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Now I’m compelled to add this link because:

1) I think Adam Lambert is a very talented artist.
2) I think Adam Lambert will make a very good album.
3) Because the webmaster followed me on twitter (maybe its those random followings, but here’s my reciprocation.)
4) Backlinking Adam Lambert’s official website (yeah, I think its official….. ) will probably give it a high Google ranking.
5) I think Adam Lambert is a very talented artist. 

PS: I heard he’s openly gay? Good. At least he’s not hiding and pretending. He is himself and it sure takes a lot to be one own’s self. Anyway, apart from Adam, I think only Anoop and Danny Goker has got what it takes to reach the top 2 of this season’s American Idol. And then, Adam’s gonna wing it his way. ; )