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The Reinvention

Over the years, there have been occasions where I’ve metamorphosed into persons (or personas) via an organic naturally occuring manner, induced from the situations that I’ve been placed in, such as the passing of your beloved parent, the adaptation of a new job role or even as simple as the act of falling head over heels in love.

Nevertheless, I managed to scantily grow along the way and am thoroughly grateful as well as fortunate that these developments have carried me forward into territories where I otherwise could never have imagined I’ll be in.

From an ambitiously carefree Bpian to a holistic Graphic Designer, to an aspiring Manager, there has truly only been a constant singularity throughout — perserverence.

Friends and families on the outside will only get to view the me that’s mildly successful, the overly cheerful and one that’s able to tackle anything, anywhere and solve things. Only a few will get the chance to take a peek into the deeper layers of my life, the one that’s full of struggles, inconsistencies, fears and tears.

Lately, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity of creating something new — and I love creating and developing new things. This is something that I believe I truly excel at, and have thoroughly enjoyed working and spending my days.

And as September 2016 creeps closer towards October 2016, it is now time to realise that I am nearing a crescendo of hard work, of pain and struggles as well as immense pleasures.

As it is now, It’s nigh time for me to reinvent myself and my future.

The future is amazing.