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Sitting in the living room, on the couch, watching last night’s news replay on the catastrophic earthquake in Chile brought me chills.

Or was the shivers due to the living room fan that’s been blowing my way for the past few hours at my bare-chested self?

Either way, the news is an uncomfortable one, even for someone like me, who is far away and quite seemingly on another planet as the quake hits the South American nation, threatening huge, gigantic tsunamis, which could possibly equal that of 2004’s disaster.

Back then it was the deadlest recorded tsunami ever, and there’s fear that it won’t retain that record for long — unfortunately and alarmingly foreboding — if forecasts are to be realised.

Japan tells coastal people to evacuate for tsunami.

Auckland receives its share of threats.

Philipines raises alerts.

But these are just some of the places to be hit by the tsunami, and if it does lands, I hope swift aid from respective government ensues, with adequate preparations in an event disaster strikes.

Better prepared than never right?