A belated new year wish.

It’s 2014 and truth be told, I’m just glad to have 2013 behind me — glad not because of my fortunes or misfortunes, but glad that a new year is here for a ‘new beginning’.

A new beginning at the office, the home, friends and relationships, adventures and projects, gamings and punts, sports and leisure and that’s pretty much it. Boring eh? Maybe. Maybe not. ; )

2014 is gonna be so exciting, that it’s so scary to even think about what might happen next.

In short,  I’m throwing myself a curveball and chasing after it at the same time. On the verge of somthing either so exciting or so demoralising, that I can’t quite figure it out yet. I need help, and it’s not often that I admit it but I NEED HELP. I can’t do things on my own anymore. ; )

October 2012

It’s been invigorating and taxing*1 to say the least of 2012 and of my role at the office, where it has begrudgingly taken its toll on my ageing body and listless mind.

*1I wanted to write it as taxful, but switched to taxing when I later found out that there’s no such thing as taxful!

Ever since the official announcement of my stepping up onto a full-fledge managerial podium, things hasn’t been a blast but it’s been a mixed tape of joy and rancour, not least towards my loved ones. Dad has consistently been weary of my commitments at the office, and while I feel as if I’m steadily chugging along smoothly my life train, I guess my loved ones do worry consistently for me.

In fact, I can’t remember exactly when but one or two weeks back, Dad and I had a heart to heart talk involving life’s philosophies, faith, and the interim future. I vividly remember how disappointed and angry he was to hear my story while sitting in his usual daddy clothes in the living room sofa. He was animated over my outlook for the next 5 to 10 years but in my defence, I was full of optimism and vigour, but I guess the gap in our opinions meant that It’s nigh I walk the talk or he’s just going to earn full vindication of his raging emotions.

Dads, will be dads and they only want the best for you, but I guess that being a slight risk taker, I’m inclined in leveraging my odds, because I do have an incumbent belief that anything is possible. Unfortunately for me, my laid-back-strollingly-nonchalant demeanour among friends and family doesn’t quite lends itself as confidence. Fortunately for me, it’s a near opposite world of appreciation elsewhere.

Still, only I know how much I’m able to last and withstand from all the onslaught of expectations and confrontations, but I’m pretty sure that I’m able to shift the gears of the life train up a notch or two. No, it won’t be easy, nor will it be comfortable, but I’m braced and all geared up for the bumpy ride.

Now if only I can get the ones that are closest to me along in this ride, because it’s going to be awesome.

The future seems amazing. Believe it, and you’ll know that it’ll come true.

Delegating Authority with Authority

There’s a saying, don’t just do things right, but do the right things.

For some of us, this sentence may be mere words in our heads, but for some of us, the impact of its weight echoes across floors, and I especially think that anyone in a managerial position will have to digest it more often than not.

When you’re in the lower ranks of the hierarchy, when your boss(es) commands you to do things, well, you do them nice and right.

In other words, it’s doing things right that matters most.

However when you’re in the upper echelons of a company structure, i.e. involved with the management side, doing things right just don’t suffice anymore, because you have to ensure that you’ve got to be doing the right things, everytime.

Think about it, just how much more expensive, not just in terms of financial means, does a bad decision by someone in the management side will incur, when compared to someone in the lower ranks of the company structure?


Sometimes cracks appear within the company when the person doing the delegation starts assuming things and then expects the delegated person to understand fully what needs to be done.

For example’s sake, let’s say we have a company that’s shifting office and there’s renovation work that needs to be done.

Then the boss asks you to take control and to liaise with the contractor on the office furnishings and deco, but then he starts to feel as if there’s something that he wished that was to be furnished in another manner, so he makes a grumpy face and when you see it, both of you feel as if something’s not right here.

That was theoretically speaking, but it could have unfolded in a myriad of events, where delegation is handed over and then this teeny weeny bit of ‘trying to reign back control’ takes place.

It’s discombobulating for the delegated person, man!

When you delegate authority, you’ve got to do it with authority and show some responsibility, and not appear childish when something doesn’t go to your liking.

Remember that it may not be to your liking, but it’s the best way that has been thought up of by the delegated person.

So how does one delegate authority with authority?

Well, at the start of that process, ensure that you lay down the requirements, what is expected, and any constraints that needs to be considered, and when the delegated person carries out the job, meandering all the laws and constraints, then you shouldn’t fault him for any mislikings that you might encounter,.

Put it this way, since you were supposedly in charge, but didn’t wanna take charge, then take responsibility for the end results.

So why am I ranting on this?

Because I see all too frequently in Singapore’s small companies’ culture, where delegation is seldom done with authority, which usually results in strained relationships due to miscommunications.

Oh, and um, I lost a good colleague due to this, whom I thought worked fairly well for whatever tasks that was in the jobscope, but too bad that colleague of mind took a decision to end the journey with the company.

A sad case indeed, but one which could, and should have been prevented.

Remember, do the right things, and then doing things right.


How rarely will you give up a chance?

How rarely will you give up an opportunity?

How rarely will you give up a sliver of hope peeking through a shroud of gloom?

Why won’t you “take it.. and go.”?

When it’s knocking on your door for a second time, do you let it pass and hope for a third coming?

What happened yesterday, is for today’s lesson and tomorrow’s preparation.

I tripped.

Then again, I tripped.

I hope I won’t trip again.

I thought I’d be safe and able to distance myself, to not wade into deeper waters, but I guess I’m still as accomodating and gullible as ever.

Maybe it’s because I was born in the year of the dog, and sometimes I think that I’m no different from a dog.

Throw a stick out and I’ll gladly chase it down.

On my paws, I’ll wag my tail and hope for a cookie to be thrown my way.

I’ll roll over, play dead and jump through rings of fire, whatever.

But l promise my loyalty and pledge allegiance, come what may.

I know I would, given the chance, given the opportunity, and given the sliver of hope.

Well, I was, wasn’t I? At least I thought I was. Wait a minute, wasn’t I?

Arrrgh, these questions bug me, like an 8 year old that’s tormenting the candy store auntie by asking her “which one is nicer?” for the 67th time, because the child can’t decide between a honey coated chocolate bar and a rainbow lollipop.

Maybe I should not chase the stick, this time? Maybe I should stop hoping? Maybe I should resist lingering?

Or maybe I should simply stop asking, and let it be?

I’d really hate to trip and lose someone dear, all over again.

But that’s what growing up is all about right?

So should I risk it or should I whisk it?

Should I risk it or whisk it?

What should I do???


Gee.. now, where’s a candy store auntie when you need one?

Of New Year’s Fireworks Display.

Am I the only one who thought that the Marina Bay countdown’s fireworks display was… dull?

Oh, but in due respect, any fireworks are awesome by nature, because nothing beats the adrenalin rush of having explosions after explosions erupt fervently beside you, as you stand motionless in awe, gaping at the colours that litter the midnight sky, but what was that soulless, languid display of fireworks over at Marina Bay last night?

No doubt the fireworks were made to be in-synced with the 1970-ish and sophorific melodic tune over the airwaves, but as I sit at home, wonderfully alone yet again on a new year after a late night at the office and wondering continuously where on earth everybody else is, I was devoid of awe and any wondrous joy at seeing the colours on display, and it wasn’t because I was on my own.

I suppose since the main tv channel, of which I finally tune into since.. since I can remember, was airing the Marina Bay event, it had to be the final event of the year right?

But why does it feel lifeless, mundane and unexciting?

Granted the explosions, the colours, the thunder-like roar will bewitch anyone in full witness of the show, but I thought the pacing, the gist or the life of the fireworks show, was uninspiring, tedious and lifeless!

It’s as if the organisers decided to open up their wallets to the lowest bidding fireworks operator, one without character and style, without scouring the globe for an award winning fireworks specialist, one such as Portugal’s Mecados Pirotecnia.

Anyway, so It was awful, note that i didn’t say aweful but awful, and I can’t help but to compare the Marina Bay’s show with..

If you were at the Marina Bay event or somehow watched the event over on TV, do you get my point now?

THIS is how a fireworks display, especially one that’s aired on national tv, for the final biggest event of the year, and for a nation that’s bent on capturing the imagination of the global audience, should be.

THIS is what fireworks were made for, as they continuously mess up your heartbeat with the rapid explosion of lights.

THIS I tell ya, if I was in the presence of such a show, I’d crap my pants, changed into a new one, and crapped it all over again, in trepidating awe of the spectacle, the marvel, the monstrous lights in front of me.

And then I thought back on the Marina Bay fireworks and I tried to recall an awesome moment.. but I couldn’t!

So I googled for a few awesome fireworks vid and I came across..

Wow. Just wow.

And if you could somehow ignore the incessant “Wahhhh~” that you hear in the background, THIS is what awesome is all about.

THIS is awesome because the action and incessant explosions are seemingly unyielding, and you’re knocked about left right center, and you’re not even allowed a single moment to blink or catch your breathe as the manic occasion and lights reel you in epicly, while you feel small and tiny.

THIS is waahhhhhhhhh~

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows movie review would be awesometastic if..

..I had realised, before heading to Shaw Lido at Orchard, that my movie ticket was actually meant for Shaw Theatres at the newly opened NEX shopping center at Serangoon!!

Because Shaw Lido has been under renovation since 1st October, and unfortunately I only knew it 5mins before I was about to pick up my tickets!!!

I felt anger, despondency and uncontrolled bewilderment, but mostly it was all silliness, as I stared at the usual escalator, which led to the box office, that was perplexedly not working and cordoned off.

Here I was all ecstatic that I wasn’t about to miss Harry Potter #6 and probably catch the final blockbuster of the year, and it turns out that my failure to read the online order receipt properly led to this near-repeat of a previous box office boo-boo while trying to watch Kick-Ass.

And you’d thought that one would learn from that mistake uh?~

So this was a review, that wasn’t to be and since I’m not particularly fond of wasting any bits and bytes of the interwebs, I thought I’d scour the web for something that’s a little close to the movie and to my heart as well.

Pictures such as:

I love reading, but not when a sinister black cat head is staring back at me!

I bet you never knew that cats enjoy reading as much as humans do right?

Except they read humans instead.


Looks a little like Barney to me..

I wonder if he had anything to say to this next feline..


Like wtf right?



One of the best way to learn is by doing it wrong.

And no, it’s not about setting up yourself to do it wrong on purpose, but rather to do what you think is right, what feels right and what wouldn’t be catastrophic whence the outcomes, when you’ve got no one else to turn to for that much required assistance.

Just like playing Texas Hold’Em Poker, where if you’re decently okay, generally you’ll get on fine and gain plenty of chips, I mean knowledge along the way.

When I get asked how to do a certain thing  and what will happen when a certain thing is done this way or that way, it deeply irks me when they can find it out themselves by simply trying (since there really isn’t any any disastrous consequences) and the mere act of hesitation in trying and instead seeking to be spoonfed, well it irks me.

You just don’t learn as much when you’re spoonfed.

In a way, I actually enjoy assisting someone who’s done something wrong, and it’s not a schadenfraude nor am I a sadist, but rather I believe that that someone is actively and sincerely seeking for more knowledge, and is a sponge, and both parties benefits in this situation.

Go ahead make a beautiful mistake and explore the world, ditch your laptop and dump your boyfriend. (Why am I even reading an article that’s intended for the opposite sex? Oh well..

So, when was the last time you learned something new by mistake?

The overdue world cup post.

Is $90 too much to be paying for entertainment, especially for an event that’s held once every 4 years, 31 days long and, if you really bothered to count it up, 5,760 minutes of the beautiful game.

That’s about 1.56 cents per minute, costs less than your per minute billing, and certainly affordable right?

Well apparently not if you’re among the masses that thinks Singtel+Starhub are overcharging their customers this time round and persistently calling out for a boycott of their package.

And I’m one of them, though not as vocal nor aggressive though.

I simply wasn’t that interested in catching the games live (think: no Ronaldo (the Brazilian), no Zidane, no Nedved, no Owen..) and the price tag certainly made my decision easier.

In any case, I think the Pareto (80/20) rule is at work here, where they (licensed operators) probably think that instead of serving 80 people and earn, say $100, why not serve 20 people and still earn that same amount — at the same time using less resource, thus having the ability to ‘up’ the quality of their service.

When you serve a smaller quantity, and charge them a premium, you’re able to focus your service and maintain quality at the same time.

Something which I’ve been trying, but failed, to pass onto my colleagues at the office, who are determined to serve everyone, everytime.

Well you just can’t please everyone, everytime right?

At least not with the resources that we have at hand.

Anyway, this is a post about the World Cup, and, for the records, I am extremely excited, but just not fancied yet, about it.

Yes, it’s about the World Cup 2010, held somewhere at the tip of the African continent, and I think there’s still a misconception that South Africa is somewhere on the level of the third world countries of the same continent, but the country is actually well developed, in a way.

I used to order my tees from the South African tee outfit, Springleap — they were really good looking tees too!

Just an example of how South Africans are quite resourceful these days, other than the fact that they didn’t charge me for global shipping since they didn’t really knew how much it’d cost them then!

That’s why Aliens gave them a visit and got stranded and ostracised, to capture the technology there.

And it’s this technology that has enabled me to catch the World Cup 2010 for free!

I’m not really obliged to be listing any of these free ‘resources’ within this blog, so contact me if you need some heads up, but you’d already knew that Googling ‘World Cup 2010 Live Free’ could probably help you in your quest.


So $90 saved for me, or rather one which could have been used to pay off my LTA bike fine, but unfortunately (depending on how you look at it~) was siphoned towards a new pair of..

Adidas Predator Powerswerve FG

… Adidas Predator Power Swerve FG cleats.

My curent Adipure has served me well, and I was absolutely looking forward to a new pair of Adipure II cleants, but the PowerSweve FG was simply too delicious to be resisted.

And I get tempted easily — it’s Adidas after all — but it was all worth it.

Beautiful, clean, sleek and thoroughly comfortable, and when I told a friend about it, he quipped, as he usually does.

(Him) “Wah, World Cup start already so must watch at home and put on these boots is it?”

(Me) -.-”

Nevertheless, some things are just worth paying for, but $90 to view the World Cup isn’t one of them.

Btw, is it just me or does Nike seem to have held some sort of mass discounted cleats sale and almost 90% of the players are donning these Orange-Grey cleats, making them look cheap along the way???

Oh, Lionel Messi dons the Adizero. Powerful stuffs.

Wish you recover well.

Just like that it snapped, the ankle gave way and positioned itself awkwardly, maybe because he jumped and tried too hard and landed badly, and immediately the players reactions were to gesture for a call — an ambulance.

It arrived duely, not after the unfortunate player had spent 20 odd minutes lying in the middle of the pitch, under the unforgiving hot sun.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you see it, a few guys flanked him and did their best to provide shade as well as fanning a piece of cardboard for air.

And that was how my 2nd game in two days ended, prematurely, and on both occasion, my team conceding 6 goals.

Oh, it sucks badly to lose, but it happens now and then, but the manner of this morning’s loss felt less weary than yesterday’s league game with Skopets FC.

This morning, it was a team, playing for each other and pushing each other, and how miserable it felt yesterday after the team disintegrated and whined internally, cos we were 5-2 up and in control before losing everything in the second half.

That feeling of thinking that everything’s going to be okay, but in the end it’s all screwed up, and its beyond your control, well it’s beyond terrible.

It’s terrible, horrendous and catastrophic when Men gives up, and Skopets FC gave up yesterday.

Ironically, it was a haphazard collection of bunch of uncles and young men from all walks of life and nationalities that enlightened me, during this morning’s game, where even though we were losing, it was a graceful loss.

There were no whining, no finger-pointing, no rush-of blood to the head tackles (unless you count the events that led to the ankle breaking) and it was a fun social game of soccer, the way it was meant to be.

I really don’t know what the future holds for Skopets FC, following this dejection, and I think someone mentioned about us taking a break from soccer, just to straighten out our minds and, hopefully, our team spirit.

If there’s anything that wins or loses games, it is team spirit.

Without the team, there’ll be no spirt and without the spirit, there’s no team.

Oh well, another loss, another knock on the chin, but gotta look forward to the final league game of the season now, and that’s next week.

And I have no idea what I’m gonna be spenind my Saturday afternoons with when it’s over.

Maybe I could write a book.

“What to do when someone breaks an ankle during a soccer game.”

Poor chap. Wish you recover well, and on the bright side, if any, he’ll be getting a lot of MCs.

iPage’s Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Anytime Money Back GuaranteeLet’s see how fast iPage.com sticks to this ANYTIME money back guarantee of theirs.

Which really was the reason that I tried taking them up, cos their offer was irresistibly good:

1) Money Back Guarantee
This eliminates any risk of potentially getting stucked with a service or product that I’m not happy with.

2) Low Yearly Fee
Let’s face it, when are we unmoved by the price factor? Sure iPage’s plan wasn’t the lowest, compared to other hosts’ but I just had this itch to switch to another host and at this moment in time, price had to be one of the factor.

3) They Looked The Look
I know, I know, never judge a book by its cover and I may be a sucker for their ‘image’ here , in falling for their marketing cosmetics but that’s how it really goes on in life, without most of us giving any though to it. The more professional it looks, the more inclined you’re going to part with your money. Right?

So why the sudden urge for a refund?

Let’s just say I wasn’t a satisfied customer after a purchase, which I wouldn’t go deep into at the moment.

And please don’t think that they’ve got bad services or poorly designed products, because they’re actually quite good.

Plus they’ve really done well and came back strongly into the web hosting market, especially after a hiatus a few years back, and especially so with a “No questions asked”, “Anytime cancel” policy.

So now I await their reply.