The Fortune Teller: He Couldn’t See It Coming.

A certain Jeet Singh walked into the office at what would have seemed to be the right time, as the colleagues are all away in Ipoh for a wedding.

I was serving another customer but this ragged man,  with overgrown grey beard and curly grey hair patiently waited for me, before he showed me his extended namecard, which was the size of a regular wallet and it was actually a laminated piece of paper.

He wore a smart looking, pressed shirt and light grey pants, and sort of walked and talked funny.

He mentioned that he was from Bombay and said that he’s a fortune teller, when I asked if he was looking for anything to print.

Naturally, like anyone who’s trying to watch the Avatar movie in the office (when customers are gone) would have, I would have chased politely ushered him to the nearest MRT station but something he said made me ponder.

“You have good face. Lucky face.You work good, you like. But your heart not here.” — I had to take a second, third and fourth look at this fella.

The words he used were cliche, and were like copywriting 101, where any good copywriter will use them weapons against you.

It’s that effective, so I listened further to this fella.

Okay firstly, I believe in luck, but fortune telling, to me, is more entertainment/gimmick than a blueprint to live your life.

But it’s boring in the office, and this was something different anyway.

So we took a seat, and he started to do his thing, like writing stuffs on a piece of paper, which we later tore up, and him writing the usual stuffs here and there.

I would not be so freaked out if not for something that occured at the end of his ‘show’, but in the beginning everything flowed naturally.

For starters, he told me to write a few things on a small piece of paper and he wrote something on another smaller piece of paper.

At this point, we didn’t see what both of us were writing, after which we folded our papers, twice, and exchanged them, where he beckoned me to keep his folded paper in my pocket, while he shredded my piece of paper right in front of me.

It was now in really small unrecognisable pieces, and before I could check if it was really mine (in full suspicions of how these gimmicks usually use proxy for maximum effects) he passed it back to me and told me to put to one side.

So we went back and forth and gradually he revealed bits and pieces of my information, that were written on my small piece of paper, like my date of birth, a girl’s name (heh), and some other numbers, and it wouldn’t have bothered me if not for the fact that everything he mentioned was the stuffs that I wrote on the piece of paper.

Lucky? Maybe, but definitely sneaky. (Did I mention that when I passed him my folded piece of paper he tore it up instantly?)

Just wow. Freaky Saturday afternoon indeed, and up to this point, I was already entertained and even if I wasn’t an advocate of fortune telling, his predictions were catching up on me.

The crescendo of his performance has yet to come. He saved the best for last.

Remember at the start the piece of paper that he wrote, and then passed to me, which I kept in my pocket?

Okay, towards the end of the ‘show’, he told me to pick 4 numbers from one to nine, and pick a colour.

So I RANDOMLY plucked the numbers and the colour and he asked me if these numbers had any relation to anything, but I insisted that they were totally random.

I thought I’d just given this guy a hard time, and he finally couldn’t ‘decode’ my mind, but I was wrong.

Yep, if you can’t guess by now, those very numbers, that very colour which I RANDOMLY picked off my mind towards the end (after a good 10 mins or so), was actually written in his piece of paper at the very start, and all the way they were in my pocket!!!


Talk about freakyness! No better way to be entertained on a Saturday afternoon than having a Bombay fortune teller predict your fortune eh?

Anyway, even if I didn’t believe in mind-reading predictions, at least his last few words felt consolatory, as he recapped on the stuffs that we went through.

“Remember 20 April, Your love Good. Jan 2010. You lucky.You live long. 79 years. Good life. You die natural. You die at home. Good life. Rich life, but not money rich. Bad luck go. Good luck come.”

Then he gave me a tiny yellowy-amber stone and said,¬† “Your lucky stone.”

He then wrote 50 / 70 / 90 and asked me to pick one. When I picked one he told me that I can pay him that amount.

What a sly fella. Good entertainment but asking for $50 as the least amount to pay for something that was never even agreed upon the start.

I had only $27 with me then, and he’s asking for $50?

Then I gave him $20 and a keychain, and he left.

Funny, he couldn’t see that coming eh?

  • Jurgen Ong

    shyt… i swear to god now at this time and date 2010 jan 24th… around 3pm++… i was encounter by the guy u mention at the lan shop i working at balestier, he also shown me the namecard… he came and said… “you have good looking, shiny face, very lucky, you like your job” and i said thank you… but after that i told him i dunt need a FT… he said another thing that pause me from asking him out… “you are single child and you never have a successful realtionship… but you going i can tell you your future girlfriend name that coming your way…”

    seriously that is freaking me out… as i know i need to pay for FT, i asked for the price… he look at mine eye and said… “i will take what your wallet have… and that is 10dollar”

    OMG?? He can even tell how much my wallet have… but i think bk i dunt have spare cash for dinner so i stilled rejected him… hope he can come by again and i wish my future can be know sooner…

    – Jurgen Ong –

    • googooboyy

      Jurgen! That's freaky. Was he carrying this small, black sling bag and looked ragged yet casual smart at the same time? Blimey, what a fortune teller he is.

      Hmm, my guess is that you were sort of alone when he approached you. You could have bargained for $5, and still have dinner, and let him tell half of your fortune. ; )

      • Jurgen Ong

        he did carry a bag like you mention but i was not alone… as usual at the lan shop at 3pm already half filled with customer… strange he only approach me and not the others… seriously it reali freaking me out today… my face is pale for 2 hrs or so till i realize i am hungry haha… did i mention 1 more freaking thing….??

        i was wondering and curious… sort of want to check internet for this guy info… and strange thing was… out of million of pages… your web link from yahoo is the 1st i click and happen to found the answer i want… of what you encounter as well because that what he gonna test on me…..

        lucky? fate? coincidence?….

        • googooboyy

          Concidentally and luckily it's fated? Btw, what did you search for to arrive here? (you're welcomed anyways)

          Lets hope he reads this page and then go find you again! Gd luck, um, yah.

  • ardi

    hey there…
    met the same dude today at my office… duxton hill – singh with a laminated name card offering fortune telling…

    He did the same thing with all the writing of numbers and colors and managed to get it all right… plus he also mentioned what's gonna happen to me in months to come….. like plenty of travelling this year and a promotion…
    Oddly enough… HR just offerred me a new post with lots of travelling a few weeks back!

    started searching online if anyone out there have ever been approached and saw this blog! LOL

    just wondering…. does he choose who he wants to approach or do we really have a “lucky face” that he can see? hahahaha – if i m not mistaken he used the same opening line to all of us…. ” u have a very lucky face…….”

    btw… i gave him $23 cos he mentioned some other personal things which were way too accurate and some good advice….


    • googooboyy

      Heya Ardi, I'm not sure how he chooses, but fact is he came and he went, and he's quite cun, or accurate. A little bit freaky, those predictions, but psychologists might tackle this situation from another angle though — and since I'm not one, I must say it's been entertaining.

      Did this Singh fella got lucky or were we the ones that got lucky?

      Anyway, enjoy travelling in the months to come. Cheers.

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  • Khopdi

    So did any of his predictions come true? Just curious as I had a similar experience