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It felt good to be running around the artificial grass, ladened with black plastic pips of some sorts, ones that tend to sneak into your socks and boots when you’re not looking, especially when it’s after midnight at FICO sports hall.

The cool, mysterious night air and the soft caressing windy backdrop there helps a lot in stroking your appetite for a good game of late night soccer — and a good game I had.

Earlier I bought a pair of pink (don’t ask why) goalkeeper gloves from Mustafa Centre especially for tonight’s session since I wanted to make some dramatic/acrobatic goalkeeping saves.

And maybe break a few bones in the process and get a long term MC too.

Just kidding.

Anyway, the turnout unfortunately wasn’t as great as our group usually were, so it was surprising and disappointing.

It’s just enough to make 2 teams, but I guess the good is that everyone gets to play for the whole session.

Turns out to be money well paid, cos there’s no time spend waiting for your team’s turn to enter the pitch.

I reiterate, that it felt extremely good to be running again after nearly 2 weeks of non-activity.

Before this it felt sucky, and everytime I wake for work, I get all mushy with my pillow and blanket as I contemplate not getting up.

Do you sometimes feel like your whole body is lethargy, lazy, aching all over, tired or exhausted sometimes?

Especially when you stop exercising.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I get aches all over my body, and yawn continuously when I don’t have any physical exercise going on.

Like the CNY holidays that just passed us by, I’d sleep around 3 to 4am and I’d end up waking around 1 to 2pm the next day, and though waking up late compensated for the extended waking hour, I’d get sleepy again after just a few hours.

By about 4 to 5pm (same day), I’d get all drowsy, even if all I did before it was to watch TV, surfing the web or reading a book, and as the holidays accumulate, my lethargic levels hit sky high.

I guess it’s something like in the case of violence brings more violence, or kindness begets kindness kind of thing, and not exercising will only bring about a more lazy you.

When was the last time you jogged, or went up and down, say 2 levels of staircases consecutively huh?

You lazy bum.. = )