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That lingering feeling.

That lingering feeling.

You know that lingering anxious feeling you have when greatness approaches?

It evaded me last Saturday and Sunday. I was carefree. I was callous.

Bouts of flu and fever, boundless constraints on resources and respites, and yet, thankfully, I am fortunate enough to be given a teeny weeny sniff of success for my latest World Magic Cup Qualifier #1 (WMCQ1) outing, last Saturday/Sunday at Suntec City, with my ABZAN Hangarback Aggro tweak.

It was the WMCQ1 for Singapore and us half-decent Magic:The Gathering (MTG) players aren’t just going to let am ungodly registration fee of $60 ($45 if you pre-register) daunt us as we made our way, on a lovely Saturday morning, filling up room 331 of Suntec City.

So I got 4th, losing in the Semis to MARDU Dragons, piloted by Bryan Ong; Stormbreath Dragons still rule these skies.

WMCQ1 Event details

I’ve never been this close to a major Finals, and had to settle for the Semis.

Still awaiting my first major tournament trophy and still harboring hopes of being in Barcelona.

My crescendo for the event: beating Horny Taxi Beng, leaving him devastated and forlorn, to draw into top 8. Still, with a name like that, he was easily the coolest being in that room.

Surprisingly it wasn’t an exhilarating or super exciting experience — instead it was a calm, collected and carefree one, not just for me but for my playtest buddy, Ming Yi too, who woke up at 8.45am for a 9am event, but somehow still managed to squeeze a quick bath and arrive on time with a homebrew (Mono Blue) deck for Game 1.

Actually my crescendo was that I won all games from round 2 and from round 3 onwards, winning ALL my rounds 2-0. I had an unprecedented 80% match win, before I drew with my final opponent, who was quick to insist on a draw as his percentage point would increase, while mine would decrease.

Nevertheless, since I was on a callous mode, I didn’t really mind if I was 8th, 9th or 10th if we drew, so I told him something like, “Oh well, if I’m in, I’m in. If I’m out, I’m out. We are drawing our game, Sir.”

Long story short, ladyluck smiled and I returned to GamesHaven the next day, still in my carefree mode, and plundered away.

Now.. I just want to slowly sip this warm water with lemon drip, and recover from this lingering fl.. ah.. ah choo!

Happy Faces