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The transcendence.

I play a lot of games and make myself busy to distract myself, as well as to ‘let looose‘, so to speak, and the thought of ‘why do i game so much when there’s so many other things that I can do?‘ lurks inadvertently.

Actually, I’ve had a lot of thoughts lately — not that I’ve not had much thoughts or haven’t been thinking much! — and it’s getting to a point where the expansiveness of it all sorts of numbs me.

That’s right, I get numb thinking about thinking. Hoah? You know, I confuse myself at times too..

Sometimes I think if I should simply wing it and go for broke while there are times where I wonder if it’s better that I play it safe and do what I do best. That comes to my next thought of ‘Really, just what is it that I do best?‘.

Good question, but unfortunately it is one that I’ve haven’t placed much thoughts to, more importantly perhaps not as much as ‘how do I start creating that killer iphone app?’ or ‘why i that black BMW car driving in 2 lanes simultaneously?’.

My point is, quite simply, that I think I frivolously spend time thinking about things that aren’t quite ‘soup questions’, where ‘soup questions’ are questions that you ask which enables you the opportunity to put a bowl of soup in front of you, on your dining table, someday.

It’s so easy to admit that I’m guilty of trying to get too many things done at break-neck pace, while desperately having to keep track of things to maintain and grow. It’s even easier to say that I’m easily attracted to new opportunities and events, and that’s why, since the past year or so, I have this personal motto of ‘eat only what you can while give as much, maybe more, of what you desire‘.

Backtracking, to my earlier thought of ‘Really, just what is it that I do best?’. I’m slowly realising that I’m best used as a thinker instead of a do-er, and as *koff* brilliant *koff* as I am as a do-er, I think I’ve arrived at a period in life whereby I really really need to do a lot less, and give (ideas) a lot more.

Fortunately I’m being given this opportunity at the office, and am glad that myself and everyone around me is helping me transcend nicely into this new role I’m playing, and I can’t deny that I’m loving every minute of it.

Still, I can’t help myself but to continue asking myself, “What can I do next?“, of which I’d then get a plethora of suggestions and ideas flood my naked brain, filling me with mental dementia and derisory contempt.

Of which I’ll then transcend into a game of DoTA or <insert-game-here>.

And the vicious cycle resumes…

Life needs to be taken seriously, but why so serious?

Pressure cooks us all inside and turns patience and virtues into catalyst of disagreement and contempt.

Indeed everyone lives a life in evasion of life’s minefields and curveballs, but as good as we get at it, and deep down inside, we know that unless we accomodate a significant portion of our waking moments in attending to problems, the minefield mushrooms and the curveballs curve steeper.

Today I witness how external pressure stakes its claim on a prized brotherhood, exposing the vulnerabilities of human nature — that we aim to feel better by making others feel worse — though I’m compelled to not go any further than that, in this scene.

By all means, take a serious outlook on life, and be as serious as you can when it comes to matters pertaining to life itself, and Life, being yours, your loved ones or the ones living around you.

Then again, by all means, that doesn’t mean that one has to be serious.. all the time.

Go ahead, take things lightly. Laugh a little bit when a problem comes your way. Welcome a challenging issue with open arms. Then try to find solutions, and if you fail the first time round, and as cliche as it sounds, try again.

Life needs to be taken seriously, in all context of its meaning, but you don’t have to be serious all the time, okay?

Sometimes it’s better when the problems are handled with a bit of chuckles, and a lot less stress.

Rise of The Planet Of The Ape

Okay, a quick one here. ; )

Rise of the planet of the apes was so entertainingly good that I get to see why so many friends of mine gives it a thumbs up, where I was initially sceptical in how a movie about primates can be understood by them whereas movies concerning shiny robots or wizards with glasses failed miserably.

From the charm of the baby ape to the predicament of the scientist losing those closest to him, the movie succeeded in taking the viewers for a ride, although one does question at the end of the movie, what next?

Certainly the movie has its fair share of criticism and plotholes, but I guess I can’t take away it’s plaudits of being an entertaining movie and a worth-every-cent-paid show.

Now, do they really have that serum?

I’d like to give my cats some of ’em.. Um, and as for you, go get the movie!