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Shhhh. Wallpaper Cat Is Watching You.

Shhhh. Wallpaper Cat Is Watching You.

Shhhhh! Are you watching porn at work? Ish ish ish. Think noone is watching you.


Wallpaper Cat

If you’ve got my wallpaper cat who is watching your every move here!

I’m not placing any copyrights or signature or whatever it is to protect it, so use it at your own free will.

I guess I’m too free at times,thus I couldn’t resist creating this off another wallpaper downloaded from the net.

This is how the original looked like:


I can’t remember where I downloaded this free wallpaper from, but thanks to the creator, it got me some photoshop juice going and that’s how the whole wallpaper cat is watching you got started, and if you want the original wallpaper, here it is.

I love cats.

And wallpapers.

How Do You Get Up Early And Stay Up?

For almost the past 2 weeks, I’ve been experiencing trauma of waking up and heading for work.

It became almost a habit that I’d sneak in another 5 more minutes of snooze, which then becomes 10, which then becomes 15, and so on it continues until I realise that it’s already 10am and I’ve not even bath and changed for work!

Did I mention that the office opens OFFICIALLY at 9.30am and I’d be forced to zoom off to work hastily, and it aches most when there’s a traffic jam along AYE, where traffic crawls for no reason at all!

Yes, for no reason at all, drivers are simply driving slowly for no apparent reason. There’s no accident, there’s no vehicle breakdowns and there’s certainly no fallen trees or bridges (touch wood) in the middle of the road, so it puzzles me that EVERYTIME I go past AYE around 10.15am to 10.30am, between Jurong Town Hall exit and Portsdown exit, there is a man made jam.

So I’d reach office sometimes 10.30, latest 11am and though I’m blushing as I enter, noone’s asking me anything or mentions anything. It’s weird, I ought to get a scolding but each time my ‘promptness’ is being overlooked. Though it’s a relief not to have to answer to anything, it feels weird nevertheless, that your colleagues are all there, some from 9am onwards even, and you’re waltzing in at your own sweet time.

Everynight I tell myself to wake up earlier the next day. I even set my alarm to repeat endlessly, but each morning, the tendency to snooze for another 5 mins kicks in, and the whole cycle repeats itself, regretfully.

Indeed, I regret that I’m not able to wake proper and get ready for work proper. I deeply regret that I’ve been reaching office late, but I simply can’t help it! Gahhhh!

I’ve tried multiple alarms, even to bath, change and all ready, only for the 5mins snooze in me to kick in again.

I’ve tried going online, trying to read news to keep me awake, but as I wait for some sites to load, the 5 mins snooze kicks in.

How does one get up early and stay up!??!?

Tomorrow, I’m going to try a new method. I think I’m going to snooze in the living room instead of snoozing at the bedroom. That way, anyone who leaves for work will probably attempt to wake me from my stupor. Ahhh!

That could work… I think.

Automatonophobia — The Fear of Tomatoes.

I don’t hate vegetables per se but I do have a disagreement whenever vegetables aren’t cooked and eaten raw — like would you eat meat raw?

Okay so that was a bad comparison, and though I don’t quite finish my greenies on the dinner plate, I admit that it is good for anyone to finish their greenies. Vegetables are good, so don’t fear them.

Anyway, automatonophobia isn’t fear of tomatoes (or vegetables) — I made that up! (Fear of vegetables is Lachanophobia!)

Automatonophobia is actually a fear of ventriloquist’s dummies, animatronic creatures, wax statues!!

Hah, bet you didn’t know that, but who’d fear ventriloquist’s dummies, especially when they’re in the hands of Jeff Dunham:

Jeff Dunham is like the dummifying version of Russell Peters, and both these dudes are funnier than funny. Certified, guaranteed, doubtless, and confirm to crack you up in laughters anytime!

Check this out for a guide on phobias.

Check THIS out instead if you need a guide to beating your kids, as advised by Russell Peters (Warning: M18 – Mature Humour, click at your own discretion please).

The Aftermath: Liverpool 2 – Manchester United 0

Purposely I delayed coming up with a post, main reason being I wanted to see how long it takes before the elation susbsides, after Liverpool’s shock 2-0 victory over Man U, but was it really any shock when Liverpool won?

I wasn’t shocked, but I was stupefied (woot, is there any difference???), as if Harry Potter had just sneaked into the room, rolled out his wooden wand from under his robes and stunned me with his Stupefy curse.

When Torres flicked his right leg and plundered the ball through Van Der Sar’s goal, my heart skipped, my pulse raced, my mouth gaped and my mind kept flashing the words ‘Is this for real?’ over and over again. It took a long while before I managed to thwart away Potter’s evil spell and then reality sinked in.

And that reality was that there wasn’t going to be a fifth loss, that I wasn’t going to risk not seeing Rafa at the dugout anymore, that no more beach balls was ever going to take away our deserved three points ever again.

Interestingly, due to Reds loss to Sunderland (caused by an inflatable plastic ball) there was more Beach Balls on Anfield, then there’s ever been in the history of East Coast Park (Singapore). In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beach ball at east coast park. It’s usually either the beach-goers throw coconut husks or babies around the waters. J/k about the babies.

Anyway, an even more interesting observation is how the bookies’ rates weren’t really that favourable of a Man U victory. There really was not much of a difference and if it’s anything to judge by, it shows that they are not 100% confident that Man U was going home victorious. So itreally was a game which could tilt either way eh?

Long story short, Liverpool’s ¬†Mascherano and Lucas played the game of their life, and the young Brazilian was even made to look so damn good at the end of the game — this after much heavy criticism from all angles. Had Torres not scored, I suppose Lucas would’ve waltzed away with the man of the match award instead.

His performance was at an all time high indeed, very impressive and passionate but he is still showing a little bit of immature at times, where a simple pass or a quick body check would’ve kept possession, although you cannot deny that his final ball, leading to Ngog’s goal was perfectly weighted and angled. Here’s to hoping that this is the game he comes out of the cocoon.

But to credit the victory to Lucas alone is myopic, to say the least, for the whole team defended really well AS a team. Rarely did Insua and Johnson vacated their flanks in favour of an attacking position. These two ensured that their centrebacks was duely protected, just like Masch and Lucas did.

And with that kind of protection, Carragher, Agger and Reina excelled. Every attack was denied succesfully and promptly.

In the wings, Benayoun and Aurelio complimented the forwards and provided options for the midfielders, by either pulling out wide or extending on their middle forward runs. They interplayed the ball well with the two strikers too.

Kuyt, as ever, ran his heart out and made sure Man U’s defenders didn’t have enough time on the ball to think of their next move, while Torres instilled doubts within Man U’s defence with his clever runs.

So was Liverpool truly deserving of the bragging rights over their arch rivals? You betcha!

Just don’t mention about the Arsenal game in the League Cup. Bah~

FLASH MOB ALERT! Possibly largest dance flash mob in… Orchard Road?

The sequel to the Raffles City flash mob, which I lauded here, a few days back.

There’s lesser number of participants this time around, so I can’t possibly tout it as largest in Asia again.

Anyway, I managed to dig out further info that it was organised by HTC (the phone company? a dance group? a secret society?) but I have no idea if its related to the popular phone company. I secretly wonder if these group is paid to perform these flash mobs.

Catch a smaller group of youths flashing themselves their dance moves at Wisma Atria, and if you’re safe behind the monitor in your bedroom, then try to mimic their routine at the same time, as you may notice that it’s quite similar to their previous stint.

It ought to be good to learn the moves.

In case, they do it again and you feel stupid standing, instead of dancing along.

Shhhh. Wallpaper Cat Is Watching You.

Paranormal Activity, the Movie: So Far So Good.

I can’t remember the last time that I watched a horror movie, because I have a particular dislike against this genre of movies, but ‘Paranormal Activity’ or PA attempts to change all that. Hmmm, what could possibly be so good about it?

People are scared shit -- woooooo

See these people, they are scared s***(something that rhymes with wit and bit and does not smell pleasant at all) and just watching this trailer (youtube) about Paranormal Activity (the movie) has already increased my anticipation towards the extremely low budget movie.

I don’t like horror movies, but this one is definitely an interesting experience.

If grown Ang Mohs can squirm and squeal like that, I think I’ll be bringing along diapers and pacifiers, in case, when the movie opens up here in Singapore on 12th November.

12th November!???!? That’s a long wait indeed, but one that’s surely worth it, if trailers and audience reviews are to judged by — even Bangau is anticipating this horror movie, and it’s unusual for a bird to get excited by a movie, at all!

Originally paid with $500 each, the 2 main characters’ acting adds depth and everything else to it. Since I’ve yet to see the full movie, I don’t know how the director’s handywork is going to be like, but hopefully it’s not another shaky, wobbly Blair Witch moment, like Cloverfield was — ‘cos these movies make me dizzy!

I admit, I get motion sick terribly easily and I’d be the last person you’d want to get on a boat with. In fact, I’m always the last person to get onto any boat and pretty much the first to leave! Bah~

So considering that a $15,000 budgeted movie ranked in tens of millions of dollars, I suppose bringing along one or two vomit bags is justifiable.

12th November. Jot that down.

Shhhh. Wallpaper Cat Is Watching You.

Rarindra Prakarsa: Talented Indonesian Photographer

Another BIG reason why I should never consider myself as a ‘good’ photographer, not until I am able to recapture moods as depicted in these compositions.

Warning: Prepare to lose your speech and be humbled at the same time!

Blue Jetty

The lighting, the mood, the crispness, the colours, the emotions, the richness in depth of field, the amazing quality and dedication that these photos are taken with, it never tire me to keep viewing them over and over again.

Green Forest Path

They are so amazing, that each photograph deserves a solid story of their own, and it seems like IT IS a story on its own.

Men N Animals

Rarindra Prakarsa is an Indonesian photographer which I recently uncovered while going through the tombs in the photograhy section of the forum I frequently read, flashkit’s boards, which then led me to this particular collection of his about Indonesian kids.

Though all the photos seem to scream ‘Photoshop!’, I have to concede that the composition itself is brilliantly majestic by nature — and though I don’t have a clue as to what equipment that he possesses, I can only second guess.

So you think you’re good with that Canon DSLR or Nikkon D70? I’d love to see something.

Shhhh. Wallpaper Cat Is Watching You.

How To Get A First Hand Macbook Pro For SGD $12.97 — But wait, It’s A Bloody Scam!

Wait a minute! Someone already got it! Dang! Oh wait a minute, someone else got scammed! Phew, thank goodness.

Cheap Macbook Pro

Sounds like a good deal that’s too good to be true? Probably is.

This thing is like MLM. Good only if you’re among the first few to join, not too good if it’s saturated.


Based on simple maths, the more people there are on the site, the more bids there will be, the more you’ll have to spend on purchasing more bids and the vicous cycle goes on. But the problem here isn’t about any law of saturation or density tolerance but of a more sinister nature. Read on.

This website, is a bidding/auction website, which isn’t really like your average auction website.

The reason because, the items are all given away so cheap! Oh, yes really!

So how can they give away the items so cheap? Here’s what’s on the FAQ pages of

The concept of a penny auction is quite simple, the item price rises by 1 penny/cent/rupee (or equivalent in your currency) every time a bid is placed. There can only be one winner on our auctions and only the winner pays the final ending price.

We are able to pay for these items and offer amazing deals by charging users to pay for their bids in order to participate on our auctions.

Voila! I bolded their income or profit generating or scam scheme or whatever it is that it goes by.

I came across the webby while browsing Facebook when a harmless ad screamed at me, ‘Get a macbook pro for $10.57 now!’, and not only by being the dormant Apple fanboy that I am, I swear that an Alien took control of my fingers and made me left-click with the mouse hovered above the ad.

Cheap right? But do you know how much they possibly earn?

Let’s say if the data on their site is anything to judge by, bids are increased by 1cents everytime, and guess how much it costs to make that 1 cent bid? Approximately SGD$1.40! So back to that Macbook pro going for$12.57, if there werereally only 2 bidders, they’ve actually spent a total of SGD $1759!!! And how much does a Macbook cost? Heh. Not so cheap after all.

And you can only have a finite amount of bids, of which you can ‘top up’ for more bids.¬†They really could replace the $ sign in $12.57 with a monkey head and it’ll still be the same scam, except you’d know it was a scam of course.

I simply couldn’t believe my sleepy eyes at 3am in the morning, and I thought I was dreaming, then I saw more ongoing auctions which are simply irresistible, and started to whip out my card in an attempt to register, when I realised something amiss.

The payment merchant (the company in charge of handling credit card data and all the billing stuffs) was a red flag to me — I’ve never heard nor seen them before!

So I had to see if there’s any info I can get on the company, and lo and behold, the contact page is rather an endless loop of info without any proper manner of an address, a proper names, anybody’s face nor any company registration!


On further research, the owner of was previously tied to a similar scam thingy like the now defunct, until users complained of items not arriving, thus a change of websites to let bygones be bygones, if you know what I mean.

I wonder how many more websites it’ll change to before more innocent internet users (especially the uninitiated youngsters on facebook) get ensnared in this web of deceit.

And to see it being advertised on facebook’s ad network, it’s scary to think how a thin fine line legit businesses and scams operate these days.

So please, if you know of any friends or family or anyone who’s buying into the program or bidding anything at bidpax, please advise them not to.

Don’t even register, cos you do not know where your personal information is heading into. Dangerous, simply dangerous.

Oh, and please if you see the ad on facebook, don’t hesitate to flag it as offensive/scam.

Note to self: For any future internet venture, it’s good to build trust among your potential customers. Put a face to the business. Build a reputable, reliable brand and work hard, hope strive for the best.

FLASH MOB ALERT! Possibly largest dance flash mob in Asia?

Dear Singapore, this just happened in your backyard and you did not know about it?

Possibly the largest dance flash mob in Asia and you did not get any mention of it?

It’s pretty cool, slick dance moves and the participants were really up for it, smiling and gyrating.

I’m loving the part where the ladies dance to the tune of Wonder Girl’s Nobody — Ooh lala!!!

Still don’t know what I’m talking about: then watch the dance flash mob now!

I feel like dancing already!

Disclaimer: I don’t know who organised, why it was organised or when it was organised. This probably meant I wasn’t even there. Just happened to stumble upon this cool occurance. Enjoy~