Man Chest Thur See Tee One

Manchester City won, but as I glanced at the game stats…

Manchester City Vs Liverpool Stats

… Liverpool was the much more dominant team, with a possession difference (advantage) of 28%??

Had more shots at goal, even though there weren’t on target, and stll couldn’t score?

It’s been the plague of the season hasn’t it for Liverpool, that we’re dominatiing games and fail to capitalise with a win.

At least on previous occasions we could be blaming the posts, the bars, the referees and beach balls, but this time round, it’s just a drab loss and one has to take the bitter pill of humility and admit that we’ve been beaten comprehensively.

These things happen right? (Giving myself an excuse for the loss..)

The ball is round right? (Soothing myself temporarily in facing the loss..)

Gotta pick up the pieces and move on eh? (Motivating myself to continue supporting the losing team..)

Gotta face the same thing again twice within the month in the League Cup?? OH no~!

The body ain’t like 10 years ago.

I wish I could run that little bit faster.

I wish I could dribble that little bit quicker.

I wish I could pass the mikasa ball that little bit further.

Even though it’s been almost every weekend that I pump myself up by chasing a 10 inch rubber ball around the green fields with 21 other grown men, I think I’m not conditioning myself well.

The late nights of magic-deck-tuning or dota-rampaging has been punishing my recovery and taxing much of my energy, and there’s one more thingy that I believe that’s turning into quite a significant factor in the decline of my footballing performances.


Stress level.

Okay I’ll admit, that that’s two factors, but my point being that I’ve not been disciplining myself with regards to my body’s recovery.

Especially after pushing my body gruelly for nearly 3 hours of intense workout, that involves accelerating, tackling, getting tackled, jumping like mad men, sprinting 10-15metres every minute or so, jogging continuously and of course there’s that tiny rippling effect of your mind being psyched like a dog on rabids during games.

It’s intense I tell ya, but I know that when the referee blows the final whistle, that it’s just a friendly game, and while my mind is able to recover at speed, sadly my body doesn’t follow suit.

At 29 years old, it’s time that I prepare a regime for myself, or else I won’t replenish what I’ve lost and then not being able to perform optimally come weekends.

Here’s what I plan to do:

Friday: Grab a carb heavy dinner. Minimise oily foods intake. Finish 1/2 bottle of 100plus. Grab 2-4 bananas and munch. Rest begins at midnight.

Sat: Soccer at 3pm with Skopets FC. Finish 1 bottle of 100 plus. Grab 2-4 bananas and munch. Grab a carb+protein balanced dinner. Minimise oily food intake Apply Deep Heat before resting at midnight.

Sun: Soccer at 3pm with Goals On Sight FC. Finish 1 bottle of 100 plus. Grab 2-4 bananas and munch. Grab an extremely protein heavy dinner. Minimise oily food intake Apply Deep Heat before resting at midnight.

Mon: Breakfast to consist of light carbs and light protein. Lunch and dinner to be medium protein and medium carbs and to minimise oily food intake. Grab 2-4 bananas and munch. Rest at midnight.

For now, I think I’ll plan from Friday to Monday first and see how it’ll turn out.

I’m not even sure if I’m able to strictly keep to this regime, but I’ll try to.

I know that I have to or I won’t be able to pass that little bit further.

Or I won’t dribble that little bit quicker.

Or run that little bit faster.

Early termination isn’t always so bad huh?

Detracting a little from losses and saddening events, which includes the recent slump of my LFC that prompted my little hiatus from my football blog, A Red Thing, perhaps it was fitting that Liverpool’s first victory in 5 years was in coincidence with my discovery that I’ve got a subscription with Singtel’s MIO tv all these while!

I don’t even remember if I ever did continued signing up for it, nor penning anything but I guess that I must have done r signed something because apparently I wasn’t able to terminate it without an early termination fee being incurred, so it had to be a part of a contract plan or something.

My MIO thingy wasn’t setup, so I thought why even keep the subscription going on right?

Might as well go for an early termination and save a wee bit more over the long run right?

Fortunately, I took the time to get the MIO TV setup up and running, and boy was I rewarded gratuitiously with my first EPL viewing.

Oh, btw, Liverpool actually hasn’t won a game in 5 games, not 5 years.

In case you’re wondering that dig was meant for our ex-manager, dear Roy Hodgson.

Oh, and I hope you’re basking with joy somewhere, somehow with that severance payment you got from your early termination as well, while Torres scored two goals and Meireles hammered in a dipping beauty against Wolves.

In case you didn’t know, wolves are a fearsome pack of dogs that don’t really fear anything.

That’s right they fear nothing.

They’ll even face up to a bear and work together in tackling their obstacles, but today, a different pack of wolves were sent into their dressing room with their tails between their legs and bandages around their head, and I dare say that today’s the day that wolves start to be really afraid of men in red.

Or just to be exact, Spanish men in red.

Ahhhh, it does feel really good to see Liverpool back to their convincing winning ways again, and somehow the manner of the defensive wall in front of Wolves reminded me of the wall during Rafa’s tenure, which comprised of Kuyt, Mascherano, Alonso, Gerrard and Aurelio.

Solid, simply solid back then and truly solid tonight.

Fernando Torres quipped, “(Kenny) Dalglish told me that we’re the ones who make people’s dreams come true. The fans can’t play, so they live their dreams through us.”.

Indeed, and this 3-0 of a victory does echo reverberantly like a pulsating dream where you strive to not wake up from.

Long live the King (Kenny)!

That’s why, it’s sometime a good move to terminate something early.

Note: Sometimes.

The ship is sinking and there’s not enough lifebuoys.

The titanic sank, even though thousands believed that it was unsinkable, but too bad they saw the iceberg late.

There wasn’t any iceberg at Goodison park but a similar kind of sinking feeling reeks.

Everton thrashed, humbled, massacred, guillotined, outplayed, outwitted, outhungered, and defeated Liverpool, and is in 11th place instead of 18th, after lashing two goals past hapless Reina and Co.

I’m thrilled, ecstatic, delighted, rhapsodic, enraptured, spellbounded and enlightened — not.

I wrote  a piece on Roy Hodgson’s post-match wrap-ups, and I’m not impressed that he’s taking a nonchalant attitude towards it.

It’s like when your child barely passing his exams and you say “Not bad, good job.”

And when someone points out that he nearly fails, you deflect the blame from you saying you have no idea how it happened and that he should have performed better.

Wouldn’t a better reaction be to accept your failures or shortcomings as a parent or guiding mentor and then taking actions to make things better?

Bloody hell, that child needs protection, guidance and leadership and all it gets is “He should have done better” ?

Dear Roy, if accumulating losses equates to “my team’s best performance and we did well” then Liverpool FC is in dire need of a more ambitious manager.

Why the hell did they sack Rafa, who so happens to lead his team at the top of Serie A currently?

Bring Rafa (Or Dalglish) back, or at least his winning ways, otherwise I see a Red ship that’s sinking slowly, and nothing is being done about it.

Tell me, what do you do with an architect that designs poorly, an engineer that constructs with his angles mistaken or a surgeon that operates the wrong areas?

I’ll get real, that the ship is sinking, but the lifebuoys and lifeboats aren’t even being prepared for deployment.

I really hate to say this: Congrats Everton, the better team won. and will probably stay up.


Sometimes we let things get to us when it’s really none of our concerns.

Fernando Torres

Wait, this really has nothing to do with me battling my personal demons, but rather of tonight’s (or early morning, depending on where you are) Europa league game between FC Utrecht and Liverpool FC, my beloved Reds.

In other words, mind your own business is the mantra that I’m preaching here, dear Torres and Co.

There’s no other bigger news than 18yr Old Jumps after roommate live-streamed  sex video secretly Liverpool FC’s on-going ownership drama, thrusted even more into the limelight with Hollywood A-lister’s not-so-secret movie regarding the boardroom’s very public cleaning of dirty laundry.

And issues like that do get to players’ head as they ponder of the club’s securities, or worse, their own securities.

Anyway, as a professional (footballer), you’re paid to do a job, so you do a job to the best of your ability, because that’s what professionalism is all about.

It’s not easy to say that emotional quotient is merely myth, because we’re all humans, and humans have emotions — be it a professional footballer or an amateur footballer on a Sunday morning.

But no matter what happens on the pitch, the boardroom won’t get affected by it, not much that is, so why let it bother you, as a player?

I do hope that my Reds will release themselves from the shackles of club-ownership drama and for once in a long while, start enjoying their football.

Seriously, it’s been a long while since I’ve seen them enjoy their football, and being one myself, I can sense when someone’s enjoying their football or not.

Judging by their recent performance, Liverpool have been weighed down badly by recent events, or non-events, and I guess that they’re allowing things to get to them.

I know, I know, I know that many things affect the way we perform our lives, so I suppose  it’s not wrong to say that sometimes we let things get to us.

So chill out Reds, forget your problems for 90minutes, and please, please, please just enjoy your football.

Everything else is nothing to be concerned with.

Wish you recover well.

Just like that it snapped, the ankle gave way and positioned itself awkwardly, maybe because he jumped and tried too hard and landed badly, and immediately the players reactions were to gesture for a call — an ambulance.

It arrived duely, not after the unfortunate player had spent 20 odd minutes lying in the middle of the pitch, under the unforgiving hot sun.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you see it, a few guys flanked him and did their best to provide shade as well as fanning a piece of cardboard for air.

And that was how my 2nd game in two days ended, prematurely, and on both occasion, my team conceding 6 goals.

Oh, it sucks badly to lose, but it happens now and then, but the manner of this morning’s loss felt less weary than yesterday’s league game with Skopets FC.

This morning, it was a team, playing for each other and pushing each other, and how miserable it felt yesterday after the team disintegrated and whined internally, cos we were 5-2 up and in control before losing everything in the second half.

That feeling of thinking that everything’s going to be okay, but in the end it’s all screwed up, and its beyond your control, well it’s beyond terrible.

It’s terrible, horrendous and catastrophic when Men gives up, and Skopets FC gave up yesterday.

Ironically, it was a haphazard collection of bunch of uncles and young men from all walks of life and nationalities that enlightened me, during this morning’s game, where even though we were losing, it was a graceful loss.

There were no whining, no finger-pointing, no rush-of blood to the head tackles (unless you count the events that led to the ankle breaking) and it was a fun social game of soccer, the way it was meant to be.

I really don’t know what the future holds for Skopets FC, following this dejection, and I think someone mentioned about us taking a break from soccer, just to straighten out our minds and, hopefully, our team spirit.

If there’s anything that wins or loses games, it is team spirit.

Without the team, there’ll be no spirt and without the spirit, there’s no team.

Oh well, another loss, another knock on the chin, but gotta look forward to the final league game of the season now, and that’s next week.

And I have no idea what I’m gonna be spenind my Saturday afternoons with when it’s over.

Maybe I could write a book.

“What to do when someone breaks an ankle during a soccer game.”

Poor chap. Wish you recover well, and on the bright side, if any, he’ll be getting a lot of MCs.

The Leave Rafa Alone Campaign Has Begun.

In Rafa we foolishly steadfastly trust.

Leave Rafa Alone Campaign.


Aarom Ramsey’s Horrific Injury by Ryan Shawcross – Thug or Bad Luck?

You’ve seen it by now and you’ve probably heard all about it, but for the uninitiated, Aaron Ramsey, 19year old Welsh international prodigy, broke his leg. Warning: not for the faint hearted.

2 years ago, Eduardo broke his leg, and even Diaby suffered similar injuries.

How cursed can Arsenal be with such a horrendous injury history — not that they’re asking for it or anything — but this time round, there’s a difference in the situation.

Eduardo was on the end of a very bad challenge, from a player tilting towards the malicious side of the game, while Aarom Ramsey, I believe, is simply unlucky.

Yes, unlucky that he broke his leg in a 50/50 challenge with Ryan Shawcross, a recent fresh entrant into the England Squad by Capello, and who has gone on to apologise profusely for the predicament befalling the young Welshman.

In football, if you don’t go in for a challenge, one might as well sit at home and enjoy a game of Monopoly, and in this case, it’s definitely an accident.

A hugely horrific accident, but does Shawcross deserve the red card?

Judging by the situation at hand, yes he does, to simmer any potential emotions and to prevent any triggering of ‘revenge’ tackles from Ramsey’s teammates.

I do believe and am not saying that there’ll be such a tackle, but what would you do when you see your buddy getting kicked with a broken leg?

There’s simply a chance that tackles get harder and tougher, and bringing the perpetrator out of the game, simmers it.

Referee did the right thing, but does Shawcross deserves to be branded ‘Thug’ or ‘Malicious’ player with that tackle?

No, he does not.

That lad’s an immense talent, and he’s a strong, hard tackler and there’s definitely nothing malicious about the intent in the play that builds up to the injury, and there was plenty of grievances as the big lad trudged off the pitch in tears, after checking on Ramsey’s condition with a comforting palm.

It’s just unfortunate that Ramsey’s leg buckled, as his was planted onto the ground.

It begs the question of what if it was Shawcross that suffered the broken leg?

By any means, it was a possibility as even Ramsey had went into the challenge himself, with both players attempting to kick away the ball.

What makes it even less malicious is that there wasn’t even any lunging or jumping into the challenge by both players.

It’s a sick injury, a horrific accident, and sure that Shawcross takes the blame for that injury, but for certain he is to be vindicated of any thuggery or malicious claims.

It’s purely bad luck, and it could happen to anyone, anywhere, and I hope Ramsey realises this and recovers as fast as he can to get back to enjoying the game that he loves.

Something’s Wrong At Anfield, There’s A Dearth Of Criticism!

Is it just me or is has the well of criticism gone dry?

Only 1 or 2 weeks back, immediately after the draw against Stoke City, we were under attack from all angles, from all corners of the web.

It seemed inevitable that Rafa Benitez was heading towards Juventus, for a new lease of life and for, arguably, a decent amount of respect too.

But Benitez never walks away from a battle, he never backs out, and as his usual calm, assertive and witty self, speculations of his future are brushed off and forgotten.

He’s just signed a 5 year contract, overhauled his backroom staff, realigned the youth academy, and in stout belief of his players, so why would he…. [Read more @ A Red Thing].

English Premiereship in Real 3D

You’ve seen Avatar in Real3D (and shame if you haven’t), and did you enjoyed it as much as I did?

Well apart from getting dizzy from the ‘man-made’ 3 dimensional visual perceptions, I think it’s a great entertainment tool for the future.

It won’t be cheap, and I certainly won’t be able to afford it, but just the thought of revisiting Pandora nightly before you sleep, it’s simply out of this world.

Um, pun intended.

Anyway for a football fanatic, like I am, it doesn’t get any bigger, ahem, than watching your English Premiereship stars in Real3D, as reported here by Marketsaw.

It will be as if you’re right there running and jumping beside them.

So what if there aren’t any flying banshees or lean and tall blue humanoids on the screen, but instead 22 (23, if you count the referee) sweaty, athletic men chasing a single white ball around a grass pitch.

It will still be awesome-tastic!

But too bad I won’t be catching my idol, Steven Gerrard, or Torres in Real3D anytime soon.

English Premiereship in Real3D not yet available here. T.T