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It took a while before the huge lorry arrived, which was the signal for us to start moving the items. Its like a record 5th time that we’re shifting the items and this time round, its not even to the final location where the  items are heading into last night. 

Reaching home at about 8.30pm, and Dad immediately mentioned of the ‘immobilisation’ at Uncle’s place. Gobbled my dinner down, rejected Bangau’s calling for Left4Dead gaming at West Coast SRC, and reached there quite early, regretfully, as I waited nearly an hour for the lorry! Fuh! 

Thankfully there were quite a few abled bodies, and notably missing was my bro,  who’s nursing a migraine at home. I think my constant late night coughing has messed up his deep sleep! Hmmm, how come I’m not affected by the lack of sleep?

Poor chap. Pretty soon he’ll be moving into a house with his wife, once their wedding is held and he’ll be free from my pestilence! And then I’ll have the whole room to noone but myself! Oh, I forgot about the 2 cats! Frisky little kitties. Now I’ll be the only one taking care of them! Waaaa.

On a lighter note, I think my cough’s subsidising. And in time for tomorrow’s  crunching league game too. Yeah!