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I just had to have a change. I had to. I needed it, no, I BADLY needed it.

Something about the previous ‘feel’ made me cringe a little each time it showed up on my screen, or maybe it’s the reminder of the ‘me’ back then when I first started to blog regularly.

It was colourful, pompous, fun, and something that really wasn’t me professionally, and I think it’s time that I started shifting towards a cleaner, simpler and clutter free ‘feel’.

Actually for the past few months, it’s what I’ve been trying to do with everything that concerns me.

Eliminating old clothes, unread books and torn socks are relatively easy when compared to eliminating the clutter that resides in your mind, your actions and your habits.

Before one starts to clear away the ‘unwanted’ from your cabinets and closets, it really has to start from that single place upstairs, that is your mind, or your thoughts.

It’s important to note that what the mind sees, the mind thinks, and what the mind thinks, it executes actions, and actions become habits.

A blog, to me, is more than just a website where journals are chronicled and shared, but rather a home or observatory for the mind. A place where thoughts reside and stay sane.

After a very long search, over the months, I’m very pleased with what I’ve found in this latest theme. It’s clean, it’s clear, it’s uncluttered and it’s the sort of place where I want my unconscious mind to be.

In case the theme looks strangely familiar, it’s Chris Pearson’s handywork for Brian Clark’s Copyblogger, a blog which I happened to stray around a few years back and have been lingering around since.

From a hosted blog with, this blog have growned along with me — although I’m not quite sure just how much I’ve grown since then — and I’d like to think that I’ve grown much, not just physically and emotionally, but habitually as well.

Unfortunately habits have a knack of not dying off easily, but as I mentioned earlier, everything starts with the mind, and what the mind sees or senses.

And I like this new clean theme. There’s no more annoying song playing in the background, even though I’m still in adoration with Avatar’s soundtracks, and most evidently is that there’s no more Shoutbox.

Sorry guys, as part of my elimination process, I’m cutting off my Shoutbox account, which was a paid account by the way (which helps to fend off spam and moderate posts) and it’s exclusion surely would save some $$$ and TIME along the way.

It’s really not that bad, because the Disqus Comments System is a great way to communicate and it really should be abused as often as possible — so go ahead, abuse it. ; )

In any case, I’d love to hear any disagreements on this new theme, if any.

It’s a fresh restart for me, and it does feel as if something’s brewing somewhere out there.

I like.