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I admit, I’ve been a failure almost every day when I fail to keep up to my goal settings, yes I do set goal settings, but for me it’s more of a sketch-up of an impromptu to do lists. Wait a minute, maybe you’re asking why does one sets goals every day? Isn’t that particular thing called a to-do lists? I know I know I know that I probably shouldn’t mix to-do lists and goal settings, cos they span over an entirely different time frame, but like I said, it’s an impromptu to-do lists that I prefer to refer as goal settings.

Arrrghhh! I think the teacher-ish-cum-speak-good-ish nature in me just refused to accept my arguement over calling goal settings as a to-do lists equivalent!

Ok, ok, ok, ok let’s call it a to-do lists then, if only to satisfy my sudden conscience that I’m promoting the wrong message of goal settings. Anyway for the records, one of my goals is to create more jobs. Sounds simple yet scarily… big doesn’t it? Enough about goals for now then..

So back to my failure in completing my to-do lists, or TDL for short. What? So now I’m allowaing myself to coin the term tdl to ease my burden of typing extra characters eh? Pfft..

Um, do you have your own TDLs? If yes, good, I pat you on your back. If no, why not? TDLs help to prioritise your priorities! Easier said than done right? I know, I know, I know ‘cos I’m a victim of procrastination too. It’s been a virus that’s plagued me ever since I joined Nanyang Poly, and no, studying in NYP does not in any way causes a person to procrastinate often. It’s just me, and for the records, NYP is a great school to study at!

That’s why I took 4 years instead of the slated 3 years to complete my diploma. I just had to extend my stay there, right Bangau?¬†Yes Bangau knows the inside story, but only because he spent an extra year with me as well! Good times indeed.

BUT the moral of the story here is that procrastination is bad! Real bad! My point in coming up with this post is perhaps I will be reminded in keeping true to my TDLs and perhaps allot a few hours daily to complete some, if not all.

I’ve done lots of thinking lately, which probably isn’t that much ‘cos I’m not much of a thinker really, but it still qualifies as thinking because it made me focus long and hard on my tasks at hand and what my future could possibly evolve into. I thought that, since I’m often procrastinating my TDLs because of certain events, perhaps I could work out something and compromise some things?

I know that I’m good at coming up with a solution, especially something that amounts to compromising, cos I compromise a lot. Sometimes you win when you compromise. It may be a temporary solution, but it’s a current solution nevertheless.

I think that this time around, instead of throwing my time away till the wee hours every day, I would set aside a certain ‘curfew’ myself so that I am forced to work at my TDLs. Perhaps I would cut myself off from.. this particular foe of mine.. at a certain time in the night so that my TDLs come to the fore.

Yes. I. Can. Do. It.

This is going to be an attempt at keeping true to one’s TDLs and setting the sight set on my goals. At 11pm daily, I will stop you, foe. Then it’s hello TDLs.

Ahhh, sounds so convincing right? But I’m going to need lots, no, humoungously huge amount of dedication to make it happen, because I’m fighting against a formidable opponent here. This foe has gotten me smitten ever since I knew of it, and only because it has left me needing to perfect it’s art and study the science of it, and the fact that it’s an ever evolving foe amplifies it’s destructive abilities.

Tonight I’ll be facing it’s music. Tonight is time to let my foe know that TDLs are priorities.

When the clock strikes 11pm… Goodbye.. D… O.. T.. A!