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Last week blasted by my life, likened to how the Sumatra Squall terrorised my Island, my sunny Singapore in midweek. It appeared serene, yet once it touched down it’s a whirlwind, pun intended, of events and emotions.

My week was capped by a soccer tournament at FICO on Sunday, where FC Dragonscage (yeah, we called ourselves that!) had a hell of a ride. Bob and Rash came late, so we had to endure 2 games without any substitute which we sorely felt at the end of the 2nd game, as we lost out 2-0 after winning the first game 3-1. With their arrival, Me, Fad, Amin and Husnul finally got a grip on our game as we ran out eventually winners of our group.

Had I known, I would have donned my field boots ‘cos I kept slipping during games with my street soccer gears. Nevertheless it felt good getting involved incompetitive football again, running at defenders and taking potshots at goal. I scored a few goals, got complimented by some bystanders but luck would soon run out as we finally lost to a better team in the knockout stages. It was a close fight, but not without controversy of the referee donning the same coloured jersey as our opponents.

One of the senior referee was really really stubborn as he argued with me on the legalities and technicalities surrounding the day’s refereeing hoo-hahs. He irked me excessively and even when I insist on ending the discussion, he deliberately revived it by bringing up irrelevant topics to counter my argument, which only served to fuel my suspicions that this particular referee was a certain nut case, and thus not deserving of a decent debate. At the end, Bob mentioned that I was being nice to the referee and should just blasted him instead! Bah~

The day before, it was a different soccer game as Skopets entertained Premier FC, a team on a rampage of 17 goals in 3 games. We feared the worsts but by the end of the Saturday afternoon match, which Juffry featured too, we’ve won 5-1. Things are looking really good indeed for us in the D2Dsports Division 3 league.

Running through last midweek’s events, the unexpected Sumatra Squall mirrored my customers’ sudden jobload, which was a storm without warning. We had to work till early morning almost daily, but thankfully, like the Squall, it has gone to pass. Finally work is picking up again.

And then there was the disappointment in the unrelenting schedule of Han and mine, when it comes to looking for time to DOTA. It has been a while since I’ve gamed with him, and I hope this 1st May (Good Friday) we’ll be able to game again — and I think Bangau will be back too! So until we make the forests of Lordaeron/Azeroth safe again, tread those grounds with care, oh dear dota-ers.