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It cannot be measured, stored or transferred, but it can certainly be wished for, earned and yearned.

And I wish to earn that which I yearn.


Such a simple word, yet so hard to achieve.

The Real Dance

The Real Dance

So what if Jose Mourinho’s men have to overturn the tables in this week’s Champions League semifinals against Bayern Munich, so what?

They just ended they’re win drought against Barneylona Barcelona and they must be feeling on top of the world.

Actually, they were recently seen in the middle world, middle east to be precise, with this dirty dancing, the kind your mom wouldn’t want you to see.

But the kind I’d want you to see.. cheerios!

Need Your Love – The Temper Trap

Now some of you might see this music video and think that it’s just another music video.

And then there are some of us that sees this music video and sees even more..

.. wax in.. wax out.. wax in.. wax out..

The Karate Kid lives in every one of us!

The first day.

Of my 4 day NS maintenance training passed by in a flash, and I’m a tad too tired to devulge more than I’m able to tonight so..

3 more days to go lor!

A quick recap of days gone by.

Last Monday, fresh from a working Sunday rendezvous, I wrote down on a piece of paper of my current mood and it read: Busy.

I did it again the next day, and the next and the next, and I realised that it felt rejuvenating.

I looked back at my early morning moods in sequence and this was how it looked like:

Monday: Busy
Tuesday: Chaotic
Wednesday: Hell
Thursday: Redemption
Friday: Routine
Saturday: Football

And where I thought that I didn’t have to come back to the office today, on a Sunday, I eventually had to and so Sunday’s mood recap was: Bah.

Busy, chaotic. hell, redemption, routine, football and bah was how the week felt.

Early week and mid-week was hell and I think I knew how I managed to stay sane.

When you’re mentally prepared, you raise your game that little bit more.

I knew that the Food Hotel Asia, or FHA, event meant that we’d have a damn busy week+weekends, but thanks to pre-empt heads up from the regular customers, I guessed that this much it helped in staying sane.

That errors in prints amounted to just 1, considering the amount of information that I’ve had to digest from the various contractors, meant that the ship has successfully navigated away from the storm.

And I attribute the level of efficiency down to… a paper and a pen.

That’s right, nothing helped me more during that period than a piece of paper and a pen.

Countless times where someone mention something to me and I acknowledge it, expecting to remember later on, only to forget everything about it.

It’s fatal to merely hold onto a thought when you have phone calls flying at you, customers sitting beside in a discussion, and an incessant workload of graphic layouts to be done on the PC.

Whatever years of experience that I’ve racked up, I’ve learnt that anything that’s worth remembering, it’s definitely worth writing it down, no matter how strong you think your memory is.

All it takes to save your ass, especially in this line, is a piece of paper and a pen, and I was bloody prepared to write down with blood if ink ran out.

Thankfully we had plenty of pens in the office.

Write it down if it’s worth remembering.

Had I not written down my mood recaps in the early morning, I’d probably not even remember how I’d felt at the start of that day.

And now I’m able to relive those moments again.

Coming on the back of chaotic days, I remember approaching Thursday on a lighter mood.

I wrote down ‘Redemption’, because Thursday was the day that made every single minute spent in office worthwhile.

It was the day which meant that I wouldn’t mind coming back every Sunday for work if I had to.

It was also the day where every chaos and hell turn serene and rosy, for a while.

And I’m pretty sure that this is the day that everyone works for at the end of the month, and I guess I’m counting my blessings that I get to receive it twice a month.

More or less.

Yep, it was Payday, and Mar loves Paydays because it means that he gets to settle any overdue bills that he has and avoid receiving any further red letters and/or ‘please pay up’ sms-es.

Life is about paying the bills at the end of the month right?

Did you just wrote that down?

Why Dads Should Use ‘Please’ Sparringly. And You Too.

‘Please’ is such a simple and unobtrusive word, when it comes to negotiations, and I couldn’t have realised the power and weight that it carried until my Dad threw it on me this afternoon.

In a good way of course.

I’ll get to that story in a while, but first let me reiterate its most common usage and that is within the service industry, such as one that I’m in.

I print stuffs, and occasionally have the opportunity some creatives and on-site events or advertising installations, with plenty of communications and miscommunications to go.

Not surprisingly a huge chunk of my time is spent negotiating, renegotiating and killing off a dead negotiation.

So I deal with customers on topics such as time and costs, applications or installations, effectiveness, and validity, and the actual list that I negotiate daily, can probably be quite lengthy, and whatever the topic may be, and case in point — I negotiate a lot.

So much so that I use the word ‘please’ in obscene amounts, and most probably in trying to come off as polite and unobtrusive but mostly in trying to win the customer’s agreement by appearing subtle and inviting when I begin conversations with that word.

I was quite wrong actually, because I realise that utlising please in such a construction is like begging for attention.

And beggers are usually the ire of society, and when you’re begging, you lose authority.

BUT, use it correctly, and it transforms from mere begging, into an authoritarium ultimatum that is wrapped in firm persuasion yet inviting at the same time.

Case in point, where my Dad used the word at the end of a question for the first time, after bugging me with ‘Will you follow us to Tioman Island during March’s holiday?’ for the last few days.

You see my Dad don’t use that word so often with me (All Dad’s don’t beg with their children right? They like to appear strong, and my dad, he is a little bit brash, stubborn, defensive and strongheaded, but in fact he’s one of the most polite and gamely gentleman that I have the pleasure of ever knowing.) and it hit me unexpectedly when he used it on me earlier this afternoon.

I didn’t have any intentions of going to Tioman Islands, at all, ‘cos I didn’t want to spend 3 days commuting in a rush within a foreign land with limited internet access, but most importantly of all, I didn’t want to be spending at all on leisure activities.

I’m currently on a self-imposed budget-appreciation mode at the moment. Something that I’ve picked up from playing plenty of Poker games, where I learn that with cards that you’re dealt with in life, you gotta learn when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

And I was prepared to fold 99% when it comes to a Tioman trip, but from 99% of not wanting to go, it became 99% of I had to go, simply because my Dad said this: “Follow us, this once. Please?”

Mere words, but so provocative.

I would have declined his invitations had he used the ‘Please’ at the start of every invitations, but something about using it just once during this whole episode makes me feel like I’ll be turning down a great cause if I didn’t go, and that it carried for more weight and persuasion than it should have.

The usage of that word came off authoritarian yet mildly inviting.

I wouldn’t have expected it, but I’m going to Tioman in 2 weeks time, when just days back I would vehemently decline any invitations at all — which I actually declined when Dad initially posed them to me many times, days earlier.

My Dad used it sparringly, and I definitely could take heed in that during my ‘negotiations’ at work.

Where I used to bend and submit to customers’ demands and requests, I’ve slowly growned into someone who’s taking control of situations at work, and controlling them instead of the other way around when I first started out.

I’ll probably still use ‘Please’ at the start of conversations with newer customers, but I’m definitely going to use it less often now.

And when I’m losing control of the situation, perhaps I’ll employ it as a last ditch effort to tilt negotiations in my favour.

So long story short, moral of the story is that ‘Please’ can be a massive gravitational pull in your favour.

To all Dads, if you’re in a protracted negotiation with your sons (and daughters), then instead of appearing to beg with ‘Please’ at the beginning of statements or questions, try using it sparringly.

Will you? Please?

Rationale Portrait Of The Mastermind & the Jung Typology Test

How coincidence is that of 1% of the population that’s in this so-called group of thinkers, the Masterminds, that Dils and I are in the same boat.

Well I took a Jung Typology test, only because Dils insisted me to, and it turns out that I’m an ‘Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging’ person, and if you’re just as confused as I am, here’s some enlightenment.

Much like how the fortune teller seeked to entertain my afternoon, taking the test served to be much more entertaining, although not of the action-packed kind, if not the same.

Reading through it’s narrative comments of the ‘suggested’ characteristics of mine, it somehow widened the tunnel vision of my recent disenchantments, and perhaps allowing me to understand a little better now as to why I’m constantly unsettled with possessing that sense of ¬†comfort and the thought of being average.

And then the tests lists a few career choice for Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging’ persons, and it happens to be some of the stuffs that I would certainly enjoy making a career out of, such as a computer programmer, among others.

Very geeky, I know, but it just feels good to know that I’m a geek that’s among the 1% of the populaton.

But I know very well that all these are a little bit of fun stuffs, other than analytical profiling, that really means nothing if one doesn’t work hard and grabs the opportunities that knock on their door.

Oh well, so I quote Morpheus’ words to Neo, in the Matrix — ‘Now that the door is shown, it is up to you to walk through it.’ (I think that’s what he said right? Right?)

Anyway, go take the test, and find out what person you are.