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An interesting thing happened earlier today. I was in the morning queue to enter the still closed OCBC bank at 9am to do some banking. It was the first time I’d ever joined a queue as I was never this earliy before. Soon enough, from the back of the snaking queue, I saw the doors opening, while listening to Linking Park’s “New Divide” on incesasnt repeat.

As I approached the entrance, I realised that the staff of OCBC have lined up on either side of the way and they were actually applauding, greeting, smiling and bowing as the waiting queue made its way in. In total there were 4 staffs, and it was a really pleasant gesture indeed. I never thought that OCBC operated this way, or is this because of the SOS campaign? Who knows, but its certainly a great way to welcome in your customers.

Where I work at, the way we greet customers is by shouting off their names or calling then “Tai-Lo”, which means big brother in Hokkien, from far. I suppose this method works as customers feel welcomed and acknowledged, and at the same time it could lead to amusing consequences too~

Oh, another amusing thing happened. All those talk of exacting revenge on the soccer field, I think I’ve to put it aside for a moment. I’ve felt this aching pain on my left calf, ever since last night’s soccer session at FICO. It was a good workout and despite enjoying the session, I think I went home a little dismayed at the aching calf.

Seems like the revenge of the fallen will have to wait for another day. I wish I was an Autobot. Eh, I wonder if Autobots ever get cramps or aches?