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I don’t hate vegetables per se but I do have a disagreement whenever vegetables aren’t cooked and eaten raw — like would you eat meat raw?

Okay so that was a bad comparison, and though I don’t quite finish my greenies on the dinner plate, I admit that it is good for anyone to finish their greenies. Vegetables are good, so don’t fear them.

Anyway, automatonophobia isn’t fear of tomatoes (or vegetables) — I made that up! (Fear of vegetables is Lachanophobia!)

Automatonophobia is actually a fear of ventriloquist’s dummies, animatronic creatures, wax statues!!

Hah, bet you didn’t know that, but who’d fear ventriloquist’s dummies, especially when they’re in the hands of Jeff Dunham:

Jeff Dunham is like the dummifying version of Russell Peters, and both these dudes are funnier than funny. Certified, guaranteed, doubtless, and confirm to crack you up in laughters anytime!

Check this out for a guide on phobias.

Check THIS out instead if you need a guide to beating your kids, as advised by Russell Peters (Warning: M18 – Mature Humour, click at your own discretion please).