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Its back to camp again for me in just a few hours, after a weekend of which I’ve barely managed to wash & dry my in-camp ¬†clothes,¬†get some useful items, revamp 1 blogshop, reformat 1 netbook, visited the doctor, paid my net/phone/card bills and even managed to grab a few hours of dota session with my gaming buddies.

All in all, I think that it’s been an okay weekend, save for the draggy trip back to camp, and I’ve done a bit of thinking over this weekend about my inevitable IPPT test — I think that I’m gonna give it a miss and instead give some time to prepare for a retake somewhere 2-3 months later.

Due to the fasting month and my recent recuperation, I don’t think I’ll be at my optimum condition for an IPPT test. The $400 incentive for a gold award is tempting although in a month where I’m foregoing work commissions, I suppose I might be able to resist it — given that its Ramdhan, the month of resisting temptations — so it all kind of works out nicely for me. I guess.

Anyway, here is an interesting stumble of mine, over this weekend, as I was looking for English Premiere League highlights.

Check out for excellent video replays of games — excellent for people like me who can’t afford to watch live games and have to resort to watching replays online. I suppose that it’s still a site in its infancy, but still, it’s so much better than youtube, where almost 99% of football replays are being taken down.

So visit if you’re called back for reservist these days, and you can’t go a week without soccer replays!