Gettin rid of that pesky rash with sweet pee.

That’s right, sweet P-E-E, as in pee!

Read on.

I finally got rid of that pesky rash that’s been inhibiting my nightly socio-educational programmes badly, and by socio-educational, I really just mean my nightly gaming sessions with dudes (or duddettes) around Asia.

So who’s to say a nerd isn’t socialising when he spends hours in front of his laptop, because his PC is burnt beyond repair after an unsuspecting startup explosion a few months back?

Once there was this Japanese fella, whom I was gaming with in one of my Starcraft 2 ladder games, that decided to project his courteous ways by leaving the game after calling me ‘Faggot’ and ‘Haxor’ when he realised that he wasn’t going to be able to beat me.

You see, we may come from different ethnic backgrounds, but our socialising skills are fundamentally the same everywhere.

Anyway, want to know what caused the benign itch to become a full blown rash, or hives, which especially burgeoned as soon as I stepped home, into my room? No? Ok then.

Heck, I’ll tell you anyway. Bite me.

It’s cat’s pee!!!

Now if you’re probably thinking something like me coming home covered inexplicably in cat’s pee, well that’s not it but when I say cats’ pee, I mean me being working overly too hard at the office, coming home too late, too often, to be able to buy fresh cat litter to change the nearly 2 weeks old pack at home.

So that litter pack got too bad that it affected my system somehow, and the only reason I came up with this for an argument is that as soon as I changed the litter into a fresh new pack, the rash/hives developed no more.

All thanks to…


Trust me, this brand (Sweet Pee) is uber awesome! Buy them here (no, this isn’t an affiliate link, I’m just being a good samaritan and sharing a useful link. So bah~), and no I did not try chewing on any bits or pieces to see if they’re really sweet, but do contact me and let me know if anyone’s done their research please.

So there you go, a sweet sounding solution to end my itch, or cat pee smell allergy, or whatever it’s called, or if ever there’s such an ailment.


  • tambourina

    hello! stumbled upon your blog when I googled for sweet pee cat litter. Would you be able to share how you rate this liter on tracking? Does it catch easily on your kitties' paws and get spread all over the apartment?
    we are currently using crystals because we hate how badly catsand tracks.. but crystals hurt like crazy when the humans step on them, plus they attract my 9 month old's interest.

    this sweet pee seems to be some evolved cat litter so we're wondering if it has the problem of tracking..

    any information will be helpful, thank you!


    • Mar

      Hi Tambourina, Sweet Pee is unlike any other cat litter that you'll ever use. I'm sure that there are many brands that tout odourless, non clumping and dry and so on, but Sweet Pee, IMHO, is the best and truest to claims of the lot.

      It's very clean, easy to handle, non clumping, absorbs urine very well and lets the moisture dry off totally, and best of all, it's truly odourless! Unless of course the litter wasn't changed in weeks, it should still stay odourless.

      I've been using it for nearly 2 years plus and despite it's pricetag, it's well worth it — and stay away from crystals 'ccos they hurt when stepped upon, but Sweet Pee, just turns into powder when stepped on. Cool~

      • Jessie

        Hi Mar,

        May I confirm that Sweet Pee is NON-clumping?

        I almost wanted to get a few bags of Sweet Pee Cat Litter for my kitties, but after I read from you that it’s non-clumping, I have 2nd thoughts.

        How does it absorb/cover the odour from solid waste if it’s non-clumping. I thought it would be a lower-cost alternative to Cat’s Best OkoPlus Cat Litter, but…. :(

  • caymanboomer

    I have been using Sweet Pee for about a year. It does not smell and lasts a long time. But I find that it sticks badly to the feet and sometimes even the backside of my Maine Coon cat. It tracks everywhere.