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Kris Allen Wins American Idol
No, not the frail economy or the flip flops of Obama, but rather the surprise victory of Kris Allen over Adam Lambert on American Idol. Yes, thanks to social media, we’re deliberating on who won AI instead of pressing world issues. Isn’t that great? <– note my sarcasm.

Anyway I have yet to watch the finals so I have absolutely no idea how they performed and despite recognising the talentsand charisma that Adam possess, I was quite certain that Kris’ best could only see him get runners up spot. If AI was a course in one of the local polytechnics, ADAM would have excelled with a Diploma with merit, thanks to his consistent and memorable performances, week after week. I’ve yet to see an AI contestant this good. I thought even David Cook’s charisma lost out to Adam’s!

Still, kudos to Kris for being younger, able to carry the guitar, sit behind a piano, being baby-boyish looking and choosing the right sexuality path which probably swooned all of America’s giggling teens’ handphone bills his way. In credit, Kris never appeared intolerable but played it safe all throughout the competition. He’s quite talented and sings well, but he comes off as a karaoke champion at times, compared to Adam’s stage dominating enigmatic solos.

Oh well, upsets do happen time and again. Not that I’ll be weeping 24/7 or wail over Adam’s lost, but I’m just a little irked that a better artist (imho) lost out. 

If its any consolation for Adam, history has gone to show that the runner’s up for AI always sells way more records than the winners. 

So congratulations to Kris. (As if he’s even reading this, in which case the congrats goes to Kris’ fans, but as if they’re reading this… so.. bah, forget it..)