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A Christmas CarolNo, there’s no quitting of jobs or quitting of smoking in this post, but Scrooge’s better quit that miserly attitude of his, but we all know how the story ends right?

So what makes Robert Zemeckis’ “A Christmas Carol”, a novel by Charles Dickens, any special than all the other directors’ versions? Allow me to introduce 3 things…

1. The Robert Zemeckis touch.
The Pursuit of Happiness, Contact, Forrest Gump and Back To The Future. These are shows which have been given that ultra special Robert Zemeckis touch and you can bet that his version of “A Christmas Carol” is going to be a thrilling and entertaining ride, unlike any Disney movie that you’ve watched before.

However, like any Disney movie you can be sure that it’s going to be entertaining and enriching story. I’m pretty sure that I’ll enjoy the movie throughly when it opens on 19th November 2009.

2. The Jim Carrey moment.
I thoroughly enjoy every movie that has Jim Carrey in it, and I can’t stress how funny he can be when he’s in his element, so don’t mind that I’m a little pro Jim Carrey here.

Anyway, the last film that I saw Jim Carrey in a Christmas movie was when he became the grouchy Grinch in “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” in 2000.

In his first ever project with Disney Pictures, Jim Carrey is back — although you’ll only get to hear his voice(s) as the highly talented actor takes on a myriad of characters in Disney’s “A Christmas Carol”.

He is the voice behind Mr Scrooge (in all the various age and time), Ghost of Christmas Past, Ghost of Christmas Present and Ghost of Christmas Future.

If you enjoy Jim’s antics and comedic nature, then get ready for Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” as it opens on 19th November 2009.

3. Disney Pictures
What can I say? Anything that goes by the tag of Disney Pictures is bound to be a lovely episode of drama and comedy, but if you think Disney’s “A Christmas Carol” is a show for kids, think again.

There is plenty of occasion for the plot to go scary and creepy, but with Jim Carrey in it, I think it’ll be a lot more tolerable.

If you can’t wait to catch the movie, then here is a trailer from youtube to whet that apetite…