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1. Liverpool VS Man Utd. Awesome, fabulous, gritty, deserving victory for my Reds. More to come from this later. Me: Elated.

2. Pandorum, the movie. Looking at director, Christian Alvart’s portfolio, I thought this would be another disappointingly rehashed version of Ridley Scott’s Alien, but this has got to be one of the better, if not totally awesome, sci-fi thriller since… Alien itself! Good show, not bad. Guess what’s better than watching this movie? Catching it with Dils of course, who was kind enuff to catch up with her bro for the weekend over sushi and unagi meals at Shin Tokyo (Yew Tee Point), yummy! Me: Gleeful.

3. 9, the movie. I saw the trailer for this 3D adventure and it played Coheed & Cambria’s song in the background (one of my favourite, and which I think is their best song, from their 1st commercial album release), and I thought this is one hell of a good show, but after the first 10 minutes of it’s introduction, everything felt bad. The animation and 3D character models are all good, even the lightings and texture, but something about the storyline didn’t quite excite me. Bad build-up, poor plot, and weird pacing made it feel as if it’s a student’s final year project instead. And it even contained characters made of .. rice sack? Very final year project indeed. Me:  Disappointed.

4. Balloon Boy. Okay, so I wasn’t really wrong when I had a hunch that this was probably an elaborate hoax. Nothing much to say now that the verdict is out right? Poor boy. Bad daddy. Me:  Neutral.

5. Skopets lose. First loss of the season in division 2 for us last Saturday. Had to rush back to Jurong from work and it definitely took longer than expected. Captain and goalkeeper wasn’t too impressed with my promptness, or the lack of it. Wandering around in midfield was good, but the eventual shift at the wings tire me. Wasn’t feeling 100% fit, to run up and down, especially after midweek’s flu bout, and couldn’t do much to reverse the scoreline. Oh well, sometime you lose (oh, yes, that concerns you too Man Utd!). Me:  Disappointed.

6. Quitting in 3 months, back then. Like why so soon right? Quitters don’t achieve anything (like duh~) and I think I’d prefer to bow out in better times instead, like when I see that there’s an able replacement and the system in the office is all roaring flawlessly. So is the foot still out the door? You betcha, but I don’t think it’ll be moving anytime soon now. Me: Decidedly Undecided.
Things Change. People Change. Luck Changes. And the world goes round and round and…
Oh well, can’t get it right all the time eh?