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He didn’t look too badly injured but I guess it was a hip/ankle/knee injury which prevented him from moving, as he lay sideways under the minibus, or was it a minivan?┬áHis bike too laid in a similar position about a few metres away, in the middle of the road junction, where I was fortunate (or unfortunate?) enough to witness the ‘aftermath’. The minibus was at an angle to the junction, probably an effect of skidding or not being able to stop in time.

Traffic was light, and wayy earlier from Choa Chu Kang I stopped at the traffic light beside the male Chinese’s bike. He was probably in his early 30s, a bespectacled big guy, riding his monstrous desert twin bike, he sped off at every green light and before long, he was out of my sight, and before long HIS BIKE was the first one in my sight as I saw from a distance sprawled in the middle of a junction. I knew something was wrong.

The minibus blocked my view as I approached from the back, and the first I saw of the fella was his legs, and I thought.. OMG, OMG, he’s under the minibus, but fortunately (again, or unfortunately?) he laid just in front of the minibus. I suppose there wasn’t any massive collision, as there weren’t any major crash marks or broken glasses or dented areas, and since the Desert Twin wasn’t too far off, my deduction of the incident was that it was approaching amber lights, the rider e-braked or tried to stop abruptly, and was hit from behind by the minibus, that probably tried to beat the amber lights, but got shocked when the rider stopped in front of him, and the minibus driver couldn’t stop in time and hit the rider instead.

Thus that should explain the lack of broken glasses and sprawled metal pieces, because it being a slight accident, but enough to cause the bike to be thrusted a few metres forward, and the driver thrown off with a hip/leg injury. Anyway, another biker stopped to provide aid but after a while left, seeing that it wasn’t a super serious injury but another, older, indian biker stopped and proactively tried to help the fallen man. A lady passers-by called the police/ambulance and another chinese man took control of the situation. Meanwhile, the minibus driver, a young Malay uncle, diverted traffic, while his wife say distraught at the passengers’ side, seemingly distraught of all the situation. And then an SBS bus stopped, due to the red light, beside the incident and it’s driver wound down his window, flipped out his ultra trendy handphone, and took snapshots of the fallen man and the ruined bike — like wth??? So typical of Singaporeans, so Kay-Poh right? If you’re rendering help at the scene, and these photos are for evidencial uses then it’s sort of okay lah, but with this SBS driver it was definitely a case of ultimate kaypoh-ism.

Anyway this whole morning incident’s caused another delay to my arrival at work, then again my uncle woke me at 10am, when I had to be at work by 9.30am! Perhaps I was destined to see the accident? I pity the rider, and the whole thing, and I suppose that it’s a timely reminder that riding has it’s dangers, always lurking around whenever you let your guard down.

Don’t ever let your guard down, while riding. Ever. To the fallen rider, an unfortunate situation indeed. Recover well. Hais, here’s my condolences to another one that bit the dust…

Btw, in my previous post Another One Bites The Dust, I mention one of the reason that people shun MLM-ers is because of their lack of business knowledge, which I think isn’t true at all. It’s definitely not due to the lack of business awareness, but rather more due to the nature or stigma that MLM-ers has garnered in this nation, which can be attributed to the cold callings process. Everyone hates being cold called, but this is the method that is taught to almost all MLM-ers who are new to the industry. Personally, I think it’s a stupid method, but the sponsors and teachers told them that it’s ok, never try never know. I pity anyone who’s ever had to make cold calls. They should be getting targeted traffic or leads instead, and be the one’s who’s hunted, instead of going around hunting. Heh.