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It was dinner at Far East Plaza on Thursday night after a quick exchange of sms from Bangau and Fran. I was at Sim Lim, prowling for a good pair of earbuds — after the left earbud of my current sony model failed me this morning. It’s not really nice putting on just 1 earbud while your ipod is on full blast.

And Bangau took on the pleasure of testing out the new earbuds while waiting for nasi goreng seafood. Here he is in his trance, as usual. You couldn’t see it from here but he’s finding Gandalf as an idol at the moment (hint hint: white hair!!!).

Talk about hair, is this dude planning to be the next Pet Detective? I’m sure Jim Carrey’s retired that role but perhaps a comeback?

And this guy… not enough hair lah! But enough said.. Hehe…

And every group needs a mascott rite? Here’s the macho man, the babyface, the effervescent (did I spell correctly???) and .. wait, nice tee he got going there! Must be from lah. *nudge-nudge*

Oh well, it was a short evening but the food was surprisingly good! I think I just turned into a cahaya fan with my plate of mee goreng seafood.

Wow. Nice right. I mean the camera angles. Must be taken by guys who are used to taking food photography.

Ok ok ok, so that’s the mee goreng I got. Oily, yellowy, but super scrumptious meal it was. See that char kway / wanton in the background? Half of it was free! Don’t know why but the uncle offered them to us , even after we declined his initial invitations. Nice uncle indeed.

Head down to Cahaya, Far East Plaza, at level 5 if you want to meet these 4 dudes try out the delicious mee goreng, the crispy wan ton or simply to test your luck with the generous uncle.  

Good meal, good times.