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And more nonsense sprouting from reviewers that spout negative reviews of this wonderful movie that is.

I couldn’t get enough of the movie, and partly due to my enjoyment in reading, I had to scour the world wide web and find out for myself how others felt of the show.

Of the myriads of opinions and experiences that came to light, there is this very tiny speck of reviews that seems to me that the reviewers have a particular disdain for the movie. I feel sad for their condition, that they fail to grasp the experience of Avatar, but too bad for their loss.

Good reviews, neutral reviews or negative reviews, they all fed my incessant and insatiable lust for the story.

Here’s how I come to differentiate a negative reviewer who spews garbage from one that truly knows his ways within a movie.

A negative reviewer who spews garbage usually talks bad about the movie (i.e stuffs he/she considers as garbage) and then never offer any form of enlightenment on how the garbage could be cleared. This situation is more like how someone might get scolded for an action and then it ends there, without any explanations or advices for improvements.

This qualifies as the classic garbage reviewer (as I’d like to name them), where you get plenty of garbage and you kind of sense an injustice going on because there’s acknowledgement of garbage, and nothing else. The whole review is just garbage this, garbage that, why I wasted so much money watching garbage, and blablabla.

Seriously, if such a reviewer paid $$$ and suffers for 2.5hours, while there are others who pay the same amount and underwent an amazing experience, you wonder who’s getting the better deal here?

And then there are the negative reviewers who instead of spewing garbage, recognises them, and contains them, or packages those views so that it’s a much informational and effective piece of read. These reviewers acknowledges plenty of good points of a movie and where garbage is spotted, a ‘solution’ is provided, like providing an alternative character development or something like that.

I wouldn’t actually know which are the plots or stuffs that Avatar, the movie could improve upon, because they’re too tricvial that even if I were forced to nitpick on a few, I’ll tolerate it for the bigger ROI, that is the massively epic movie experience.

There was a reason why I watched it for the second, third and fourth (and still counting) time, and that’s because I wanted to find the flaws and the bad parts of the story, but strangely the more that I glued myself to the silver screen, immersed that I was walking alongside.

The lesser that these trivial stuffs became.

Strangely it felt that I was a part of the show, silently running along, jumping along, flying along, swimming and gliding along. There were anxiety, sorrow, joy, despair, respite, romance (yes, all you nascent women, there’s more romance in an hour of this show than the whole two episode of the Twilight saga) and so much more.

But this isn’t the Avatar movie review that I intended to have (that one is still in the works and definitely coming soon) but it’s sort of a ‘wake up call’ for all the negative reviewers out there, even though I’m sure I may have been guilty of becoming one before.

I think it’s best if we put ourselves in the shoes of the characters that we see on screen, gauge how we’d react with how they reacted and then see if it’s real or if it felt fake.

It’s just sad that these very few numbers of negative reviewers fail to ‘see’ Avatar — and I wonder if they knew what it meant, to ‘see’, as suggested within the movie itself.

What, you didn’t knew too? You’ve yet to watch the movie?¬†That’s good as this means that you’re still an empty cup.

I wonder if these negative garbage reviewers of Avatar went into the cinema with their own kettle of tea instead.

For the records, I still think that¬†Avatar is just lovely, and to all Twilight fans and nascent women, please don’t take offence — this is just a review of reviews after all.