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Happy Chinese New Year

I always tell myself that positivity breeds positivity, and the same for its reverse — i.e negativity breeds negativity.

And I’m always trying to see the positive amidst the chaos and incoherent mash-ups of finger-pointing, blamestorming and the innocent vitriols. Notice my sarcasm?

I have a mission to stray away from negative people and negative things, but inadvertently I find myself closing in on them and consequently making efforts to make things better, even if those concerned have only one thing on their mind and agenda: themselves.

But I’m a manager now. In fact, I’m The Manager now, as it has been so for the past six months, and I cannot let things get carried away.

I am the boss, and I try to be a good boss and I know how much I hate it myself to be working under a boss that is evil. Interestingly, bad bosses are those that keep bad employees and don’t allow their tutelages the room to grow and compensate for their weakness.

Because everybody has weakness.

And I have a glaring weakness.

I am nice, and nice bosses, make for bad bosses.

Some things gotta change.

Happy Chinese New Year — Year of the snake!