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Then go get a Macbook Pro or an Alienware laptop, just quit complaining.

The iPad’s an expensive, toy that excels beyond doubts in whatever it is that it does.

It’s like how Micheal Jordan made basketball look easy, or how Tiger woods made driving at holes into more than just a game.

So for Steve Job’s sake, get this: the iPad’s supposed to be a filler for the void between a handheld mobile device and a netbook, something like kindle’s ebook readers, but as always Apple does it so much better and way cooler.

Go take a look at Kindle’s ebook reader or Sony’s ebook reader.

Then play with the tablets on offer and then give the iPad a quick view.

I’ve seen other tablets, even had the opportunity to fiddle around with them, but something about watching youtube videos of Steve Jobs demo-ing the iPad that tells me that this is going to be a big hit, ┬ánot sooner but much later.

That’s right, much much later.

Sure, people may say it’s just a glorified iPod touch/iPhone, but back then when they were first unveiled, similar reactions surfaced.

Today the iPhone and the iTouch seems to be in everyone’s clutches, but propose this scenario 3-4 years back, when the iTouch made its debut and you’ll be called silly and naive.

So yeah, I’ll be silly and naive and state how silly and naive it is to consider that the iPad is going to be a big hit and in almost everyone’s clutches in 2 to 3 years from now.

Anyway, I’d like one. = )