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In case you hadn’t knew, gmail has the toughest, if not the most impenetrable security questions/forms around!

Why? because I’ve forgotten my passwords a couple of time (not my main account though) and the experience has been intimidating.

So last night, logging into my account, gmail sent me a message that there may be someone trying to hack into my account and advised me to change my password — which I then changed into a new one. Bear in mind that all these happened after I had my break fast at 5am in the morning and I was still drowsy and all.

So I picked an extremely long password and confident that noone could hack into it, even if they tried.

And who knew even i couldn’t log in again later in the afternoon, because I’d inexplicably forgotten to write down THAT NEW password! Now I’m stuck!!

Oh, yes I went through a few security questions and all but it wasn’t finished there! Since I had no secondary email, which I didn’t want to write down earlier in the morning while I changed the password and on hindsight if only I did, I wasn’t delivered any password reset code or receive any verification number on my handphone.

This sucks.

Extremely sucks.

Sucks extremely to the core.

Why did I change my password, just because google told me to?


This rant won’t end well. : (