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There’s something magical about this month, and it’s not just because my birthday falls on it, nor is it because of the PAD/PAE (Post Avatar Depression/Effects).

Okay, maybe it’s mainly due to these two, but I’d say that they occupy about 50% of the mojo that’s causing me to have this ‘feel good’ factor within.

Granted, ever since the last few months, I’m still waking up around 9am-9.30am daily, even if that’s actually supposed to be the time that I reach the office, switch on the comps, clean up the table and then go out for breakfast, which usually comprises of 2 half-boiled eggs (yummy!) and iced milk tea.

Coming in after 10am seems to be my routine these days, and though I’m not proud of it and try to wake earlier and go off earlier, it seems as if I’m stuck in a ‘groundhog moment’, but strangely neither do I feel bad about it, that there’s an air of nonchalance lingering around.

Granted work’s beginning to pile up into late nights, stretching into weekends even, but I’m smiling.

There’s no discussion of bonus nor stipulated no of days leave for the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, but I’m still all smiles.

There’s a mountain of unpaid bills and fees, and I’m not even going to rush into paying them all off.

No, it’s not that I don’t care, I care, but I’m just not worried, and it’s bugging me that I’m not worried — because the consequence of not feeling any worries, is that one will become a slacker!

The only way to make slacking seems cool is when you’re a cat, where the world is out to serve you and pamper you.

Unfortunately I’m not a cat, so I guess I’m exhibiting slacker material.

AND strangely too, I’m feeling the love around me.

There’s this unexplained ambience of love and concern going around me, which I’ve not seen for a long time, not since… well I can’t remember.

It’s like suddenly you’re getting attention, even when you’re not looking for it nor seeking it, like how I got interviewed by a Wall Street Journal reporter regarding my sick obsession in-depth knowledge of the movie, Avatar.

(Link here: As “Avatar” Sets Box-Office Record, Fans Make Return Trips to Pandora. There’s a certain Mar Larsen *That’s me! Moi! Aku! Gue!* being quoted within the article, and it’s does feel a bit weird to read an article quoting my own words, yet likable!)

And then there were the birthday cakes and treats at work and at home.

Then there were all those well wishes coming in from places you least expected, even my newly fond poker buddies from Facebook’s Zynga poker.

An unexpected and surprise convo with Nura, my super duper long time primary school, where the last time we spoke to each other was… decades ago, I think.

Anyway, it’s just such a joy, to be in this month, and though a freak calf injury prevented me from spending time with dils on my birthday, I think it’s been good times thus far. *Slacking rulez*

So does slacking allows your mind to slow down and actually take notice that others are taking notice of you, unlike how when one is uptight and rushy and one where things tend to blur away quickly?

I suppose I’ve spent 28 years of being on-the-ball, maybe it’s time to slow down a little bit, where even my idol Steven Gerarrd seems to be shifting a gear or two down.

Nah, on second thoughts, I think it’s too early to go fully into ‘Slacker’ mode, so perhaps I’ll treat this month as a bonus month, and come February, well maybe then will my 2010 begin.

Ooh, February… a month for more lovin, right? I think it’s gonna be a month of more slacking resting for me.