Love The Way You Lie. Minus-one version (Music only).

Love the way you lie (album cover)

If you’re madly in excessive adulation of Eminem’s song ‘Love the way you lie’, which featured battered-by-bad-boy-Chris-Brown-but-uber-affable Rihanna, then you’re not alone.

Because I am too.

If you’re frantically trying to remember every line, syllables and stresses of the song, and finding it extremely hard to grasp and churn out, then you’re not alone.

Because I am too.

If you’re desperately looking for a minus-one (MP3) version of the song, so that you can secretly rap or serenade to it in your secret bedroom, then you’re probably alone.

Because I know that you can find it here.

Yep, just the music to the song.

Absolutely no vocals at all — didn’t I just mention it’s just the music?

Sure, thank me later. ; )

99 Design’s iPad giveaway

99 Designs

They’re feeling uber generous, these fellas over at 99, but that’s good news for us mortals, who stand a chance to be on the receiving end of this:


Yes, that sexy, sleek, touchy touchy thingy.

No, not the uber exotic gal (you wankers!). No, not the endangered Panda (you animal w*nkers!).

The Apple iPad is being given away by 99 — actually, 3 Apple iPads are being given away.

How to?

1. Sign up with them.

2. Use their Portfolio Widget to display your 99designs portfolio on your own website or blog.

That’s it, and the more unique websites that you display this, the more chances you get.

Now, don’t tell me you don’t want an iPad?

Give Away Of The Day

What’s odourless, intangible yet useful at times and best of all, free? of course, and having stumbled upon this website and used it’s freebies for much too long, I thought maybe it’ll be great if you guys knew about it.

Basically, that site gives away free softwares, they don’t expire and leave any foul smell not do they break down and decompose.

The software given away, read this, are fully licensed and workable out-of-the-box softwares, for anyone to use, anywhere.

You probably won’t find the latest Microsoft Office version, or any Adobe products, and while the software given away (free) aren’t raelly industrial strength, they are quite good and useful in their own rights.

Once in a while, gems (figuratively speaking) will be dropped and if you don’t check it out daily and miss those apps that you really want, then you’ll have to fork some money and purchase them instead.

Remember,’s website’s business model is like a box of chocolates — it’s great, and almost sinful.

Download Your 2010 Calendar Here

December used to be the month when you will be on the receiving end of countless free desktop calenders, which you can doodle with.

However that may cease to continue as ST reports of corporations cutting costs by limiting its wave of corporate calendars and diaries for the year.

What a calendar, I mean disaster! But really, what could we do if we cannot use our red markers to circle out our leave dates and append appointment memos onto our favourite desktop calendars, even if we don’t actually refer back to them?

Like where else would we doodle during our free time in the office?

Or where else could we quickly write down that phone number we just received while talking on the phone?

2012’s Apocalypse came tad too early? Worry not, Mar to the rescue.

Free 2010 Calendars people!

I know, that working in a printshop myself, I could probably print them but hey, with all those climate change talks in Copenhagen still ongoing and now well into their second week already, let’s save some trees eh?

So instead of Facebooking my time away with games or apps, here’s a little something in the spirit of giving, just because.

2010 Calendars from

Rest assured the 2010 Calendars are very much printable quality (A5 size)  and you can download them freely:

  • Nailed – download253kb (right click + save as)
  • Ohai Cat – download 219kb (right click + save as)
  • Brushed Metal- download 230kb (right click + save as)
  • Seaweed- download 175kb (right click + save as)

I think I’m gonna do more, perhaps explore a few more colour ranges, within the next few days.

Thanks to and their royalty free images, I’m able to work with a huge list of free images without worrying about infringing any copyrights.


Shhhh. Wallpaper Cat Is Watching You.

Shhhhh! Are you watching porn at work? Ish ish ish. Think noone is watching you.


Wallpaper Cat

If you’ve got my wallpaper cat who is watching your every move here!

I’m not placing any copyrights or signature or whatever it is to protect it, so use it at your own free will.

I guess I’m too free at times,thus I couldn’t resist creating this off another wallpaper downloaded from the net.

This is how the original looked like:


I can’t remember where I downloaded this free wallpaper from, but thanks to the creator, it got me some photoshop juice going and that’s how the whole wallpaper cat is watching you got started, and if you want the original wallpaper, here it is.

I love cats.

And wallpapers.