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I’d never consider that there will come a day when Daniel Agger would issue an ultimatum to Liverpool FC.

As always I am never surprised that Rafa is continually being forced to use his players as pawns, in the LFC power struggle. Now that Keane has left, Agger has stepped up to be the media’s new darling.

Agger has already turned down AC Milan’s enticing offer to stay at Anfield, but it seems that he isn’t being given the chance to lead Liverpool’s defensive line. Often during games, I sense that he has been the one that is driving the team from the back, and occasionally taking potshots at goal. Sometimes he even has more chances than the strikers combined.

Anyway, if it really is true that Agger buys out his contract this summer and walks away from Anfield, then I suppose that even Rafa Benitez, who seems content in not playing Agger until the owners present them both with quality contracts, will be doing the same. 

It irks me that the British media is focusing onto the Manager and Players and less on the dastardly duo owners, whoose grand plans have been foiled by the gloom in the US economy. This further strengthens my belief that there should never be an even number of bosses, but that’s another story.  

Now, if only the Dubai Consortium would dangle a tastier carrot in front of Hicks and Gillett — then I’ll bet that its only a mater of time before David Villa and Kaka books a one-way ticket to Anfield.

Of which I’ll follow suit and grab my ticket to watch Liverpool winning the Champions League Finals… Yeah right.