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I resigned, a year ago, today.

A quick sms and I ended what I started, grew, developed, nourished and loved.

Sure there were second thoughts, but I could never be more convinced or committed to carve a brand new old me, elsewhere.

But firsts, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! Wishing you and family a blessed day filled with fun, food and joy.

So I tendered my resignation from the office where I poured my blood, sweat and tears since circa mid-2007, a ponderous move I’ve contemplated and deliberated on countless heavy occasions before but never seriously pulling the trigger until I was finally triggered myself.

Case in point: I should have exited earlier if only to cut my losses and maximise my potential to tap into an open market, and rebuild myself from the ground up.

Instead, my losses gained momentum, the market cornered me up, and the struggles to grow a nascent company in an ageing industry gets close to home: and one fine day, together with my beloved Sister, Supercyan Pte Ltd (wordplay: SuperSaiyan) was born — much thanks to a very generous contribution of an outside partner looking in.

But, oh the struggles! They got really close to home, and it’s uncomfortable, it’s eating my skin and the worst part is that it’s affecting the loved ones around me more than myself.

And strangely that gives me hope — fuel for my drive, food for my soul, fever for my dreams.

Seeds have been sown, and we’re readying ourselves for war.

For a better world, one print at a time.

Supercyan Pte Ltd. Rawrrrr!!!