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Funniest Stuffs From YouTube And Its Not Viacom’s.

A couple of guys were having dinner, shot some videos and wanted to share with their friends, but there just wasn’t any easy way to do that back in 2005!

There wasn’t file sharing services, email was still slow and tedious while embedding quicktime movies onto a website is just hazardous.

Indeed they came up with a solution to solve their much personal problem of ‘difficulty in sharing videos over the internet’ back then, which today is known as… yep, you’ve guessed it ‘YouTube’.

And those guys are millionaires and they no longer operate from the second floor, above a Japanese restaurant.

It’s amazing when you stick your head to solving problems, instead of deflecting or evading them.

So Youtube has come a long way and still intent on going further, especially with its latest ‘Google TV’ or something like that, which I’d like to think of as a ‘Specialised mature iPad with a singular intent in entertainment’, and I think if that joint project with Sony pays off, Apple Inc’s probably  gonna go the same way with their Apple TV.

Oh wait, they’re already doing it with an apple tv, or at least something similar in providing search-tv.

Yep, search-tv (goodbye pay-per-view tv).

Anyway, everytime I go on youtube I’m always searching for movie clips to humor me for the day, and lately I’ve found a couple of gems, and they never fail to tickle my funny bone.

Ever heard of Human Giant, and Balloon Shop? <– They’re linked to what I think may be their funniest load on the net, and quite possibly, the some of the funniest refined comedy online.

Oh, and funny enough, that Viacom lawsuit against Google’s Youtube is quite frankly turning into one of those funniest and silliest lawsuit ever.

Viacom’s never gonna win that. Not when they themselves use youtube, or maybe they just want the publicity. Oh wait, dont they already own major publishing outlets?

Oh well, Let’s go!

Her Australian Study Trip

Her Australian Study Trip

January BabiesShe’s flying off to Australia for her overseas university study stint tomorrow afternoon and I’m glad for her, even if some quarters in this part of the world thinks that it’s a mistake that she’s undertaking, I say let it be.

Mistakes are god’s gift, packaged in an ugly and sometimes unwarranted wrapper, but if we don’t try to unwrap, we’ll never know what beauty lies inside, if any, right?

I’d like to think that there’s always something beautiful in everything, and that’s how I view things, that there’s always things to look forward to, even within problems.

And why should any problem or issue let you down or get in your way of progress, if the direction you’re heading is towards a development of some kind or some thing?

So to my sister, go forth and fly off and worry not about mistakes or being wrong.

For growing up means to accept and learn from our mistakes and correct the wrongs, of which we’ll never know if we never encounter any.

Okay lah, we’ll meet again in a few more days, so sponge as much as you can from your study trip, and take loads of pictures!

Oh, and just don’t come back with that kentang (french fries) Australian accent mate, cos it’s only a few days.

Capitalism – A Love Story by Michael Moore

Capitalism – A Love Story by Michael Moore

Capitalism: A Love StoryIt, the movie not capitalism, struck a chord with me.

But it does fail to shine light on the greener pastures, while castigating and largely brooding over the trample-over-the-weak-and-lets-ignore-them social aspect of it.

At first I shunned watching the movie, after a few of Michael Moore’s shockumentary failed to strike me where it matters, but this latest offering, It got me into a couple of  ‘oh dear’ and ‘so des ne’ moments.

You know, moments where you discover that things aren’t what they really look like, even after you though you’ve done enough to read up on that subject?

Well that’s what Capitalism: A Love Story (or CALS) did to me, as it shed light on the lesser known background story of the recent economic turmoils in the USA, of which then spilled onto our parts of the world.

Okay, maybe right now you’re asking what does events there have to do here, and before you know it, things already (and have been for so long) reeks of Capitalism around here.

Shell to slash 1000 jobs by 2011.

Now why does a company that is possibly nowhere near the reds in the accounts books would want to remove 1000 mouth-feeding, food-putting-on-table jobs, if it’s for the sake of manoevarability and being competitive?

And this despite forecasts of healthy growth in the next few years.

Let’s see here, more profit for company and spend less on wage, while overworking whoever is left on the team.

One word: Capitalism. Far from praying for the weak, it’s preying on the weak, but I don’t think I can show it any better than Michael Moore already has.

CALS a moving and it grows onto you, the viewer, as you slowly take it all in — unless you’re a capitalist yourself.

Sure, it may not even get close to being nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, but at the very least, it raises awareness and educates the uninformed.

I still think Capitalism has its benefits, but thanks to Michael Moore, a different view is sometimes required to see the whole picture.

Marsedit – Trial By Fire

Marsedit – Trial By Fire

I’m just testing this out to see how far this desktop client can take me — or is it how far I can take it?

Either way, it’s something that I stumbled across while browsing for FREE OS X softwares. Yes, I’m that cheap. Bite me.

So Marsedit V2.4 is a desktop client blogging software that’s exclusively made for Mac, so if you’re looking for a Windows port, you’re better off with Windows Live Writer / Ecto / etc etc.

Marsedit Screenshot

So here’s how it looks like at work. Actually I’m at home when I did this, but it’s just to show how Marsedit’s interface and working area really looks like.

Really, there’s only this HTML panel (bottom right), where you type your stuffs and as you type, it previews (bottom left area) real time, and I really like it — if only its because I’ve always prefered the ‘organic’ coding interface kind.

It is functional, clean, sleek, uncluttered and straight to the point, the no nonsense kind.

It’s the 90s, BBedit and PowerComputing revisited all over again. Nostalgic, at least for me.

Although I’m not too sure if it might appeal to a blogger who cannot differentiate between HTML and CSS, but for anyone with basic grasps of these languages, I think Marsedit will be a pleasant break from having to go online to make a post.

Example, if 31 days from now and your whole HDB area is caught on fire and there’s not a single working modem left, just what are you going to do!?

Well, you’ll be thankful that Marsedit is around, cos you don’t need to go online to write a post, provided you’ve purchased the application after its 30 days trial period.

Actually one could easily write within any text-editor and then copy/paste later on, but hey, Marsedit has real-time preview pane, and cool looking buttons which your word processor hasn’t!

Then again, your word processor is free.

But if you had the $$$ and looking for a Mac OS X desktop blogging client, I’d personally recommend Marsedit.

I’m loving it already.

Where Have I Been???

I’m quite shocked myself.

I simply haven’t been blogging much here these days.

That I kept coming into this blog’s dashboard, clicking new post, and then finding myself typing a few words (if only to ward off that imminent writer’s block) and finally succumbing to writer’s block.

It’s so hard to really write… stuffs, like coming out with a scam analysis (Zynga_Admin Scam / Bidpax Scam),  movie reviews (‘Probably the longest Avatar review ever‘ comes to mind) and the randoms that pop up every once in a while.

I’ve always been telling myself that to succeed in anything, one has to specialise and really focus onto that particular thing that one is hanging onto, and taking glimpse at this blog, I knew the time had come.

No, I’m not deleting it! Pfft, no where near that, but I’ve just managed to add a few more projects into the mix.

Precisely speaking though, I’m specialising my blogs! *Cue commotion (if any) and random blinks*

Have you seen Temasek Musings? Of course not. It’s not even around last weekend, but it is now. ; )

This is where I’ll probably have a blast in blogging about things that concerns and relates to being a Singaporean. Go ahead, give Temasek Musings a visit and add some pratasss into your life. *Okay so that pratasss was supposed to mimic ‘pizazzzzzz’. You know, a little bit of local flavour lah!*

And then there’s Googooboyy Sees Seethes, which is essentially blogging up my rants.

I know that I’ve a ‘Rants’ category here, but Googooboyy Seethes caters largely to the rants that’s for the sake of ranting for no reason, while over here, I’ll prabably cater to the rants that’s largely for the sake of ranting for at least one reason.

For example, a topic like ‘Jack Neo’s Affairs’ would probably go into a Temasek Musings’ post as ‘Why does a Chee Ko Pek’s actions deserves to be defended by our minister? Aren’t the ones suffering here the hormonally-charged girls who slept with married men?’.

And if really such a topic was to appear in Googooboyy’s Seethe’s post, it’ll probably appear with the title ‘Why not me?? What’s wrong with you girls? That guy’s <insert noun here> used for 50 years liao!

See my point? That topic like that simply has no place in this blog here, but my ‘specialised’ blogs might just cater to it nicely.

So back to the question of where have I been?

Temasek Musings and Googooboyy Seethes.

And no, I’ve not forgotten this lovely place here.

Cya around~

Coffee Cup Softwares — Special Coupon, Expiring Fast!

I’ve used their softwares ever since, I’ve started using softwares and they’ve grown quite big these days, thanks to their highly approachable and receptive towards criticisms attitude when it comes to developing software and providing valuable support.

Excellent UI, easy to grasp learning curve, direct and clear application purposes, and light and effective softwares have become their strong point, but nothing is stronger than the support that the community of Coffee Cup software users have for each other.

Okay, enough of ‘carrying’ them already right?

So thanks to their latest award, they’re celebrating with a once-in-a-blue moon 25% off ANY, yes that’s ANYTHING that you are ordering, or purchasing — but it’ll only last till 14th of the month.

Hurry, whilst coupon lasts!


Oh, yes indeed.

This is so tempting: Free Macbook for surfing the internet.

This is so tempting: Free Macbook for surfing the internet.

I know, I shouldn’t even be thinking about it — heck I’ve netbooks and notebooks all over the place, but one more won’t hurt huh?

Singnet Free Macbook

It’s been a long while since Singnet came up with an offer that’s tied to their broadband contracts and after waiting for so long, there’s finally one in conjunction with the IT show.

Oh yes, the IT show, at Suntec. That once every quarter event where the probability of getting yourselves stuck in a jam along every expressway that leads towards the event venue a reality. So much for an expressway huh~

And let’s not mention about parking, where parking costs for a few hours in town can easily feed a simple meal for a simple family or two — and in my case, it could probably feed me for a few a whole day. *Cars are just too expensive here. I’d rather vote for horse-rides if there were such a thing.*

So is this really an irresistible offer or an implicating offer? Implicating in a sense that you’re going to be paying much more per month, than you would if you had originally opted for a usual no-frills contract.

And then there’s that “Only valid for 11th and 12th March 2010” clause which makes it seems like the opportunity will most likely be lost forever, if I don’t act fast, and it’s one of my pet peeves when I sense that something is being acted upon slowly.

This is so tempting. On one hand, my contract with Singnet has ended since months ago (thus my seeking of an offer like this) but on the other hand, I’m currently on a damage control mode, where I’m trying to cut as much expenses as I possibly can. And here is a case where I can either reduce my subscription by half, or increase it twofolds — but receive another Macbook for all the troubles it’ll bring and get a 15mb per second surfing speed.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ummmmmmmmmmm…

Nah, guess I’ll just pass. Don’t really need that Macbook anyway, but I do need to cut my burgeoning expenses, as fast as possible, or I’ll risk being 40 years old and single at the same time — meaning, not enough money to save for marriage lah~~~

Wait a minute, but being 40 and single can be a fun thing too, especially when you’re surrounded by Macbooks, Movie (Avatar) memorabilias and a one or two kitties.

On second thoughts, nahhh, that’s just miserable — but the kitties would be good company though.

The Hurt Locker

I had to find my own hurt locker, you know the one where you go to at the end of the day, and slam open or shut the door on its hinge as you let go of that pent up frust from the day’s events?

And inside you’ll find cut up photographs of your ex-girlfriends, or boyfriends (whatever your sexual orientation may be), or your crushes and admirers, along with piles of school textbooks of which you spent your holiday’s pocket money with but never bothered to put them in your bag, because they’re too bulky to be carried around.

Then on somedays that locker becomes your best friend as you know that it’s the one place where you can go to and confide with, without it ever telling you off or analysing how silly your decisions probably were. Heck it probably won’t even say anything, it merely listens, and we all need a listening ear sometimes.

Well I couldn’t find my hurt locker.

Where is my confidant? My late mum was the closest to one that I’ve ever had, and I suppose the next best thing to come along would be, wait for it…  you! Yes, you, Mr and Ms Internet, whoever you are and may be.

Like a hurt locker, you’re anonymous, you’re a noun, and you listen (hopefully~) and I do recognise familiar voices, where at times you leave me with crumbs and leftovers for me to munch on whenever you comment here. So thank you, for that voice. I guess everyone needs that little voice to give them a nudge sometimes. Nobody wants to be alone right?

However most of the time it’s been a solitary journey, yet strangely comforting and arguably it’s one that keeps the engine running and one that keeps the meter running.

I guess that’s my answer should anyone ask me, ‘Do you still blog, and why?’.

Or maybe my answer could be, “I’m hoping that it’ll lead me to my hurt locker, where memories are stored and shared. I hope it gets vandalised with little words or big words, as long as it gets vandalised, where it’s sort of an indication of an entity’s existence. I wish it’s big enough to fit my needs yet inconspicuous to be ‘off the radar’. Most imprtantly, my hurt locker’s not just gonna be about the hurt, but the joys, the tribulations and the jubilations of days passed by.”

I could probably call it ‘The Locker Of life’, or ‘The Scribe Locker’, but I guess ‘The Hurt Locker’ sounds dramatic and catchy. Eh, wait a sec, didn’t a movie with the same name won Best Picture as well? I suppose the locker belonging to the main character of that movie’s can be likened to a blog online eh?

Anyway congrats to “The Hurt Locker’s” team and their victories. Though I still think there was a movie that was much more deserving to have walked away with more recognition than the jibes and snubs that it received. Avatar deserves it’s award, but that’s how hollywood goes, and fans of Pandora will just have to bite the bullet.

Gee, where’s that hurt locker when you need one eh?