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Bent for 1 zero

If you still hadn’t know, Liverpool’s title hopes were deflated, much like the beach ball that assisted Darren Bent’s eigth league goal did, when the Black Cats conjured a solid home display by scoring the only goal of the game within 5 minutes.

Very disappointing and for once Benitez conceded defeat, no beating about the bush or running around an arguements in circles, but just the admission that his team wasn’t good enough.

For the first time in EPL’s history, an assist may well be attributed to a beach ball indeed.

Anyway, it’s an irritating statistic of Liverpool that they continuously fail to overcome the lower status teams in the league, and once again the statistics adds up here.

Another irritating thing I’ve deduced is of my blog’s auto-starting music — like it’s supposed to only play when someone clicks play and not automatically!

One thing for sure, this is easily fixed with just a couple lines of code, but as for Red’s plight, it might need a couple of zeroes at the end of a chequebook, but that’s not coming anytime soon eh?