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A is also for anamorphosis, something that I’d use to describe my workplace’s steady progression into a more conducive working environment.


So it’s mid-April already, and it’s kind of a shocking revelation (to me at least) that it’s been 2 weeks since I last blogged here, and I blame it on work!

Oh, it’s always good to lay the blame on something else, in this case, work, even if really it’s been a case of laziness and one too many cancelled blogposts.

So what’s with work?

Well, how about we begin with ‘brand new office’?

That’s right, the company’s expanding to another level, pun intended, and this time round I even managed to rope in my sis to come work with me — and I think she’s been handling everything pretty smoothly thus far.

On the bright side of the expansion, there’s finally space for my own office now, of which is so cosy that everyone’s whispering of how it has that homely, roomly feel to it — just the way I planned it to be.

On an even brighter side of the new office, my design team will finally have a space to peacefully work away from the distraction of production, while my production team has more space and freedom of their own.


Oh, did I mention that I’m working with a 27 inch, Quad-core, brain-haemorrhaging iMac at work now?


..without the helmet and suit of course..

The screen is so big, I now have to move my head to look around instead of just my eyes darting around the monitor, which I’ll probably take it as daily neck exercises.

Indeed one can’t ever underestimate the value of having an exercise regime in your weekly routine, as I’ve found it today that at 29 years young, I’m not quite the mean machine that I was 10 years ago on a football pitch.

I need to go out for a bi-weekly jog or something, ‘cos my stamina’s depleting pretty quickly during my soccer games, and it’s quite annoying as my mind wants to go further but my body is begging otherwise.

Which of course leads to cramps and aches and wishful thoughts of a bi-weekly jogging regime.

Sadly I don’t quite have the time to jog, unfortunately (or fortunately?) cos I’m spending time hitting the pool tables at work!

That’s right, there’s a pool table right in front of me when I work.

So let’s see, so far this April I’ve received my own office, a pool table,  a 27inch iMac and more colleagues (particularly my sis!) to share the workload with.

Just awesome, pure awesome.