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Can’t play WoW/DOTA/CoD:MW2 on Apple iPad or Install Ur Favourite Windoze Apps?

Then go get a Macbook Pro or an Alienware laptop, just quit complaining.

The iPad’s an expensive, toy that excels beyond doubts in whatever it is that it does.

It’s like how Micheal Jordan made basketball look easy, or how Tiger woods made driving at holes into more than just a game.

So for Steve Job’s sake, get this: the iPad’s supposed to be a filler for the void between a handheld mobile device and a netbook, something like kindle’s ebook readers, but as always Apple does it so much better and way cooler.

Go take a look at Kindle’s ebook reader or Sony’s ebook reader.

Then play with the tablets on offer and then give the iPad a quick view.

I’ve seen other tablets, even had the opportunity to fiddle around with them, but something about watching youtube videos of Steve Jobs demo-ing the iPad that tells me that this is going to be a big hit,  not sooner but much later.

That’s right, much much later.

Sure, people may say it’s just a glorified iPod touch/iPhone, but back then when they were first unveiled, similar reactions surfaced.

Today the iPhone and the iTouch seems to be in everyone’s clutches, but propose this scenario 3-4 years back, when the iTouch made its debut and you’ll be called silly and naive.

So yeah, I’ll be silly and naive and state how silly and naive it is to consider that the iPad is going to be a big hit and in almost everyone’s clutches in 2 to 3 years from now.

Anyway, I’d like one. = )

Feeling The Love

There’s something magical about this month, and it’s not just because my birthday falls on it, nor is it because of the PAD/PAE (Post Avatar Depression/Effects).

Okay, maybe it’s mainly due to these two, but I’d say that they occupy about 50% of the mojo that’s causing me to have this ‘feel good’ factor within.

Granted, ever since the last few months, I’m still waking up around 9am-9.30am daily, even if that’s actually supposed to be the time that I reach the office, switch on the comps, clean up the table and then go out for breakfast, which usually comprises of 2 half-boiled eggs (yummy!) and iced milk tea.

Coming in after 10am seems to be my routine these days, and though I’m not proud of it and try to wake earlier and go off earlier, it seems as if I’m stuck in a ‘groundhog moment’, but strangely neither do I feel bad about it, that there’s an air of nonchalance lingering around.

Granted work’s beginning to pile up into late nights, stretching into weekends even, but I’m smiling.

There’s no discussion of bonus nor stipulated no of days leave for the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays, but I’m still all smiles.

There’s a mountain of unpaid bills and fees, and I’m not even going to rush into paying them all off.

No, it’s not that I don’t care, I care, but I’m just not worried, and it’s bugging me that I’m not worried — because the consequence of not feeling any worries, is that one will become a slacker!

The only way to make slacking seems cool is when you’re a cat, where the world is out to serve you and pamper you.

Unfortunately I’m not a cat, so I guess I’m exhibiting slacker material.

AND strangely too, I’m feeling the love around me.

There’s this unexplained ambience of love and concern going around me, which I’ve not seen for a long time, not since… well I can’t remember.

It’s like suddenly you’re getting attention, even when you’re not looking for it nor seeking it, like how I got interviewed by a Wall Street Journal reporter regarding my sick obsession in-depth knowledge of the movie, Avatar.

(Link here: As “Avatar” Sets Box-Office Record, Fans Make Return Trips to Pandora. There’s a certain Mar Larsen *That’s me! Moi! Aku! Gue!* being quoted within the article, and it’s does feel a bit weird to read an article quoting my own words, yet likable!)

And then there were the birthday cakes and treats at work and at home.

Then there were all those well wishes coming in from places you least expected, even my newly fond poker buddies from Facebook’s Zynga poker.

An unexpected and surprise convo with Nura, my super duper long time primary school, where the last time we spoke to each other was… decades ago, I think.

Anyway, it’s just such a joy, to be in this month, and though a freak calf injury prevented me from spending time with dils on my birthday, I think it’s been good times thus far. *Slacking rulez*

So does slacking allows your mind to slow down and actually take notice that others are taking notice of you, unlike how when one is uptight and rushy and one where things tend to blur away quickly?

I suppose I’ve spent 28 years of being on-the-ball, maybe it’s time to slow down a little bit, where even my idol Steven Gerarrd seems to be shifting a gear or two down.

Nah, on second thoughts, I think it’s too early to go fully into ‘Slacker’ mode, so perhaps I’ll treat this month as a bonus month, and come February, well maybe then will my 2010 begin.

Ooh, February… a month for more lovin, right? I think it’s gonna be a month of more slacking resting for me.

Oel Ngati Kameie

28 years and 1 day old, today.

Yes I am, so happy belated birthday to me.

Thank you GodMa and my dear lovely Sisters for all your presents and warm love.

Thank you Dad for reminding me to come home for dinner.

Thank you Boss and colleagues for the yummy coffee cake, and that handmade card.

Thank you my dear friends, old and new, for the phone call, sms and facebook messages.

And most importantly of all, for giving me a way in into this world, for teaching me the meaning of love, and though you couldn’t be with me for the past 8 years, I still miss you and I dearly love you as if it’s only yesterday. So Mum, thank you. Though your time in this world is up, you’ll forever be ticking in my heart.

Oel Ngati Kameie. (I see you.)

The Toilet Paper Slasher

The Toilet Paper Slasher

Never ever leave your toilet paper unguarded when you’re asleep.

The Aftermath

Or this happens.

Especially when you have 2 cats in the room, ‘sleeping’ with you, as evident by this picture above, greeting me in the morning as I woke from slumber.

Definitely not a ‘good morning to you’ kind of scene to wake up to.

I think from now onwards I better have a security camera installed to have a good recollection of what goes on at night in my room, a la Paranormal Activity (the movie) although in this case I’d have to categorise this is ‘A Normal Activity’ instead.

Cats in Denial

Really, it’s no use asking a cat who messed it all up. They’ll simply ignore you.

Worst, they’ll rub their heads against your leg and beg for food instead.

Anyway, why do I have a feeling that my orange feline was the real culprit?

Bad kitty..

The Hangover

The Hangover

It’s definitely an urban comedy classic, that movie about a few guys that went to Vegas, got hungover and where one of them ended up getting married, and waking up to find a living, breathing tiger in their bathroom suite — have you seen it?

It’s becoming the comedy of the year, the decade even, about a misadventure of a lifetime, a time of wrongs that felt right and a period of reconciliation and exoneration among friends.

Not since a long while has a comedy been this hilarious at the turn of each dialogue and scene, but this post isn’t about that movie, instead it’s about my ‘hangover’ after almost a year of project limbos.

For the records, I don’t drink (that’s what they always say right? but seriously, I don’t.. so bite me..) and my hangover isn’t of the drinking kind either.

You see, two of my best friends have, and yet again, embarked on an indefinite hiatus away from this country, where I’m left to contemplate just how on earth am I going to be wasting my time or simply who to hang out with/at, if it’s not on lan-gaming, card-gaming (no, not the gambling kind too — they always say that right?) and late-night binging at 24hr eateries in the West.

Indeed, lan-gaming (playing excellent games like DOTA, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, Call of Duty) have usurped me of much family moments and spending power elsewhere, but I’m not complaining even if I have to continue riding my bike with a ‘half-past 6’ set of sprockets and chains.

But I wasn’t always this hooked, because I was hooked on soccer.

A few years back, soccer got me involved almost more than being just merely a hobby, where I’d get a full game of football (if that’s what the Europeans prefer to call soccer) back to back, on weekends — but there hasn’t been much games lately as my ‘footballing-kaki’s are all either too busy earning money to prepare for a wedding, too unfit to run after going through a wedding, or too hardworking in expanding their genes within the wedding.

For more than a year, Bangau, Han-Solo and yours truly (with a couple of other gamers occasionally) have been hanging out together (.. guiltily, but who’s judging?) and now that we’re moving onto our separate ways (amicably and second coming) in search of greener pastures, could it be said that the times we spent gaming, having fun, binging, karaoke-ing, and just lazing around was a wasted era of our life?

Nah, I don’t think so because we had a lot of fun!

Okay, maybe too much fun but it was time well spent. Though I’m not sure about the economy part of it, there’s no denying that we were a team, a bond of brothers, and in one succinct word, a family.

We became so good in what we did (especially gaming and spouting nonsense) that it’d almost always frustrate us that we lost a game, but the synergy that we had was priceless, just like the jokes and laughters that we shared — they were moments of madness mixed with a barrage of endless nonsensical joy.

I’m resisting typing bromance, but I just did, so perhaps it typified the essence that the 3 of us were fortunate enough to have shares, like a memorable misadventure that becomes the topic of future dinner meetings when we’re with our wives and children, and joking about all the silly and mindless things that we used to do.

Bangau At The Checkpoint

And so the cliche ‘all good things must come to an end’ kicks in and as Bangau gangly passed onto the immigration checkpoint at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station last Thursday.

As for Han-Solo, he’ll be in hiatus overseas while he works, more focusedly now, in his MLM business.

Me? I’m still reeling within a wondrous awe and pondering unbelievably how a year managed to pass us by so quickly and while I try to recover from this ‘hangover’, a message from Bangau creeped in before his train left, last Thursday.

Thanks for everything bro!
The rides, the food, the dota, everything we’ve shared together.
Ur a good friend, more like a bro to me.
Though not elder or younger, maybe twins hehe.
See ya ler!

(and ended with a few choice words about girls which unfortunately did not pass this blog’s censorship requirements)

Well Bangau, you’re welcomed, anytime. Good luck.

Curiousity, Fear, Joy, Sorrow, Respite And A New Beginning.

No, I’m not talking about Bangau‘s adventure since coming back from KL and setting up stall here, but fair to him, he’ll be charting new routes in his life when he returns to KL this Thursday, after we went down to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station — my first ever visit to that place — where he bought his ride home.

So when will he be back? Only time will tell, so here’s to wishing Bangau a fantastic journey ahead and an exonerating endeavour in a new chapter of his book of life.

Curiousity, Fear, Joy, Sorrow, Respite And A New Beginning — my description of the roller coaster ride that Jake Sully subscribed to on Pandora, in the movie Avatar.

Avatar has already swept a few Critics Choice Awards, and with the Golden Globe looming close, there’s more to savour, if you’re a big fan of the movie of course.

Last night, despite the lack of sleep, numerous to-do lists, accumulating chores all piling up for the weekend, I caught the movie, yet again, with Dils, where it wasn’t at all surprising that I found myself battling ‘sea-monsters’ while trying very hard to stay with the movie.

Btw, thanks for the movie treat again Dils!

The crowd on the night was really good and mature, so there really wasn’t any problem in concentrating on the show, but my sleepy eyes just had to spoil it a little bit by hitting me hard during the final battle scene, and everybody knows that the final battle scene IS the part where you don’t want to miss at all.

Thankfully, I woke up in time to watch the ending sequence, one of my favourites, where Neytiri aided Jake in eliminating Quarritch with her arrows, before jumping into the mobile pod and saving Jake with the respiratory unit — there’s got to be an alluring, edgy, firm and sexy woman behind every successful man, right?

As the movie approached its ending sequences, a whisk of sorrow swept over me as I realised that the movie was coming to an end, and how I wished it could have continued further.

As obsessive as watching a movie 7 times at the theatres sounds, I’m sane enough to know that it’s just a make believe world on a silverscreen, and that all these euphoria will probably go away in time and that there are things and tasks which deserves my utmost attention (like paying handphone bills, for example and finishin up my websites proper~).

BUT while I still have the opportunity of visiting Pandora in 3D and before it stops running forever, I’ll grab my opportunity whenever I can, though it kind of saddens me a little bit that I cannot bring the joy of watching this movie with certain friends and family, cos they don’t see it the way that I do.

BUT not everyone has the same taste and beliefs, which is what makes anyone unique right?

Strangely, watching Avatar seems to heal pieces of me, bit by bit, and though I’m not entirely sure what’s eating me up right now, I’m absolutely delighted that the experience of wandering within the lush forests of Pandora and frolicking within the love story of Jake and Neytiri gives me plenty of joys.

Simple joys, which brings a sense of enlightenement and a fleeting moment of escapism from this chaotic, hectic world of mine.

So what happens when Avatar ends its run in the theatres?

Time for a new beginning eh? Or I could simply endure and await Avatar 2.

Anyway, if you felt a little bit of sorrow (no, not depression!) after watching Avatar, then maybe reading this thread from will make you a little bit warm and fuzzy inside.

Kittyfied, But I Like.

Kittyfied, But I Like.

What happens when you pair a 13yr old girl, who loves cats and an acer Netbook (whose owner seldom comes home ‘cos he’s too busy dota-ing working..) with a perfectly clean keyboard?



Keyboards never looked so colourful before eh, thanks to my sis, and I got a pleasant shock which subsided into an amusement, when it first came into my view.

It was so colourful, it made Avatar’s lush flora and fauna pale in comparison.

But I like the stickers of the cats, they’re quite amusing actually, helped also by my mesmerisations with the kitty-like facial and body features of avatar’s blue smurfs Na’vi people.

I’m not sure if she got the creative bug from me, or it was her natural instincts because ever since she was small, she’d be doodling and sketching already.

Occasionally I would show her my sketches and teach her bits and pieces of drawing principles whenever I’m home.

Lately, and sadly, I’ve not been home that much these few months, other than crawling onto the bed late in the morning, and home just feels like a hotel, and this is bad!

And I don’t just miss the family but I miss my kitties and the messing around with them too, although I won’t be missing the kittified keyboard anytime soon.

Then last night, where I told myself to get into bed by 10pm to try to catch up on lost sleeping hours, instead I overshot the curfew after picking up my Les Paul guitar and jamming away into the early hours.

I missed jamming so much and I think I gotta make it into a weekly thingy already. As if the turning of my room into a hotel isn’t enough, I’m about to change it into a jamming studio~

I like.

High Fever — It Just Won’t Go Away

I’ve been strucked, badly, by a unique high fever and I feel harrased by it, but all in a good way.

Strangely, my fever is blue, with dark strips, with a bright yellow, gleaming gaze, and bioluminescence all around.

I wish to not get cured from it, for I yearn to feel the sorrow, the tragic and the respite of it all over again, and again, and again.

Why should I get medicine or a cure anyway?

Actually, I like it as it reminds me how lucky I am or some of us are, and that nothing should be taken for granted.

At times like these you think of the higher powers and the environment around you.

At times like these you wonder if others who went through the same thing would have felt the same as you.

At times like these you remind yourself to keep working hard and to never give up, and if you never give up, you’ll never lose.

That’s right, no matter what comes at you, it’s all mere obstacles which you can easily ward off, and with a little help, you’ll even win in the end.

I’m having the Avatar fever.

And I’m glad I’m not alone, as I’ve found a niche community of fans who’ve ‘felt’ an overpowering sense of change within them after watching the movie.

Indeed, to some it’s just a movie, or a story with blue monkeys, but for us it’s more than that.

It’s harrowing to have to detach our subconcious mind from Pandora as soon as Leona Lewis belts belts the end song.

I know that all good things will imminently come to an end.

I’ll just bask in the joy and escapism that it provides, while it lasts, like falling in love, over and over again, except now it’s a fever, Avatar fever.

When was the last time you fell in love?

January 26

January 26

This date is not just my birthday, but also the probable launch of Apple’s much rumoured tablet PC, wait, does apple conforms as a PC these days, especially with its Intel chip?

Nevermind that, and anyway, PCWorld buzzes that on January 26 I will receive hoards of gifts, like a beaver stuff toy, from my legion of fans, which is about 3 people at most the iSlate will be born into this world.

Now I am no Apple fanboy (yeah, all fanboys keep denying they’re not right? But really, I’m not. So…) but I am thrilled at the various images of the iSlate, the name that tech industry insiders (people who are inside the tech industry) have bestowed to the mythical tablet.

iSlate v1

iSlate V2

iSlate v3

iSlate v4

iSlate v5
Coolest and slickest!

And of course, what would the world be without my vision (Probably the same)?

My version…


Beaver not included.