrome appeared, and back then she was simply adorable, with her gestures and sleek movements, but mainly due to gestures.

But mainly it was because of her gestures. You know, tiny little things do mean a lot.

And then Google Chrome walked into the room and joined the party, and I’ve never looked back since.

Fans of Firefox tout it’s security and speed but I’ve never personally experienced them as being better than IE, so FF to me is like that hot gal at the counter, whom everyone talks about and admires, but just not my type I guess.

And IE, well it’s beyond imagination why she’s still at the cocktail party — does anyone really uses IE these days?

Sync My Bookmarks

When Chrome first arrived, she was an enigma, an unknown entity and it intrigued me in wanting to know her better.

She’s that good.

Everytime I set up a new computer or after a reformat, instinctively I’ll dial her number and ensure that she stays around for good, at the same time showing IE the door.

Earlier this year Chrome wasn’t even available for systems utilising OS X, and then slowly but surely she gained traction.

As each day passes, Chrome brings about tiny packets of joy as she reveals bits and pieces of herself.

Bits of pieces that you’ve been told that you’d probably not enjoy when she first came around to OS X, simply because the guys up there hasn’t implemented such features.

It’s the thing that I enjoy most being in the company of a low-profile entity and discovering little treats along the way, but most importantly it’s the manner of how these treats come about that’s encapsulating.

Silently without much fanfare, inevitably without much expectations and wholesomely good without much glitches and bugs.

Google Chrome has come a long way since she first arrived and I’m glad to have shared the experiences of her development, the way that modern softwares should be.

So finally, there’s bookmarks syncing for OS X with Chrome, and now I can stay sane without trying to build up my bookmarks list from all the different comps that I work with.

And that’s a timesaver.

Best of all, there’s more to come from her, but not that I’m expecting anything of course.

You know, you should get to know her too. You’ll like her. ; )