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A German ┬áseven year old boy, when stopped by the German Police, admitted that he didn’t possess any driving license as he got out of the vehicle. Like duh~


Anyway (and back to in the end, the theme ‘Firebug’ was just too buggy for my chaotic brain to comprehensively debug and take control of.

There were scripts that didn’t work in harmony with the codes and some things weren’t appearing the way they were intended to.

An Xmas phantom spooking moi? Nah, I don’t believe in one, until I see one. =D

So I liked Firebug (WP Theme) a lot, but alas it didn’t like me back — eh, isn’t that all too familiar in this world we live in?

So here goes back to the ‘ole faithful Notepad Chaos theme, and until a new theme crops up, where I’m looking at something less chaotic, and one which screams ‘Inner Peace’ at first glance, then the chaos is here to stay.

Sometimes it’s good to go back to where we were, like returning to a point in history and continueing from there.

It’s good to even take time off and consider a given situation, pondering if it’s a boon or a bane if you were to wet your feet further, when it’s been dry and nice all these while.

And when you’re back in familiar territory, suddenly everything feels warm and fuzzy inside and you’re happier.

Happier because you know that you’re in a territory where things work the way you want them to.

Happier because you know that you’re back in a position where everything remained reliable and dependable.

For now, with this Notepad Chaos theme, everything feels all warm and fuzzy inside.

So are you all warm and fuzzy? No? Then go watch Avatar, the movie. = )