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I’m contemplating going on a strike against Taxi drivers who ‘drift’ all the way while driving, or perhaps bring along a brick/stone if I’m ever going to take a taxi, so I can offer to place the brick/stone onto the gas pedal.

These drifts are making me dizzy man! But wait, no, not those Initial-D or racing kind of drifting but the kind where the driver continuously, and annoyingly revs, pushing the gas pedal then lets go totally, letting the taxi go on a drift, then revs again to accelerate, then lets go totally. It’s like being buoyed uncontrollably, like as if you’re being carried by the ocean waves — and for the records, I am totally and highly vulnerable to sea/motion sickness la~

So after 3 continuous days of poor taxi driving skills, I’m left with a splitting and spinning head last Friday, on the day Dils was treating me to a Harry Potter show. (Btw, gazillion thanks for the show Dils! Too bad for the spinning dizziness or it could’ve been Al-ameen next, but thanks for understanding!)

Why did I take the taxi? Because my bike wouldn’t start! So a trip to the workshop on Friday, after 2 days of ignoring it at the carpark, and it was diagnosed that bad corrupted wiring was at fault. (Thats what you get for buying second hand bikes~)

By the time I received the bike, in startable condition, the spinning dizzines was at its peak, and though not entirely sure how I managed to ride home afterwards, I immediately sunk onto my bed and into a restless, dreamless sleep. (Special thanks to Godma at this point of time for treating me a little..)

Had I not been awakened by Bangau, who called me to join him gaming, I would have slept till morning came and missed the movie, but thankfully I wasn’t, though Dils was late!!! Aha! (For the promptness, or lack of it, treat me to another movie! Kekeke…)

Anyway I wasn’t able to join Bangau ‘cos I had to see the movie for myself, despite harbouring the spinning headache. My godsisters, who are ardent and immense fans of the book told me of their dissappointment after watching the show (and comparing it with the book) and having not read the book fully (at chapter 5 still..) I was free of any expectations of the movie. Even some pals who’d watch the movie expressed a little bit of disdain. So you see, I had to watch it and decide for myself.

Maybe it was the dizziness, or maybe it was my exhaustion for I found the movie tiring, and and at times lethargically draggy. It was as if the Director was ‘forced’ to direct the movie in a manner which he never intend to and having the the whole episode turned out a little labourous.

Even the lovable characters like Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore seemed squeezed into playing out their respective decisions and actions — it all just seemed so un-JK Rowling! Though I have yet to finish the book, I hope the characters aren’t as they’re depicted in the movie and has more ‘life’ instead.

In all fairness, it was a decent movie but it sorely lacked the energy, excitement and suspense that the previous episodes brought to the screen, but having watched the movie in a semi-concious state of dizziness, I’m not sure if I should label it as a bad movie entirely. Bah, I’m sitting on the fence on this one.

So if ya had to watch Harry Potter: And The Half Blood Prince, just try not to take a taxi that ‘drifts’.

Heh, what a ride, pun intended, watching the movie. I almost vomitted la~ Bahh~~