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Of course you’d have to work hard and probably be able to splurge on a few iphones and buy a few apps from the app store first.

But take nothing away from this.

Signed after she uploaded youtube videos of her grooving to Beyonce’s Irreplaceable and Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, she’s doing fine after all.

Really she’s doing fine.

Hmm, why does the original iphone-using-tricks seem like a wicked marketing campaign? She is gorgeous, sultry, and has the X-Factor to dance and sing after all~

Could all this be hyped up, social media marketing at work?

I mean, she even goes to the extent of explainin the beats and verses and processes, oh even the apps in use to, and that smoldering video editing reeks of MTV-esqueness.

If this really was what it’s all about, will you, if you’re her fan, feel cheated?

Wait, I’m no fan but I’ll take it as it is, and so what if it were true?

Whatever it is, I think she has a great voice, and is able to carry plenty of good tunes, unlike most participants of a Korean Girl Band.

Kim Yeo Hee, that’s her.

Or known on Youtube as Applegirl002.