Another John C Maxwell’s video on leadership? Lids? What lids?

Last night, I occupied myself watching John C Maxwell’s videos again and particularly one kept me awake an hour — an hour long speech where he impromptus after finding out he’s going to be speaking to an awesome bunch of leaders from a certain company. (Youtube link here)

He titled his presentation “The rule of 5 for for lifting your leadership lid.”.

It’s about how you, as a leader, if you could rank your leadership capacity and based on that rank, the type of followers you’ll attract are the levels below which your leadership capacity is on — and in terms of an institution or a company, your followers are your business itself.

This means your organisation rises and falls on the level of your leadership.

So to build a better company or business, you’ll need to attract better people/customers by raising your leadership rank, or in this case your leadership lid.

John’s 5 rule to lift your leadership lid, by employing them EVERYDAY, are:
1) Lead Yourself — Lead by example. People do what people see.
2) Add value to people — Value your people. Don’t discount anyone.
3) Study leadership — Never stop learning about leadership.
4) Practice Leadership — Empower and teach others to lead others. Train more leaders.
5) Grow intentionally — Employ yourself to be in an environment where you can grow as a leader.

Harvest these 5 rules every single day, and John says that you’ll be able to raise your leadership lid.

IMHO, he’s basically repackaging the mantra of teaching yourself discipline and intentionally moulding yourselves into a successful leader.

Hmmm, I wonder what rank my lid is on?

April 2015 – Movie Recaps

Don’t get me wrong, I love how movies interact with the common mind — especially one like mind — that’s open to concepts, ideas, imaginations and endless adventures.

And these are just some of the movies that have truly provided me with a memorable adventure thus far this year, and in no rank or order:

  • Good Kill: Ethan Hawke’s quiet, dour, pent-up frustration culminating in self-disgust and climaxing in a self-righteous moment is one hell of the adventure of a ‘war on terror’.
  • The Imitation Game: Alan Cumberbatch’s faith is unwavering and his commitment is self-afflicting.
  • Voices: Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong in probably his best ever screen time as a self-appreciating and conflicted man.
  • St Vincent: Bill Murray still entertaining when he’s not trying to entertain, and indeed a saint-like ending.
  • Penguins of Madagascar: Just entertainingly hilarious and a wildly crazy ride.
  • The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay: Part 1: A quiet, serene crescendo building up towards something good. Hopefully.
  • Interstellar: Out of this world, but ending a bit too ambitious, but still a mind boggling trip.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: A Legend Ends: Stylistic japanese samurai-era fight scenes and cinematograpy/choreography.
  • John Wick: A cool, neverending anti-hero, heroic story.
  • Birdman: Not quite my movie of the year, but a refreshing journey into a new style of filmmaking.
  • Gone Girl: A clever murder movie that’s gripping.
  • The Mule: Disgustingly got me hooked till the end. Has to be good right?
  • Nightcrawler: In your face, unethical, but thrilling like an illegal joy-ride.
  • Dark City: Never too late to enjoy the best that sci-fi has ever introduced.
These are just among the many that I’ve immersed into and feel like worth mentioning that the production team have all excelled in producing their movies, but if I had to pick my top 3 thus far, it’ll be:
  1. Interstellar: The more you watch, the longer you ponder. The longer you begin to ponder, the more you yearn to watch again.
  2. RuRouni Kenshin: I want to watch this piece over and over and over.
  3. St Vincent: I teared at the end, but it’s just deservingly touching, and I’m sure I’ll still be entertained watching it second or third coming.

When you’re waiting for a long time..

..and then this.

A silent tear ran through.

A winceful memory passed by.

Moments like this you yearn to hold onto something.

Or someone.

The music is from Taufik Batisah and it’s called ‘Usah Lepaskan’.

It means, don’t let go.


Browser Wars..

Saw this somewhere over the net and couldn’t resist adding it here. ; )

Browser Wars

So true.. so true..

The Real Dance

So what if Jose Mourinho’s men have to overturn the tables in this week’s Champions League semifinals against Bayern Munich, so what?

They just ended they’re win drought against Barneylona Barcelona and they must be feeling on top of the world.

Actually, they were recently seen in the middle world, middle east to be precise, with this dirty dancing, the kind your mom wouldn’t want you to see.

But the kind I’d want you to see.. cheerios!

Need Your Love – The Temper Trap

Now some of you might see this music video and think that it’s just another music video.

And then there are some of us that sees this music video and sees even more..

.. wax in.. wax out.. wax in.. wax out..

The Karate Kid lives in every one of us!

Rise of The Planet Of The Ape

Okay, a quick one here. ; )

Rise of the planet of the apes was so entertainingly good that I get to see why so many friends of mine gives it a thumbs up, where I was initially sceptical in how a movie about primates can be understood by them whereas movies concerning shiny robots or wizards with glasses failed miserably.

From the charm of the baby ape to the predicament of the scientist losing those closest to him, the movie succeeded in taking the viewers for a ride, although one does question at the end of the movie, what next?

Certainly the movie has its fair share of criticism and plotholes, but I guess I can’t take away it’s plaudits of being an entertaining movie and a worth-every-cent-paid show.

Now, do they really have that serum?

I’d like to give my cats some of ’em.. Um, and as for you, go get the movie!

Singapore 4pm

iG vs eHome

It has begun..

Germany 10am.


When Germany is 10am, it’ll be 4pm where I am, where I’ll be busy, and possibly chaotically, hard at work doing… almost nothing.

But but but my dear friends.. 4pm (localtime) is when The International begins.

Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

The International

If there’s anyone that’s trying to stop you from becoming a professional gamer..


… ask them, is there really 1 Million reason to not start playing professionally???

After acquiring the trademark of DoTA, at the violent objection of millions of players worldwide, Valve has finally, and successfully, whetted the apetite of avid DoTA fans, like me, with this scrumptuous tournament, to be held during Gamescon in germany.

Finally, a reason for me to quit my job and play professionally.

Just kidding.. hehe.. I won’t ragequit my dayjob just like that! .. yet.. cos I love what, why and how I do what I do so winning a $1 Million dollar eSport prize money is still my pipedream.

Oh, but I won’t stop dreaming about it.

What about you? Would you like to have $1 Million dollars, just by playing games?