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Salam Aidilfitri 2011

It’s 1 Syawal today.

And that means it’s Hari Raya and it’s time for the traditional morning prayers at the mosque.

I tried but I just couldn’t come up with a date when I last went for Solat (prayers) Aidilfitri, and that’s how ‘non-chalant’ I’ve been throughout the years.

Oh wait, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all muslims and muslimahs and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all~

So yeah, I finally chalked up my first visit morning raya visit to Al-Asyyakirin after years of settling in the area. I know, biggie points for me. ; )

Points, imaginary of course, of which not even my chronic cough could keep me away from nor of which DoTA could deny me of.

Yes I’m guilty of playing loads of DoTA games in the days and nights leading to today, but hey, at least I got my preparations early and done with this time round.


Room sping-cleaning? Checked.

House refurbishments? Checked.

New apparels for Raya? Checked.

Lesser gaming and more socialising? Umm… about that…

Germany 10am.

Germany 10am.


When Germany is 10am, it’ll be 4pm where I am, where I’ll be busy, and possibly chaotically, hard at work doing… almost nothing.

But but but my dear friends.. 4pm (localtime) is when The International begins.

Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

The International

The International

If there’s anyone that’s trying to stop you from becoming a professional gamer..


… ask them, is there really 1 Million reason to not start playing professionally???

After acquiring the trademark of DoTA, at the violent objection of millions of players worldwide, Valve has finally, and successfully, whetted the apetite of avid DoTA fans, like me, with this scrumptuous tournament, to be held during Gamescon in germany.

Finally, a reason for me to quit my job and play professionally.

Just kidding.. hehe.. I won’t ragequit my dayjob just like that! .. yet.. cos I love what, why and how I do what I do so winning a $1 Million dollar eSport prize money is still my pipedream.

Oh, but I won’t stop dreaming about it.

What about you? Would you like to have $1 Million dollars, just by playing games?