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Beach Ball 1 – Liverpool 0

Beach Ball 1 – Liverpool 0

Bent for 1 zero

If you still hadn’t know, Liverpool’s title hopes were deflated, much like the beach ball that assisted Darren Bent’s eigth league goal did, when the Black Cats conjured a solid home display by scoring the only goal of the game within 5 minutes.

Very disappointing and for once Benitez conceded defeat, no beating about the bush or running around an arguements in circles, but just the admission that his team wasn’t good enough.

For the first time in EPL’s history, an assist may well be attributed to a beach ball indeed.

Anyway, it’s an irritating statistic of Liverpool that they continuously fail to overcome the lower status teams in the league, and once again the statistics adds up here.

Another irritating thing I’ve deduced is of my blog’s auto-starting music — like it’s supposed to only play when someone clicks play and not automatically!

One thing for sure, this is easily fixed with just a couple lines of code, but as for Red’s plight, it might need a couple of zeroes at the end of a chequebook, but that’s not coming anytime soon eh?

Sunderland VS Liverpool

Not since 2002 has Liverpool shed any points off any games against Sunderland, and it’s been like a donation drive trip for EPL points whenever they visit the Stadium of Light, so despite Torres and Gerrard’s crucial ‘MIA’ tonight, there’s ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ — unless Lucas starts in the middle again and screws up horribly, again.

And news of Zenden’s arrival at the Stadium of Light hadn’t quashed any fears that Liverpool will be dropping points against a team that’s been on a resurgent run under Steve Bruce’s tutelage. Couple that with the thought that EPL’s top English goal scoring machine of the moment, Darren Bent, will be roaming around in a leaky defence, and one of the top assisting Englishman, Andy Reid, it doesn’t bode well for Liverpool.

So let’s see with Torres and Gerrard out, and with an eye on the Champion’s League game coming up next, just who will Benitez start the game with?

Babel partnering Ngog upfront? Or is it the experienced pair of Kuyt and Benayoun? Or will he gamble with Voronin and.. okay, just Voronin? How scary are these line-up?

Then let’s consider the midfield pairing. Lucas and Mascherano? Hmm, two young South Americans who just flew halfway around the world for integral world cup qualifying games recently. Benayoun and Plessis? Jay Spearing and… holy cow, there’s no more available midfielders in Liverpool!? Aquilani’s still out injured so it’s miserable times these days. Not entirely intimidating ‘engine room’ which no doubt will be eaten alive by Lyon and Manchester, should it remain the same in games to come.

As for defence, I won’t even go in too much, cos there’s not much really.

I wonder if the Arabs will buy the club as is rumoured and perhaps inject the much needed cash to transform the ailing club’s fortunes, but if they were astute businessman, shouldn’t they be looking at the club’s asset and wonder if it’ll even make a good investment? I mean, just look at the players’ line-up!

So sad, but I’ll have to concede that Liverpool’s current available squad looks just as good as Sunderland’s reserve team. What a comparison right?

Anyways, as for tonight’s result, I’m still confident that Liverpool will wing it their way and fly off with all 3 points, simply because the Sunderland boys will be giving way too much respect to the team from Anfield, and play even more defensive, despite Rafa deploying a defensive tactic — as I think Liverpool’s history and reputation carries enough weight to affect Bruce’s decisions.

So 1 goals to nothing, in Liverpool’s favour tonight. Heh.

Primary 5 Student Commits Suicide.

Overhead at, my niggling question of how can a P5 student even attempt suicide? Whether this story is true or not, it’s chilling to the bone.

How can right? How can? Really, how can?

Like, how does an 11year old even thinks about suicide at such a young tender age? TS (thread starter) hasn’t post any source yet, apart from saying that it’s from a Facebook account of a teacher who expresses her/his dismay at his/her student’s demise, but just the thought of it makes me sick.

So much life to live and so much joy to experience yet the student i’s depressed enough to end a life.

Could it be stress? Could it be abuse? Actually it could be many things, but for sure there’s one thing that is lacking that’s a catalyst to the situation, that is family support.

A family is a pillar of strength, a foundation of one’s life, especially a young thing’s fragile life. Why would anyone miss out on life, miss out on the love that a family is able to provide, unless it isn’t there in the first place.

And if a family isn’t there, friends are the next best thing. Make loads of friends and make not enemies. Sure there’ll be those that are bound to dislike you, or hate you even, but by surrounding yourself with the positives (friends, family) you naturally create a pillow to fall back on and naturally your mindset will not be plagued into a paranoia of hatred or revenge or whatever sinister things there is, that could possibly amount to suicide.

I grief for the student’s condition, if really such an event took place.

Hais — one less joy to share with in this world.

It Rained On The Way To Work On Saturday, But All Is Good!

It Rained On The Way To Work On Saturday, But All Is Good!

This is probably the longest thread title that I’ve ever given to a blog post, because I couldn’t think of a way to summarise it.

I used to be good at summarising, my former Engglish Teacher would attest to that when I tried to pass off 68words as 70 words. It didn’t work of course and the teacher made me resummarise, but that’s an entirely different story. Btw, my version of good at summarising means to kick out stuffs which I deemed irrelevant to a gist. Sometimes I don’t even have enough words to end with.

Today however is one of those days where I can’t crack my brain enough to summarise. I’m thick skulled huh?

Anyway, so what if it rained? It rains every other day, but what made it special when it rained last Saturday while I was on the way to work is that I wore my ‘Baju Melayu’ to ride. So that I didn’t have to go back home after work and instead join my frens immediately with the outing.

But hey, gotta be optimistic and live life rite? This picture sums it all, taken by my colleague after I settled down in the office:

Mar in Grey

Why so grey Mar? Are you at your work place? Is that a brand new Baju Raya? But you’re not wet? Didn’t you say it rained?

Okay, okay, but what’s wrong with the colour grey? I love it. Anyway, it’s not really that grey but more towards silvery grey. That Songkok I’m wearing on my head, well I got it last minute at 4am, when I went down with family at Geylang for last minute bargains, which turned out to be a mass royal rumble instead.

It’s like there are Aunties and Uncles, Mats and Minahs, Kids and more kids everywhere, all jostling and cramming to inch forward and deny any oncoming traffic any space. If there was a ring and a mat, I’d smackdown some of these people la (not that I can anyways~). So some vendors look as if they’ve decided to no longer commit to this royal rumble anymore with their weary expressions, while some were simply out of words and still holding onto their loud-hailers, and that was where I decided to capitalise on, by targeting the weary vendors who lacked the energy to upsell their stuffs and instead give in to my cheapness. Gee, I’m cheap. *wink*

Still this Baju Raya isn’t brand new, it’s just that it’s been years since I wore it. I think I bought it in 2003 or was it 2004? Can’t remember but I’ve kept it so long in the closet that when I took it out that Saturday, it didn’t need any ironing, as everything was crisp and straight! I think I should just keep my Baju Rayas in this manner from now on.

So thanks to my full set raincoat, I plundered through the rain, settled down in the office, took some pictures and prepared myself for the outing. I thought that everything would go on smoothly and join the D’junkies after work. And then I realised that I left my handphone at home.

Irfan Drives Shockingly

Yep, that’s how I felt too.

(This pic taken at the end of the outing, after Irfan couldn’t bear to part ways. He wore the mask to hide away the tears, I presume.)

‘Teh-O Cut-Thigh’ — When D’junkies Gather.

‘Teh-O Cut-Thigh’ — When D’junkies Gather.

Where else will an absurd idea of getting your thighs cut when ordering tea crop up, if not when I’m around the D’junkies Steamers? Wait, D’junkies Steamers who?

Back in my NYP days, there’s this group of us who used to stay back after class or come early before class and we’ll just simply chit chat or discuss about ongoing projects. These days, even after our graduation and separate lives, we do gather once in a while for a project or two. Here’s one of the pictures we took after a particular project:

Long Faced

Aaaaaaaah! Project name: Raya outing 2009! Wait a minute, who’s that pulling the long face? Didn’t get any green packets eh? Haha.


Firman's Abode

Ahhhhhh! Here’s a better group picture, taken at Firman’s abode at Tampines. We actually received a treat from his younger brother, who showed us a few magic tricks, which stupedfied most of us, but not Mar and Bangau. His magic tricks were good, and effective but it’s something that I’ve seen countless times, no thanks to Farid who shows me how it’s all being done, but they were good entertainment nevertheless. At least this was something different than the usual Hari Raya house visits.

And this time they managed to give my house a visit, with my sis playing waitress.

My Humble Abode

And she played cameragirl too with this shot, one of many where as usual we acted candid, but Bangau chose to play serious and pose serious instead. ‘Tangkap Hensem’ in front of my sis. Hehehe.

Hari Raya 2009 with D’Junkies, as always, loads of fun and joy. Cheers~!

Aloha CyberCafe

Oh, and of course, no good day is complete without a visit to the cybercafe~ So much for the ‘curfew’~

An Attempt At Keeping True To One’s Goal Settings.

I admit, I’ve been a failure almost every day when I fail to keep up to my goal settings, yes I do set goal settings, but for me it’s more of a sketch-up of an impromptu to do lists. Wait a minute, maybe you’re asking why does one sets goals every day? Isn’t that particular thing called a to-do lists? I know I know I know that I probably shouldn’t mix to-do lists and goal settings, cos they span over an entirely different time frame, but like I said, it’s an impromptu to-do lists that I prefer to refer as goal settings.

Arrrghhh! I think the teacher-ish-cum-speak-good-ish nature in me just refused to accept my arguement over calling goal settings as a to-do lists equivalent!

Ok, ok, ok, ok let’s call it a to-do lists then, if only to satisfy my sudden conscience that I’m promoting the wrong message of goal settings. Anyway for the records, one of my goals is to create more jobs. Sounds simple yet scarily… big doesn’t it? Enough about goals for now then..

So back to my failure in completing my to-do lists, or TDL for short. What? So now I’m allowaing myself to coin the term tdl to ease my burden of typing extra characters eh? Pfft..

Um, do you have your own TDLs? If yes, good, I pat you on your back. If no, why not? TDLs help to prioritise your priorities! Easier said than done right? I know, I know, I know ‘cos I’m a victim of procrastination too. It’s been a virus that’s plagued me ever since I joined Nanyang Poly, and no, studying in NYP does not in any way causes a person to procrastinate often. It’s just me, and for the records, NYP is a great school to study at!

That’s why I took 4 years instead of the slated 3 years to complete my diploma. I just had to extend my stay there, right Bangau? Yes Bangau knows the inside story, but only because he spent an extra year with me as well! Good times indeed.

BUT the moral of the story here is that procrastination is bad! Real bad! My point in coming up with this post is perhaps I will be reminded in keeping true to my TDLs and perhaps allot a few hours daily to complete some, if not all.

I’ve done lots of thinking lately, which probably isn’t that much ‘cos I’m not much of a thinker really, but it still qualifies as thinking because it made me focus long and hard on my tasks at hand and what my future could possibly evolve into. I thought that, since I’m often procrastinating my TDLs because of certain events, perhaps I could work out something and compromise some things?

I know that I’m good at coming up with a solution, especially something that amounts to compromising, cos I compromise a lot. Sometimes you win when you compromise. It may be a temporary solution, but it’s a current solution nevertheless.

I think that this time around, instead of throwing my time away till the wee hours every day, I would set aside a certain ‘curfew’ myself so that I am forced to work at my TDLs. Perhaps I would cut myself off from.. this particular foe of mine.. at a certain time in the night so that my TDLs come to the fore.

Yes. I. Can. Do. It.

This is going to be an attempt at keeping true to one’s TDLs and setting the sight set on my goals. At 11pm daily, I will stop you, foe. Then it’s hello TDLs.

Ahhh, sounds so convincing right? But I’m going to need lots, no, humoungously huge amount of dedication to make it happen, because I’m fighting against a formidable opponent here. This foe has gotten me smitten ever since I knew of it, and only because it has left me needing to perfect it’s art and study the science of it, and the fact that it’s an ever evolving foe amplifies it’s destructive abilities.

Tonight I’ll be facing it’s music. Tonight is time to let my foe know that TDLs are priorities.

When the clock strikes 11pm… Goodbye.. D… O.. T.. A!

53,000 Years Later And Liverpool Still Chasing Their 19th Title.

53,000 Years Later And Liverpool Still Chasing Their 19th Title.

And I’ve just made my million dollars. But this post isn’t about me, it’s about the unfathomable and almost always blameless Rafa Benitez.

Rafa Benitez

Someone at work pointed out to me that there are great managers and then there are managers that blame others, and Rafa is one of those that finger points often. According to this guy, everytime Liverpool suffers a setback, he refuses to take the blame of perhaps using the wrong tactics or personnel, but rather choose to deflect the attention towards a pair of squabbling owners who don’t give him enough spare change to play with.

And that is exactly what Rafa has been doing eh? I don’t know. My guy at work points me to example like how Rafa wastefully and excessively purchase unproven youngsters, most prominently players like Lucas and Babel who’ve been warming the seats for too many games and staying cold on the pitch for just as many games.

And then he also points at how Rafa approaches a game and comments on the predominantly defensive tactics of the Liverpool manager, and the cautious approach that he brings to the team, which in turns leads to an over-reliance over burnt-out players like Torres and Gerrard.

Of course, naturally being a Reds fan, I oppose and counter his every allegations, but one allegation I failed to counter was why he brought in an injured player for nearly 20million? Alberto Aquilani has yet to even grace the substitute bench, and as excited as I am in watching what he brings to the team, I’m quite sceptic as to his abilities as well.

First off, he’s Italian, and Italians are never known for their creativity nor flair. They’re naturally good at headers or getting a headbuttm especially from certain Frenchmen.

Second off, he’s young. 22years of football experience, unproven at the world stage and Rafa gambles on this prodigy as a replacement for Alonso.

Thirdly, why didn’t he spend that amount on David Silva or David Villa!?!?!?

These are probably reasons as to why that guy at work thinks Rafa is a douchebag, which is against my sentiments, but he does carry some vital points in his arguements.

So this season’s Championship may appear to be slowly and painfully escaping Liverpool’s grasps, but I hope I don’t have to wait 53,000 years to see Liverpool lift their 19th Championship title, ‘cos I’m still willing to wait till next year.

Heh, the ever so typical Liverpudlian eh? Full of patience… and loads of loyalty!

On my way to financial freedom…

On my way to financial freedom…

.. but still a looooong way to go lar!

Email Cash Pro

Okay lah, not quite there — not even remotely close to financial freedom but this is definitely something right? That $0.5696 SGD is mine! All mine! My precious! Lol.

I know it’s a meagre and measly amount but that’s because I’ve yet to invite more people to join my team and start earning bigger amounts!

Someone I knew, whom I invited earlier, asked if this is even for real, as in can one even earn money from reading emails? Wait, can I answer that question directly? So, yes. Yes, one CAN earn money just by reading emails, and I’ve earned $0.5696 SGD!!!

Jokes aside, and I’m sure it’s quite a joke to be earning that amount, but does anyone see the bigger picture here?

I mean, like hello? Does anyone else see the power of leveraging and replication here? Honestly, to even shun such an opportunity can be likened to a Malay saying ‘Reski jangan dibuang, musuh jangan dicari’, which translates loosely to ‘Don’t throw away opportunities, and go looking for enemies’.

How hard can it be to open your email in the morning, and read it? Okay, let me rephrase this: how difficult can it be to open your email, click on a link (which will open a new webpage) and then leave it by itself for 30 seconds, cos that’s the timing required for you to earn your 1 credit. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO READ IT! Get my drift here? Simply open, click, go elsewhere, and after 30s, close window.

Now how many times can you replicate this daily? Now how many friends can you leverage this upon?

Okay, okay, maybe some of us are quite well to do so we don’t do all these ‘trivial’ and ‘small’ things, but to say such things is merely to throw away the power of leveraging and shun this FREE opportunity.

Okay lah, maybe not free, cos you’re trading 30s of your time anyway, but that’s as much as it goes.

Ahaha, so if this statistics is anything to go by, I’ll be earning my Million dollar in… about 53,000 years later!

3 Months To Decide. Hmmm..

It was as if he knew what was going on inside my head, when all of a sudden he gave me a congratulatory/reassuring hug and at the same time stressing how important I am to the company. Knowing J as he is, I know that he’s the ‘commando’ worker who will do anything to get things done. I don’t doubt his sincerity, but at the same time this showcase is barely scratching the surface.

Lately I’ve been, as put by Bangau, jaded at work. Wll I guess it’s true. It has become… work these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love to work but there’s a different air about it for the past months and it’s an air that I’ve struggled to get away from, especially from my earlier company. When this new company started out, it wasn’t work.. it was… a labour of love. Indeed it’s true that people change intentions when it comes to ka-ching-ching!

Yes, the company we began is now very profitable and, may I say it, successful too. For almost a year I’ve taken a backseat, letting the chief boss and J run things around. 2 years ago, J barely had the confidence to meet a client and now I guess it’s the other way round. He’s improved tremendously and I think big boss notices it and even though I don’t get any credit for it, I’m happy for J. He does thank me in private for everything that I’ve taught him, and he realises how vital my presence is, but unfortunately big boss doesn’t see the backend work and regular inputs that I’ve done, and am still doing.

Granted big boss spends most of the time liaising with our clients and tending to production, and not knowing anything about computer stuffs or sales and customer support, which I silently spearhead, his judgement is prone to be biased. When the 3 of us first started out, there were weight in my opinions but not anymore. I get the feeling that him, being the sole director of the company, wishes it to stay that way – but I’ll still remember the day he roped me into the partnership. Dear Internet, at this time please note how important black and white is. Never underestimate it’s value in business. Like NEVER.

Anyway, I’m not so hard done by the fact that I’m not getting any director fees or any recognisable titles, cos I don’t really care about these much. But what I do care for is if my baby, my labour of love is being directed in a way which, simply put, isn’t going the way as we planned it in it’s infancy and I do not have the means of changing anything. In fact, the frust that builds up within me is a consequence of company directions that got decided by big boss and J, but without me. In fact, J regular consults with me before he discusses with big boss, but that’s as far as how much my involvement in company directions has evolved, or dissolved into.

Imagine you’re a baker and someone asked you to bake a cake, and not just a cake but your very special cake, and the first time you did it, you chose the ingredients together, and then somehow over time, you’re no longer within the ingredients buying/deciding stage. Fluctuations in raw materials cost have caused a lot of purchasing differences. You simply bake, and when that happens, do you still need to stay as a baker? Sure, you’ll know which ingredients work, and might silently change it if the wrong ones are given, but for how long can you work that way? How long?

So why is this a big concern for me? Simply because I cannot bring my design/sales team to cope with the workload that I foresee coming with the manpower/resources that I have at hand. Big boss and J don’t feel the strain that I do because they’re busy with production and support. In fact, the workload’s been super crazy for the past month and yet our reaction time has been really slow.

Which comes back to why did the younger J gave me a hug. You see, a heated debate with an old client’s new art director led to J to give me a hug, mentioning at the same time how important it is that I continue staying here. J understands my situation and when he sees me, probably for the first time ever that I’m ‘breaking’, in that debate with the new art director, he shared with me his thoughts.

Actually both these men are good men. They may not be a computer genius or speak fluent English but they are good hardworking people. I respect them and that’s why I joined the partnership 2 years ago. They’ve not lost my respect still and they’ve not hindered my work processes in any way but its just the niggling management part that’s biting pieces of me away. Like a river grinding away at a meander, something inside me is begging me incessantly.

Fact: I love running a business. I’m hooked on it. Working sucks. Big time.

An oxbow lake is forming. This meandering can’t go on forever. I gave myself 3 months to make a decision.

And that was 1 month ago.