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I’m always an advocate of ‘if you wanna do something, do it right.’ The reason being that it might come off weird or amusing if thing’s are not done correctly, as shown within the next few examples which were snapshots off

My first take here is of this particular Hotel’s signage where you probably won’t be getting any1 from their main staffs anytime soon.

Hotel BJ -- Not getting any


Up next is a sale where you probably¬†won’t be getting any1 either.

Fixed Sale -- Not getting any

Lol, fancy being in a sale where the prices are fixes! Now how does that work? Hmm…

How about this one? It suggests pleasant smells but does it really?

Enjoy Air - Not getting any

Fresh air? I’m pretty sure you won’t be getting any1 here where you’re done.

How much more creative can these sign designers get? Wahahaha…

1 won’t be getting any: Don’t pretend.. you know what this means. ; )