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I’m gonna start rawking again!

I’m gonna start rawking again!

New Guitar Wooooooooo

It was very nice of Godma to get me a rawking guitar from KL. It looks almost like a miniature version of my Les Paul Special II and that’s what I digged about it. What’s with my phone ‘tangkap glamour’1 at the side? Well, yah, tangkap glamour lor. Kekeke.

Really nice guitar right? It’s shiny, glossy, curvy, and the strings are strummy too! Look at all the solid knobs and wirings. Impressive! If I were a hardcore rockstar, then this guitar would be my ultimate weapon of choice!

How coincidental that I’m currently planning on a reunion jamming session with Jacen and his buddy. I still recall our previous stint, before Z and Han left the country and the band simultaneously. Now that everybody is back here, it’s about time that I started picking up my guitars again and clear the dust away. While my Les Paul has been well protected in the cabinet at Godma’s place, I couldn’t say the same for my Ibanez at Taman Jurong, which I’ve now known to be non cat-immune.

Ahhh, gotta start a little spring cleaning tonight at Godma’s I guess. I’m gonna start rawking again!!!

1Tangkap Glamour:  A Malay phrase which means to catch the limelight. Usually executed by less glamourous entities. And phones.


How weird can it get? Brazil is now trailing the USA by 2 goals to none as I’m posting this. Wow. Hard to believe that an ‘average’ footballing nation like USA can take such a commanding lead against the current supposedly best teams in the world. I’d thought that it was pure luck with a little touch of gritty determination that won them the game against the Spaniards, but to repeat such a feat against the mighty Brazilians… wow. Just wow.

And I read earlier about how the late King of Pop’s demise led to the arrival of an unprecedented surge in album and singles’ sales! And it feels weird that all of a sudden there’s so many pro MJ posts going around. I suppose it makes monetary sense for anyone to  capitalise on MJ’s capitulation, but did the King of Pop (KOP) chased his own funeral? I’ve read news of his supposed mixed pills abuse but I guess we’ll never really know eh? Super famous celebrities’ death tends to get a little enigmatic I think. Pfft. Just bury him already. Or are they cremating? What’s his religion anyway? Some say Muslim, some say something else. Hmmm.. Interesting…

And is Transformers 2 (T2) really that bad? Seriously? Or was I distracted by Megan’s posture on that bike? Or the scene where the humanoid Decepticon revealed its scorpion like tail, and I failed to realise what a stupid plot/storyline it’s becoming? It’s not as bad as.. say.. V For Vendetta, Watchmen or Dragonball right? The amount of bombardment I’ve been getting from T2’s viewers are strange. So many not appreciative of the visual effects treat. It’s not easy to create such stuffs ok! It’s a good show la! Pffft. I’m definitely watching it again!

And then bro got himself a Blackberry Storm! I’m impressed that he took my advice on getting a proper handheld comms device, ‘cos he initially wanted to get the fancy pansy Samsung touchscreen handsets, but I firmly gave him an ultimatum of either get iphone/blackberry/htc dream or regret buying another 2nd grade cosmetic toy (handset). Anyway, the Blackberry Storm looks really good. Feels good too, but it’s not going to stop me from craving an iPhone, and now that (in the US) the iphone 3G has been half-priced since the iPhone 3G (S) debuts, I might just have too little reason to prevent myself from fulfilling my dreams of turning into a half-baked Apple fanboy. Heh. Half-baked cos I still can’t afford a 19inch Macbook Pro. Not yet. Pffft.

Goodbye Jackson

So you’ve heard? MJ, or Michael Jackson, suffered a cardiac arrest at home and will no longer be the subject of subpeonas and summons no more.

But I suspect he’ll still be the subject of future lameass peadophile jokes and lameass child molestation parodies. So sad that such a talented man is stigmatised as such.

But his legacy lives on. His story will be told over and over again I’m sure. His record award victories and impeccable performance looks unlikely to be overwritten. I think I’ll miss his music for sure. Not that I idolise him or anything, but that fella makes good records la. Gotta admit that.

So long Michael. Au revoir~

Cant.. get.. to.. work..

Arrghh.. all.. went.. off.. by.. 9am… now.. i’m… stuck.. at.. home.. cos.. left.. keys.. at… work.. this… sucks…

On the brightside, more sleeping time. ; )

Tick Tock.. Tick Tock..

Just getting the sneak preview tickets for the hottest show on earth right now was glorifyingly satisfying. Watching it felt like attaining a sense of accomplishment, likened to a climber that’s reached the climax of Everest or a Decepticon that’s dived the depths of the deepest sea trench. It felt goooooooood!

But heading back to work at 11pm and not being able to spend more time chatting with Dils after the show was disappointing. Work sucks. Not till the clockhands struck 3am did I finally and groggily rode home, accompanied by the cold silent expressway wind and haunted by the next day’s task at hand. Dils, I would’ve sent you home if not for the work at hand requiring my immediate attention!!  (Oh, and had I known you were on a orientation dinner of some sorts, I’d pick another timing lo!)

Anyway, I think I dreamt of the movie. Well either that or I didn’t dream of anything. Strangely I vividly recall the battle scene between Optimus Prime and the 3 Decepticons (note that it is not deceptions as some blindly blog them as). Optimus Prime died la. Lol. What a spoiler right? I love soilers spoilers. Anyway the battle seemed epic. Till he died. Why must they fight and kill each other?

From all the Transformers cartoon that I’ve watched, I finally understood who Prime stood for and what drove the Autobots to earth, but I still don’t understand why Decepticons want to tear the Autobots apart. I also finally understood that there are girls that can look really hot in really short shorts, and not appear really slutty or fugly at all. Megan Fox rules!

But the show wasn’t all about Megan as it was the Robots who finally stole the show this time round. Battles were aplenty and typical of Michael Bay, the adrenalin is made to pump within the first 10 minutes, setting the pace and the plot alight. Typical of Hollywood as well that the visuals and sound effects were mind-bogglingly astounding. Like swimming in the middle of a  fireworks explosion. And you’re dressed in your birthday suit. Yippee!

The movie’s pace picks up frenetically and the plot swirls around amidst candid dialogues and scenes. There’s enough weight in the storyline to keep you on your seats but there’s just as many twists/loopholes to throw you off too. But when you lose track of the plot, either 1) enjoy watching machines transform or 2) girls in short shorts. So to me it felt racy-pacy and everything was just too quick while some scenes were just too long — like the part where the army was luring the Decepticons into some sort of a trap or an air attack, which promptly leads us into the emotional, teary (for some perhaps) and slow-motioned scenes. Draggy and patriotical. Typical, typical Hollywood.

But Transformers 2 is nothing like your typical movie. There’s just something about machines that come to life and fight and talk that makes it extra special. Sure, something like Lord of The Rings was grand and magnificient, but Transformers was mesmerising, captivating, alluring and I dare say stupefying too . I probably won’t be wishing that I was Frodo climbing Mount Doom but I certainly don’t mind dreaming about owning a car that changes into a giant robot, and ahem, having a sidekick/long distance girlfriend that’s as hot as a kitchen stove on rocket fuel.

Damn. Now I just wished that I could somehow find an AllSpark to make my fireblade transform. Would I then ever land a super-screaming-hot brunnette then? Come to think about it, I just had an encounter with a more-than-ample-substitute-for-Megan-fox brunnette, or someone I’d refer to as AS, recently in one of the events installations that I covered recently. She’s cute, smart, witty, petite, cute, smart, witty, pettite, cute, smart, witty, petite and speaks my language too! Tick tock tick tock.. God I love this line I’m in.

Oh ya, back to Transformers 2 now.

Good show. Really good show. Bloody good show. Super definitely surely one helluva orgasmic good show la. I have to catch it one more time to absorb everything again or I think I might just explode.

Tick tock.. tick tock…

Taman Jurong Rooftop Garden

Taman Jurong Rooftop Garden

Rooftop Garden

You don’t normally see this do you? A garden on the rooftop of a carpark. A few weeks back, I think the colours were brighter, with white flowers, but yesterday (when I took this pic) it was all warm red and tainted green. I think the botanies have also grown a bit bigger, thus the garden looks a little overgrown.

I can’t pinpoint when this garden was first set up but I recall seeing batches of botanies during its early stages.  My first thought was that the govt was probably setting up a beta hydrophonics farm but since I’ve not seen a single person plucking any fruits or vegetables on deck, I’d think otherwise.

Come to think about it, I’ve not really seen anyone on that deck before, and for as long as I’ve been staying in this area, I’ve not even tried going to the rooftop to give it a good check — and as interesting as this garden may look like, I couldn’t really find enough excuse to give it a visit. And I think this is the first picture I’ve ever taken too.

Hmmm, I don’t really know why, but just felt like sharing this. Something unique eh?

And It’s Only Mid June

Godma and family are away in KL for the school holidays and I’m a little bit jealous because I’m not able to get a holiday for myself. THough I did got on the bus to Terengganu a few months back but the 2 days spent there under shelter from the torrential rain could never qualify it as a holiday.  I really want a holiday but where should I be heading eh? Japan, no money. Norway, no time. KL or Bangkok, no interest. Hais~

Maybe all I really need is a long off.  I can’t help it as I actually helped myself to a late morning wake up today as I rushed to retrieve my bike from the workshop. Normally I’d be on the way to the office at 9.30am, but at 10am I’d only just woke. By the time I fetched back my bike from HKL and reached office, it was already 11.30am plus — but the rush was cushioned, pun intended, by my refurbished Ohlins suspension.

At $320, it was a steal compared to a brand new unit priced over $1000++! Guess what? Check out the video that they took of the refurbishing process here! No wonder they insisted on refurbishing the suspension when I sent the bike for servicing the other day. Though it took ’em a long time, I think it’s all worth it. Riding the bike is super smooth now. It’s amazing la — the bike feels so still and smooth now! Any bikers out there looking for a satisfied Ohlins customer, ahem, I’ll testify for them! Once you’ve tried Ohlins, you’ll never look back.

Looking back, anyways, I think I’ve spent too much already this month, as I’m already dipping into my savings and it’s only mid June. It’s funny how you think you’ve budgeted enough for the month and then somehow it’ll still never be enough. Of course the bike workshop fee took a big chunk of my expenditures but another careless characteristic of me came back to haunt me, expensively!

I’d always protract my bills payment and usually I settle them all on time.  Unfortunately, I terribly overlooked my credit card statement and from a $25 pizza dinner, the bill+late charges+interests amounted to $135 (ni just 2 months!)!!! I’m contemplating that this would be my last ever credit payment! I certainly don’t mind stretching the dollar or the time that I have, but stretching bill statements has to end. Indeed I think I’ve generuosly donated an extra $5 to Singtel for recurring late payments and some other late charges for something else for casually delaying payments! No wonder I’m feeling the credit pinch these days.

And then at work John dropped a bomb. He’s resigning, or contemplating to, in the next 2 months. Wow, I just can’t believe it. That he beat me to it. It sucks.

Amoxycillin Trihydrate

That’s the name of my new bike, Amoxycillin Trihydrate. It’s sleek, shiny, rounded edged, red and yellow. What a beautiful bike it is. Not! It’s actually the antibiotic pills that Dr Ng gave me this morning. Ironically it became a bipartite consultation where I seeked his aid in checking if there’s any throat infection while he seeked to find out more about brochures and posters printing. During our converstaion I couldn’t help but wonder if I should give him a litmus test on Transfer Factors, but I didn’t as rushing for work, I didn’t wanna protract the consultation.

Yes work, even when Dr Ng prescribed me with a 1 day MC to rest at home. Maybe I’ll give myself a discount today and enjoy a half work-day instead. I’m trying not to take the day off early, because I know that the very next thing that I’ll do when given the opportunity is to be at, where else but West Coast SRC gaming the free time away. Haha. I’ll admit that I’m a compulsive opportunistic game addict — I think I just coined the term COGA! I wonder again if Dr Ng has any prescribtion for COGA syndrome, and if there’s such a thing, for certain I’ll warmly be begging for an MC then!

Anyway settling down in office, I took the antibiotics that Dr Ng gave me, washed them down with cool Ice Mountain and the next thing that resulted stunned me. After about 20 seconds of taking the pills, it suddenly felt like burping and when I did, guess what?Smoke blew from my nose! Earlier I recalled that It felt like a slight tingling sensation of burning at the top of my nose. Then there was this powdery burnt smell going through my senses and once I burped, the silent and mild kind of burping, a wispy-powdery-smokey thingy blew from my nose!!! Woooot la!

Actually I’ve always wanted to be a Magician or a Ninja, because they disappear and appear in a veil of smoke at times, but I doubt that anyone practicing these 2 professions could ever blow smoke from their noses by burping! Then again if they do ever blow smoke from their noses, then I’ll deserve a pat on my back for having a involuntarily successful attempt at the trick! Wah-Daahhhhh!

Best (Halal) Chicken Noodle!!

For the non-Muslims there might be a plethora of outlets to enjoy authentic Roasted Chicken Noodle but for Muslims (in Singapore) there’s not a lot of halal Chinese cuisine. And somehow the moment that I found one, every plate just seems to taste better and every chicken wing just seems crispier.

There’s this coffeeshop in Clementi, nearby the interchange and somewhat hidden around a road bend that, in my opinion, has one of the best roasted chicken noodles around. The uncle and auntie serves really good food and are very friendly too. Priced at $3 per plate, it’s difficult to resist getting a second helping when good food comes cheap — and if I think I can’t finish a second plate, I’d request for extra chicken! Gerekz!!!

One grunt, if any, that I have would be of the drinks stall’s waiter/waitresses.  I think they’re from China and unfortunately not as proactive as local uncles who wait the tables. That deep voice, square head, and blunt English almost confirm their country of origin and I wonder if it has anything to do with their service, or the lack of it. Being in the service line myself, I suppose I’m more critical of how the work gets carried around. Pffft!

And what else but a few more hours of gaming session to top off the evening of super delicious roasted chicken noodle.

Aloha Cybercafe, at West Coast SRC, is now me and my buddies venue of choice thanks to its well lit and comfy ambience, and when compared to the dimly lit and gangly Zoom, it’s light years ahead. Han just can’t stop singing praises of the premise and indeed it has been well received, judging by the number of patrons, of good looking boys and girls, that it has.

If I had the chance to set up my own lanshop, Aloha Cybercafe would be my perfect blueprint indeed, but I don’t so the next best thing is to patronize it with my gaming buddies, and blast the night away. Oh, and its not too hard on the wallet too, just like the chicken noodles! Best lah!