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Does this hot 17yr old girl look familiar to all of you?

Does this hot 17yr old girl look familiar to all of you?

Some girls grow perpendicular to gravity, or towards the gravity, when they age but this girl just doesn’t seem to grow eh?

What the hell~

Now, 27year, Avril still looks the same to me when I first took a listening to her Let Go album on my CD Player.

My what? Yes, a portable cd player, also known as the discman, but these days it’s just dead man.

I wonder if kids these days even knew what a walkman was?

But it’s 2011 now and who really cares about walkmans or discmans right?

If you don’t aim for change, then you’ll never change, and sometimes change is for the better.

Oh what the hell~

Early termination isn’t always so bad huh?

Detracting a little from losses and saddening events, which includes the recent slump of my LFC that prompted my little hiatus from my football blog, A Red Thing, perhaps it was fitting that Liverpool’s first victory in 5 years was in coincidence with my discovery that I’ve got a subscription with Singtel’s MIO tv all these while!

I don’t even remember if I ever did continued signing up for it, nor penning anything but I guess that I must have done r signed something because apparently I wasn’t able to terminate it without an early termination fee being incurred, so it had to be a part of a contract plan or something.

My MIO thingy wasn’t setup, so I thought why even keep the subscription going on right?

Might as well go for an early termination and save a wee bit more over the long run right?

Fortunately, I took the time to get the MIO TV setup up and running, and boy was I rewarded gratuitiously with my first EPL viewing.

Oh, btw, Liverpool actually hasn’t won a game in 5 games, not 5 years.

In case you’re wondering that dig was meant for our ex-manager, dear Roy Hodgson.

Oh, and I hope you’re basking with joy somewhere, somehow with that severance payment you got from your early termination as well, while Torres scored two goals and Meireles hammered in a dipping beauty against Wolves.

In case you didn’t know, wolves are a fearsome pack of dogs that don’t really fear anything.

That’s right they fear nothing.

They’ll even face up to a bear and work together in tackling their obstacles, but today, a different pack of wolves were sent into their dressing room with their tails between their legs and bandages around their head, and I dare say that today’s the day that wolves start to be really afraid of men in red.

Or just to be exact, Spanish men in red.

Ahhhh, it does feel really good to see Liverpool back to their convincing winning ways again, and somehow the manner of the defensive wall in front of Wolves reminded me of the wall during Rafa’s tenure, which comprised of Kuyt, Mascherano, Alonso, Gerrard and Aurelio.

Solid, simply solid back then and truly solid tonight.

Fernando Torres quipped, “(Kenny) Dalglish told me that we’re the ones who make people’s dreams come true. The fans can’t play, so they live their dreams through us.”.

Indeed, and this 3-0 of a victory does echo reverberantly like a pulsating dream where you strive to not wake up from.

Long live the King (Kenny)!

That’s why, it’s sometime a good move to terminate something early.

Note: Sometimes.

Something light and the simple truth about the iPhone..

Something light and the simple truth about the iPhone..

I don’t believe in charts and correlations derived from analysis as much as faith and practicality.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in them charts, but rather just not as much.

It’s been a testing month for me so far, and I happen to stumble upon this, it cheered me up and so I guess that  it’ll cheer anyone up as well?


For my birthday, I so want a Nokia 3310.

Call me nostalgic, bite me.

The loss of a lifetime

We loved him to bits and pieces.

Godma loved him more than any words could every imply and though she held herself well that night, I know deep down inside how devastated her heart was.

It seems fitting that Grandfather’s, or Atuk’s passing, last Monday, came to take him away peacefully, not without his benign acceptance of the inevitable though.

Recounting the days that led to his passing, I come to fathom that this was a man that has gracefully accepted that his time is up, and how he relinquishes his duty here and everything else that he’s achieved here with much serenity.

“No more fighting”, he seems to be saying, but “Thank you for all the wonderful moments altogether.” is the farewell message.

Indeed, I will always remember him fondly as the coolest and cheeriest 81 year old Atuk ever.

Hardly have I ever not seen him a moment without a smile carved on his dry, wrinkly yet affable face, but as he lays to rest, forever, that smile is our family’s greatest loss.

We love you still, to bits and pieces.

A lifetime moves on, but life goes on.

Gotta stay strong.

Gettin rid of that pesky rash with sweet pee.

Gettin rid of that pesky rash with sweet pee.

That’s right, sweet P-E-E, as in pee!

Read on.

I finally got rid of that pesky rash that’s been inhibiting my nightly socio-educational programmes badly, and by socio-educational, I really just mean my nightly gaming sessions with dudes (or duddettes) around Asia.

So who’s to say a nerd isn’t socialising when he spends hours in front of his laptop, because his PC is burnt beyond repair after an unsuspecting startup explosion a few months back?

Once there was this Japanese fella, whom I was gaming with in one of my Starcraft 2 ladder games, that decided to project his courteous ways by leaving the game after calling me ‘Faggot’ and ‘Haxor’ when he realised that he wasn’t going to be able to beat me.

You see, we may come from different ethnic backgrounds, but our socialising skills are fundamentally the same everywhere.

Anyway, want to know what caused the benign itch to become a full blown rash, or hives, which especially burgeoned as soon as I stepped home, into my room? No? Ok then.

Heck, I’ll tell you anyway. Bite me.

It’s cat’s pee!!!

Now if you’re probably thinking something like me coming home covered inexplicably in cat’s pee, well that’s not it but when I say cats’ pee, I mean me being working overly too hard at the office, coming home too late, too often, to be able to buy fresh cat litter to change the nearly 2 weeks old pack at home.

So that litter pack got too bad that it affected my system somehow, and the only reason I came up with this for an argument is that as soon as I changed the litter into a fresh new pack, the rash/hives developed no more.

All thanks to…


Trust me, this brand (Sweet Pee) is uber awesome! Buy them here (no, this isn’t an affiliate link, I’m just being a good samaritan and sharing a useful link. So bah~), and no I did not try chewing on any bits or pieces to see if they’re really sweet, but do contact me and let me know if anyone’s done their research please.

So there you go, a sweet sounding solution to end my itch, or cat pee smell allergy, or whatever it’s called, or if ever there’s such an ailment.


January Greetings

Yea, greetings all and did you knew that it’s my birthday month this month, and that everytime it comes around I get all sober and uber emotional, instead of celebratory and all crazy?

Like how in 2010 I welcomed it with a touch of Avatar-ish calmness and a dash of adult-like sensibility, and it felt as if everything was coming together into place, and yet still not getting the full picture.

Like how in 2009 life was pretty much a simple routine that consisted of work, friends and family and how 27 years young made me appreciate life that much more?

I’m still unsure how my 2011’s birthday post will turn out like but a quick run into my chronological memory, and whether it’s a coincidence that I meandered across a number of disheartening memory banks, well, I’m unsure.

2010 brought plenty of highlights as well… but if only I could retrieve em in an instant with a wave of a stick, as if they were in a collective pool like Dumbledore’s pensieve, but they aren’t so I’m going to have to struggle a little for a while.

If anything, 2010 has been a memorable year, not just for its highlights, but for a few shadows that I’ve casted along the way as well.

But hey, enough of the repositions and while the birthday post has yet to culminate fully, let’s just take things, the way I like em to, as they come shall we?

For now, it’s 8.35am in the morning and I’m up early because lately I’ve been forced into retiring early for the night due to a mysterious bout of ‘hives’ or this rash-like bumps that itch everywhere on my body’s skin.

January has passed by us all in a flick of a moment and oh golly it’s the middle of the month already!

Too fast, right?

Yeah, time waits for no man. Or woman. Or pets.

Still I raise a glass to you, for it’s a month where we come to terms with our past years’ demons as we try, yet again, to meet the terms of their resolutions.

So have you sorted out your resolution(s) for 2011, or are you still as undecided (or as hands-tied-behind-back-to-consider-anything-much) as I am?

Of Emma Watson

Of Emma Watson

I’m just saying, that Emma Watson is actually in possession of a high degree of heat or a high temperature.

or I could say that she’s just hot.

Even the professor agrees.


Make that ten more points please.

Opportunity knocks only once.

Is it true that Opportunity knocks only once?

If it’s so, then was it foolish of me to turn down Yanni’s invitation to go Penang, together with her hubby and self, a few days before my birthday to mini celebrate my birthday as well?

You see, Yanni is my wonderfully affable childhood friend, much like a sister to me, and it’s been quite a while since we’ve caught up, so I thought that it’d be an awesome thing to do, to travel up north and to be able to try for myself some authentic Penang Laksa for once.

And then I turned down the invitation, much to her poignant repose, from which she could hardly hide her disappointment..

BUT it was not for the lack of wanting on my part though, for I truly do desire to get away from work and life’s priorities, if I could, and simply let loose, so to speak as I can barely remember the last time that I actually went on a holiday that’s 3 days long.

IF I could.

Strangely I’m left poignant as well.

So here I am blogging in the envelope of my dimly lit room’s ambience, 3am in the morning, harassed by 2 insomniac felines, and suffering from a lack of sleep and deprivation of livid energy due to this morning’s IPPT session.

Oh and I’m taxed mercilessly by my marathon-like working hours at the office which I just left as well.

Indeed, here I am left poignantly hoping that the opportunity arises again in the near future, and I really hope it will, but until then, guess I’ll be crossing my fingers, taping them together, and crash peacefully for the night.

It was a difficult decision, and I know I’m letting down a friend, but there are times when even your best-est of friends shall come up second best.

Or should they?

*FacePalms*.. I dunno.. Hmm.. Somehow I’m disturbed that I’m disturbed by it all.

Heh, what would you do if you’re posed with the dilemma of your long time childhood friend proposing for a getaway against a backdrop of life’s priorities?

Of New Year’s Fireworks Display.

Am I the only one who thought that the Marina Bay countdown’s fireworks display was… dull?

Oh, but in due respect, any fireworks are awesome by nature, because nothing beats the adrenalin rush of having explosions after explosions erupt fervently beside you, as you stand motionless in awe, gaping at the colours that litter the midnight sky, but what was that soulless, languid display of fireworks over at Marina Bay last night?

No doubt the fireworks were made to be in-synced with the 1970-ish and sophorific melodic tune over the airwaves, but as I sit at home, wonderfully alone yet again on a new year after a late night at the office and wondering continuously where on earth everybody else is, I was devoid of awe and any wondrous joy at seeing the colours on display, and it wasn’t because I was on my own.

I suppose since the main tv channel, of which I finally tune into since.. since I can remember, was airing the Marina Bay event, it had to be the final event of the year right?

But why does it feel lifeless, mundane and unexciting?

Granted the explosions, the colours, the thunder-like roar will bewitch anyone in full witness of the show, but I thought the pacing, the gist or the life of the fireworks show, was uninspiring, tedious and lifeless!

It’s as if the organisers decided to open up their wallets to the lowest bidding fireworks operator, one without character and style, without scouring the globe for an award winning fireworks specialist, one such as Portugal’s Mecados Pirotecnia.

Anyway, so It was awful, note that i didn’t say aweful but awful, and I can’t help but to compare the Marina Bay’s show with..

If you were at the Marina Bay event or somehow watched the event over on TV, do you get my point now?

THIS is how a fireworks display, especially one that’s aired on national tv, for the final biggest event of the year, and for a nation that’s bent on capturing the imagination of the global audience, should be.

THIS is what fireworks were made for, as they continuously mess up your heartbeat with the rapid explosion of lights.

THIS I tell ya, if I was in the presence of such a show, I’d crap my pants, changed into a new one, and crapped it all over again, in trepidating awe of the spectacle, the marvel, the monstrous lights in front of me.

And then I thought back on the Marina Bay fireworks and I tried to recall an awesome moment.. but I couldn’t!

So I googled for a few awesome fireworks vid and I came across..

Wow. Just wow.

And if you could somehow ignore the incessant “Wahhhh~” that you hear in the background, THIS is what awesome is all about.

THIS is awesome because the action and incessant explosions are seemingly unyielding, and you’re knocked about left right center, and you’re not even allowed a single moment to blink or catch your breathe as the manic occasion and lights reel you in epicly, while you feel small and tiny.

THIS is waahhhhhhhhh~