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Han_Solo will be leaving us for KL again, tomorrow morning and will only be back in about 3 weeks time, so this probably means that there’s another 1 less gaming buddy for the moment. Yunos has already entered camplife for a good 1 month now, and probably would stay inside for another 5 months or so until he passes out. Max1983 could probably be considered a gaming buddy, and if he was one, he’d be an erratic one. Much like his favourite gaming character, where he weaves in and out view, his presence in the cafe is just as brief and casual.

But Han_Solo isn’t going just for a holiday. Much like what he made years back, it’s a brave decision to thrust himself into the business opportunity of multi-level-marketing, or mlm for short. Now I know that soooo many people shun MLM professionals, simply because these people who shun don’t have a business background to begin with. Anyway, since I’m not trying to promote any MLM I’ll leave it at there, and applaud han_solo at the same time for taking those brave steps in the journey.

By the way, it irks me that Han manages to catch reruns of anime episodes, within 1 week what I could only amass within… 2months probably? Yes he has quite a lot of personal time that it bemuses me when I still run myself ragged at work, for peanuts. Indeed, commissions haven’t been the way they used to and I’m feeling the pinch already, thus my forays into the world of internet marketing.

I may have indulged myself and familiarised the jargons in the internet marketing world early during my polytechnic days, but I believe not until this past year have I really indulged myself in ebooks, programs, surveys, forums and newsletters, all in the name of trying to master the art of internet marketing.

Daily, real life marketing is a no problem-0 for me these days, where in fact I now turn away more customers than I used to, and it’s making them come to me for more in fact, which is weird and one where I’d probably give some thoughts to for a blogpost in future, but in internet marketing today, I think I’m still a newbie.

There’s so much to learn, especially with Google and Yahoo, the key to any internet marketer’s success, continually tweaking their search engines. And with Bing’s recent arrival, the competition has just begun. I’ve just spent my whole wee hours of the morning last night completing an ebook, gone through a couple videos and finally managed to complete a website which I’ve been putting on hold for much too long. I did in 4 sleepy hours what I should have completed 4 months ago.

Anyway, now that it’s done and dusted with, I’ll prefer to let it bite the dust and lay it there for now, and since it’s on autopilot anyway, it should be doing it’s job silently behind the curtains — the way that all things should run, right?