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I’m pretty sure I don’t have to remind you again of the fiasco surrounding a Food Blogger (oh hey, you qualify as one if you eat something and then blog about it) and a local posh, high class and upmarket restaurant, Private Affair.

Ok, knowing that no one’s going to even be bothered about what I think of it, I’ll dish it out anyway. (See how I said dish as in pun intended?)

My take on Private Affair:
Good for you. You’ve managed to gain plenty of exposure out of it since there’s no such thing as bad publicity eh?

My take on Brad (the food blogger):
An apology over your assumption, where no word was given that your THREE friends would dine for free, is way manlier than dishing out a lengthy post that explains your course of action, because I think you assumed that readers bother to read lengthy explanatory posts eh? (See what I did with dishing and course again?)

My take over the publicized affair:
What an expensive restaurant to eat at — that bill of 4 persons ($435/-) could easily feed a family of four for a week!

$435 could get me plenty of Roti Pratas, Nasi Briyanis, Chicken Chops, Pizza Hut’s Spicy Drumlets and loads more.

$435 could settle my bike’s petrol for 3 months straight.

$435 is certainly too much to pay for, and on this part I agree with the unfortunate food blogger, but that’s as far as I’ll go in sharing my sympathy.

I do believe that it’s a very bad choice whenever you throw assumption into things, and in this fiasco, where both parties threw assumption into it, the outcome became ugly.

The blogosphere rained on them mercilessly, but I suppose a winner did come out from it all, and the winner is..

Private Affair.

Sorry Brad, but Private Affair gained the publicity it desired, while you got labelled excessively instead.

Private Affair 1 – Brad Lau 0.

Now where’s that free food-tasting event that I crave for?

By the way, I’ll bring 10 friends along. The more, the merrier right?